Carrying out local work with an electrician at home or in a summer cottage is quite accessible to almost any handy man. For the organization and convenience of carrying out such work, you will need some arsenal of tools and devices so that everything works out correctly and accurately. In the selection I collected just such things that will be useful to any home master. The main thing is not to forget to turn off the electricity before carrying out any action.

Cable cutter

First of all, you need to prepare the cable by cutting off a piece of the desired length a or, for example, trim individual old or damaged wires protruding from the braid to the same length. This can be done with special cable cutters with rounded edges, adapted specifically for cutting cables. On the product page there are several options for such a tool for working with different cable diameters from 25 to 70 sq. mm

Pliers for weak current

If the work is carried out with thin low-current conductors, twisted pair, trimming the legs of electronic components, etc., then it is more expedient and more convenient to use for trimming purposes, small special wire cutters with working elements bent at an angle of 45 degrees with sharp cutting edges. The tool is equipped with a return spring and insulated handles.

Cable stripping pliers

Perhaps one of the most popular and widespread tools for working with cables is a special cable stripping pliers. Their popularity is due to their versatility, tk. pliers can remove the braid from the cable in a fairly wide range of its cross section from 0.5 to 6 sq. mm. In addition, this tool can both cut the wire and crimp the terminal if it is used for connection. The pliers are equipped with a stripping length limiter. When buying, I advise you to choose the D3 option on the product page, as it is more reliable.

Portable stripper

If the functionality of large ticks is redundant and it is problematic to carry them with you, you can use a similar small tool to remove the insulation. This little thing is suitable for working not only with electric, but also with coaxial cable or twisted pair, because. it is possible to set the diameter of the cable with which the tool will work. The use is simple, the tool is installed on the wire and rotated around it to cut and strip the insulation of the desired length.

Cable cutters and pliers

In addition to special tools for cutting and stripping, it is logical to have in the “tool kit” more versatile ones, for example, pliers or wire cutters equipped with elements specifically designed for electricians. Such tools will allow not only to remove the braid or cut the cable, but also to cut the cable channel, remove fasteners and perform other related operations. There are several good options on the product page in different sizes. The tool is equipped with well insulated handles.

Wire twister

After the wires are cut and stripped of insulation, you need to connect them. There are a lot of ways to connect, one of them is twisting the wires. Manually twisting, especially if the wires have a sufficiently large cross section, is quite problematic. However, there is a special device that can both cut the insulation and carefully make a reliable twist from several strands. The tool comes in two versions: for manual twisting (with protruding handles) or using a screwdriver. You can twist from two to five wires at the same time. Although it is stated that the device can strip the insulation, I would recommend doing this beforehand and twisting already clean wires.

Crimping tool for stranded wires

Proper wiring must be done with a stranded wire, and it is better to connect such a cable by soldering or using terminals. When using terminals, screw or clamp, in order not to damage the thin strands of the wire, it is highly desirable to put on NShVI (insulated pin lugs) on the ends of the wire that have been stripped of insulation. To fix them, just like these pliers are required, they evenly compress the tip from four (or six) sides so that it is well fixed and a large contact area is obtained. On the product page, not only the pliers themselves, but also sets with tips of different diameters and lengths. I recommend purchasing an option with six squeezing cams, I myself use this one when installing lamps, electrical plugs for appliances, etc.

Pliers for special terminals

It often happens that when repairing an electrical device, it is necessary to replace a broken or burnt terminal of a certain shape at the end of an electrical wire. The options for such such terminals are quite diverse, including the thickness of the cable on which they are installed and the method of fixation on it. For these purposes, you can use universal tongs designed just for crimping them. The tool has interchangeable dies that can be changed to the desired type of terminals. On the product page, you can choose different sets with a different number of interchangeable dies.

Soldering kit for electrical work

Twisting and terminals, of course, is good, but often you simply cannot do without soldering the electrical wire connection. Therefore, a soldering iron is an indispensable thing for any home craftsman. For home use, the all-in-one set is perfect. The kit includes all the components necessary for comfortable soldering: a soldering iron with tip temperature control, solder, a stand, replaceable tips, tweezers and even a small multimeter. The whole set comes in a zippered case. The power of the soldering iron at 60W is enough for any household tasks.

Heat shrink tubing

Any electrical connection of the cable must be insulated to eliminate the possibility of a short circuit. For these purposes, you can use electrical tape (blue 🙂) or use heat-shrink tubes, which, when heated, significantly decrease in diameter and thicken. The set contains tubes of different diameters, 45 mm long.

I hope that the tools and devices for working with electric cables collected in the selection were interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular product selections and reviews on interesting things a little lower in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention. Happy and profitable shopping!


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