Many gadget users do not really like a large number of wires and cables to charge their devices. Cables are not convenient, long, or even lost. But technology does not stand still, and today there is an increasing number of wireless chargers and charging stations for various gadgets. Today I will tell you about some not very expensive, but pretty good wireless chargers that will help you save time and get rid of cables. It is worth considering that before buying such a charger, you need to clarify whether your smartphone model supports this type of charging.


An interesting and rather powerful charger opens the selection. This device combines the possibility of wireless charging and also a USB hub. The total power is 60 watts. The maximum power is 10 watts, but the remaining 50 watts go to 6 USB ports. One of the outputs supports Quick Charge 3.0. It is better to check with the seller about the compatibility of your particular device or smartphone. You can also order a model from this seller in white or black, as well as with or without additional cables.

Joyroom JR-ZS212

And this charger is designed for location in the car, and is also a holder for a smartphone. The device is very quickly and simply mounted inside the car, and with it you can charge almost any smartphone. On the seller’s page, you can choose various mounts complete with the charging holder itself. The kit also includes a cable and instructions. Charging power is 15W. Shipping is currently only available from China.

Baseus Wireless Charger

And this charger is from the well-known company Baseus. This company is quite famous and produces a lot of pretty high-quality accessories and devices. This charger is quite small in size and has a rather stylish design. The seller can purchase charging in two colors, as well as with less and more power. It is worth considering that this charger, according to the seller, is only suitable for Apple devices. Currently, delivery of goods is only available from China.


This model of wireless charging is designed for location in the car. It should be noted right away that the charging holder has a bright and stylish design. The charging power is only 10 W, but, nevertheless, charging smartphones is quite fast. It is not very clear whether the charger is suitable for all smartphones, so it is better to clarify this nuance with the seller before buying. The charger comes with everything you need to use it. The price of the product is very good.


And this is a full-fledged charging station for several devices. With this charging station, you can charge three gadgets at the same time, for example: a smartphone, headphones and a smart watch. The power of the charging station is only 15 W, so if you charge three gadgets at the same time, then you should not expect very fast charging. Also, the station has a nice backlight below. The station can be ordered in both black and white. And now there is a very big discount on this charging station, and during Black Friday the discount will be even greater.


And this is another wireless charger from Baseus. I would like to note right away that the standard model of this charger is designed for «apple» smartphones and has a power of 20 watts. But there is also an upgraded version that also supports other smartphones. Depending on the chosen charging model, you will be able to get a cable, or an additional cable and power supply. And also standard models do not support wireless charging based on the device, which is how it differs from the updated version. Some models can be ordered not only from China, but also from Russia.


Next is the 4in1 charging station. That is, you can simultaneously charge even four of your gadgets. But, if you do not need such a charge, then you can purchase simpler charging models from the seller on the same page. For example, for three gadgets, or just for a smartphone. By the way, charging for a smartphone will also serve as a stand for it. The developer stated that the charging station will be able to recognize inappropriate objects, and is also protected from overheating, which is very important.


This is another charger from Baseus. This charger has a pretty cute design, and girls will probably like it more. Charging is smooth and rounded, you can order models with and without an adapter from the seller. Charging power is 15W, like many models in the selection. Smartphones charge pretty fast with this charger. By the way, it is small in size, and it is very convenient to take it with you. Charging does not overheat and works properly. Charging price is very good.


Next, a small and inexpensive charger for various gadgets. Charging has a popular and stylish round shape. Charges gadgets pretty quickly. There is protection against overheating. It is also worth noting that the charge is very thin and with a small diameter. The charger will fit in almost any bag, and it is convenient to take it with you. On the page you can buy chargers with different power, in two colors, as well as with an additional cable.

Xiaomi Mi WCJ02ZM

And the car charger from Xiaomi closes the selection. Charging in the car is mounted simply, and looks quite restrained. The charging power is 20W, it charges many smartphones very quickly. Also, while charging, you can use your smartphone by turning on the navigator, or music, for example. The smartphone sits firmly and securely in the charging holder. You can order either a car charger from the seller or a standard wireless charger that can be placed on a table, shelf, etc. Charging is suitable for many smartphones.

Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention. I hope my article was helpful to you. I would like to remind you that Black Friday on Aliexpress is about to start with a huge number of discounts and coupons. So don’t forget to add interesting items to your shopping cart, apply promotional codes, and buy items on sale with maximum discounts. Happy shopping! And if you are interested in other similar collections, then you can look at my blog, where you will find many interesting collections of products and reviews.


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