Building a map is a fundamentally important function for a modern robot vacuum cleaner. With its help, he plans a route, remembers the treated areas and, if necessary, resumes cleaning after recharging. For the user, the compiled map is important as a management tool: you can mark areas where you need to put things in order, send the vacuum cleaner to the right room with the touch of a finger, and fine-tune the cleaning features of different floor coverings. For this rating, I have selected the 7 best models with interactive cartography. They differ from each other in the type of navigation (visual or laser), working accessories (side, central brushes, rollers) and, of course, in cost (from 12 to 50 thousand rubles), but each of the presented options is definitely worth the money.

Roborock S7

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Roborock S7 is a robot with an innovative comprehensive cleaning system. He vacuums and mops the hard floor, picks up the napkin and cleans the carpet, and when he moves off the carpet, he puts the napkin down again. The Roborock S7 mop vibrates to remove greasy and dried-on stains. Vibration is also used to get sand out of the carpet during dry cleaning. Contact processing takes place with the help of a ribbed roller, and the suction force reaches 2500 Pa. A distinctive feature of Roborock S7 mapping is that carpets are displayed on the map. Setting target and restricted zones has become much easier. After drawing up a floor plan, the robot automatically divides it into rooms. For each location, you can adjust the intensity of suction and wetting, the abundance of water supply and the vibration frequency of the mop.

dreame bot l10

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High-tech robot with 3D obstacle scanning system. A camera with side laser sensors determines the spatial configuration of objects, and on its basis, Dreame bot l10 works out the best route: it goes around wires and socks, carefully overcasts the legs of a chair and flower pots. Lidar is used to build the map. You can edit rooms, designate areas for different types of cleaning, specify the number of passes. The suction power of Dreame bot l10 is the highest in the rating (4000 Pa), so the robot cleans low pile carpets very well. The most modern turbobrush: collapsible, with dividers, guides and stiff bristles. Wet cleaning is traditionally implemented — a nozzle with a pump and a 270 ml tank, but Dreame bot l10 copes with shoe marks and coffee stains without much effort. The top battery is 5200 mAh.

GENIO Laser L800

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GENIO Laser L800 is a multifunctional robot vacuum cleaner with a classic design. Using lidar, GENIO builds an accurate map on which rooms and restricted areas can be marked. When planning a schedule, special processing options for different locations are available. For dry cleaning, the tandem of the end and central brush is responsible. The 2700 suction power is enough to clean low pile carpets. If necessary, the large dust collector can be replaced with a combined module with a 260 ml tank. The water supply is regulated in the application. A 5200 mAh battery guarantees an autonomy of about 100-180 minutes, depending on the selected mode. The GENIO Laser L800 bundle is one of the best in the premium class. A silicone roller is provided to replace the turbo brush — it is suitable for processing hard surfaces. And also in the box there was a place for the remote control and magnetic tape.

Roomba i7

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Roomba i7 is a branded American vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. Of the navigational tools in the robot’s arsenal, there is a camera and a floor sensor. In the application, you can change the automatic layout, give rooms convenient names, and set virtual limiters. Branded extractor rollers are installed in the working unit. Due to the counter rotation, they get crumbs, hair and other small debris out of the carpet. A three-beam brush helps to sweep dirt out of corners. Roomba i7 runs around the apartment in zigzags until it completely covers the available area, but, unlike its counterparts, Rumba determines the degree of soiling of the floor, and, if necessary, passes through individual sections several times. In addition, when the robot enters the carpets, the suction power automatically increases to 1700 Pa. The main disadvantage, apart from the lack of wet cleaning, is a low-power battery (1800 mAh).

Lydsto R1


Lydsto R1 is an inexpensive self-cleaning robot with extensive mapping functionality. On the map, you can separate rooms and set up cleaning features for each location: suction power (maximum 2700 Pa), abundance of wetting the napkin and the number of passes. It should be taken into account that even with a single cleaning, the Lydsto R1 passes each section twice in cross directions. During wet cleaning, water enters the napkin from the combined container. The air filtration system is triple (mesh, foam rubber and HEPA filter), so fine filters last longer than double filtration robots. But the main feature of this model is a self-cleaning station, where the vacuum cleaner ships the collected garbage with a selected frequency. Maintenance of the Lydsto R1 is kept to a minimum. You only need to clean the filters and brushes once a week, and change the bag once a month at the station.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid


Yeedi 2 Hybrid is one of the most functional models with visual navigation. On the map, you can mark the boundaries of rooms, draw forbidden rectangles for dry and wet cleaning. And also in the application there is an adjustment of the power and abundance of water supply, the history of cleaning and planning work by day of the week. Yeedi 2 Hybrid is equipped with two panicles and a central brush with an anti-winding system. Despite the high suction power of 2500 Pa, the battery (5200 mAh) lasts for 110–180 minutes. For large houses, there is a function to resume work after recharging. The location of the containers is independent (dust collector under the lid, tank in the compartment at the back), so Yeedi can vacuum and mop the floors at the same time. The robot does an excellent job of cleaning sand and grains on a smooth floor, combs wool from carpets with high quality and wipes footprints in several passages.

Xiaomi Mijia 1C

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Economy class model with interactive cartography. During cleaning, Mijia 1C scans the outlines of ceilings with a camera and specifies the coordinates of obstacles using a bumper rail and a motion sensor under the bottom. But in order for the robot to remember the plan, it needs to be allowed to clean the apartment several times. And then on the map it will be possible to install restricted areas and virtual walls. The algorithm of work is classic: the end brush sweeps debris from the corners, the central one cleans the carpets from crumbs and wool, and the vacuum motor with a force of 2500 Pa draws dirt into the dust collector. If you put a mop with a tank (200 ml) under the bottom, Mijia 1C will also wipe the floors. You can change the suction power and wetting intensity through a mobile application. The battery with a capacity of 2400 mAh gives 1.5 hours of operation in quiet mode.


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