Now joysticks are bought not only for consoles, but also for TV boxes, and to play games on a smartphone. Today I’m going to tell you about some pretty good gamepads with different designs and in different price ranges. And I also want to remind you that another sale starts on Aliexpress, where you can buy a gamepad or other product you like at a very good discount. And now, to the gamepads.

Ipega PG-9156

The gamepad from the fairly well-known company Ipega opens the selection. This model is easily interfaced with smartphones, some consoles and TV boxes. There is a Bluetooth, WiFi connection, a gamepad can be connected to a PC using a dongle. The gamepad has quite comfortable buttons that respond quickly during the game. The wireless gamepad now has a very nice price, but delivery is temporarily only possible from China.

GameSir T4 Pro

Further, there is also a pretty good gamepad from the famous company GameSir. This company produces a large number of different high-quality gamepads. The gamepad has extended multiplatform, almost all popular gaming platforms are supported, and the dongle supports set-top boxes. The case of the gamepad is translucent, there is also a backlight, so the device looks very stylish and bright. The smartphone holder comes with the gamepad. But the seller can choose a gamepad along with a case. As stated by the manufacturer, the gamepad can work up to 10 hours on a single charge. The device is available for order from many countries, including the Russian Federation.

Flydigi Apex Series 2

Further in the selection is a fairly high-quality and not cheap gamepad. I must say right away that the gamepad comes with everything you need: a case, a cable, a dongle, a holder for smartphones, and even spare pads for buttons. The gamepad supports many consoles, TV boxes, and of course PCs and smartphones. But, on the seller’s page it is indicated that, unfortunately, he does not support IOS. The weight of the gamepad is no more than 600 grams. There is also an unobtrusive partial backlight. I would like to note that the buttons on the gamepad are located a little non-standard, so when choosing such a device, you will need to practice a little.

GameSir G4 Pro

And this is another gamepad from GameSir. The gamepad has a great design and build, as well as a comfortable grip. On this gamepad, the A, B, X, Y buttons are on magnets, so you can change them among themselves for your own convenience. There is also a separate screenshot button and a six-axis gyroscope. There is a button backlight on the gamepad, but it may seem rather weak. The gamepad supports almost all consoles, any smartphones, PCs and TV boxes. And thanks to a powerful battery on a single charge, the gamepad can work for a very long time. By the way, the gamepad can be ordered from different countries, including the Russian Federation.


And this gamepad is already simpler and cheaper. This device does not have Bluetooth support, so you can only connect it to a PC or any console using the dongle that comes with the kit. But, nevertheless, the gamepad sits quite comfortably in the hand, has a small size and a pleasant “vibration” during games. You can also connect this device to your smartphone, but when buying, you must select a set with additional dongles. As stated by the seller, on a single charge, the gamepad can be used for up to 5 hours. The gamepad works quickly and without delay. Delivery is possible from many countries. By the way, the color of the gamepad on the seller’s page can be chosen.

Ipega PG-9083S

Next is another gamepad from Ipega. This gamepad, of course, is more suitable for smartphones, but you can also play games on a PC or TV with it. The gamepad has Bluetooth 4.0, so the connection works fine and nothing hangs. The buttons are small, but quite comfortable. The gempad weighs a little more than 200 grams. This seller can choose three colors for the gamepad. And now, unfortunately, delivery is possible only from China.


This gamepad is inexpensive, but quite high quality. Although it is indicated on the seller’s page that it is only compatible with the PS4 console, in fact, using Bluetooth, this gamepad can also work with smartphones, for example. The gamepad has a fairly standard design, but there are a lot of colors to choose from. One of the downsides is that the gamepad is not sent in a box, but in a regular package, so it can be damaged during transportation. But to prevent this from happening, before ordering, ask the seller to pack the goods better. Delivery is quite fast, although from China.

GameSir X2

And another gamepad from GameSir. This gamepad has a concise and user-friendly design. The buttons are accessible and convenient. Placing a smartphone in the gamepad is very simple. On the one hand, there is a built-in Type C, thanks to which the smartphone immediately connects to the gamepad directly. Since the width of the gamepad can be adjusted, almost any smartphone will fit here. Of course, another version of the gamepad works with many consoles, PCs and TV boxes. At the seller, you can choose both the Type C version and the Bluetooth version for exactly your needs. By the way, the goods can be ordered not only from China, but also from the Russian Federation.

Terios T3

And this is a good and inexpensive gamepad. The location of the buttons on the case is standard, the gamepad is compatible with many smartphones, set-top boxes and consoles. On the page of this seller, you can choose which configuration of the gamepad you need: with a holder for a smartphone, without anything, or with a dongle. The gamepad is quite light and sits comfortably in the hand, the buttons work quickly and clearly, there are no delays during the Bluetooth connection. This gamepad can be ordered from a local warehouse in the Russian Federation, and delivery will be very fast. Gamepad color can also be selected


And the bright and high-quality gamepad closes the selection. The layout of the buttons on the gamepad is quite familiar, the case is bright and comfortable. The seller can order a gamepad in three different colors. The joystick is compatible with almost all consoles, with a large number of smartphones, TV boxes and tablets. The gamepad charges quickly, and works on a single charge for quite a long time. The gamepad is well packed and will not be damaged during transportation, and it also comes in a box, so it can be immediately used as a gift.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope my article was useful and interesting for you. Happy shopping. And if you want to see more similar product selections and interesting reviews, I recommend that you look at my blog, there are a lot of interesting things.


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