It often happens that the radio in the car is already obsolete, but in terms of sound you are still satisfied. Let’s say there is an original Pioneer or Sony with great sound, but with limited functions: only an FM and CD drive, which is of little use now. Do you want to be able to play music from your smartphone via bluetooth without spending a lot? There is a solution. You just need to buy a bluetooth receiver that will receive sound over the air via bluetooth and transmit it to your radio in an analog way (via wire). The only condition is that your old radio has an AUX connector. Although there are other solutions, such as FM modulators. In addition, the receivers can be used not only in the car, but also at home, turning any wired speakers into wireless ones. Today I will show several popular models, some of which I personally tested.


The most affordable and at the same time the most versatile option. The receiver plugs directly into the car’s AUX jack or 3.5mm speaker jack and receives music wirelessly via Bluetooth. In addition, the device can be used as a handsfree, i.e. for hands-free calls, for which the corresponding buttons are provided on the case. And the device is very tiny and can be used for headphones, in fact turning any wired headphones into wireless ones. For convenience, they even made a clip with which you can fix the receiver on clothes. For autonomous operation, the receiver is equipped with a small battery, and a micro USB connector is provided for recharging it.

Baseus BA01

More expensive, but much more convenient to use in a car and much better in terms of sound Baseus BA 01. Its design is designed in such a way that the device is connected to USB for power, and the cable is connected to AUX. Users note excellent sound and stable communication quality. The receiver is powered by USB and does not have a battery, which means you can leave it in the car in winter and do not have to worry that the battery will fail. The receiver has a microphone, so you can talk hands-free in the car.

Ugreen 70601

Ugreen has a similar device. The receiver works via the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol and connects to AUX, and the USB connector is used for power. Listen to music and talk hands-free. Of course, no one bothers to use the device in the same way with home acoustics or an amplifier, although here you will have to take care of 5V power supply (standard charging from a smartphone or USB connector of your laptop). Compact size, metal body and versatility make this receiver one of the best.


Well, this option is not just a receiver, but a real multifunctional car player and it will be an ideal solution for those who do not have an AUX connector in their old radio. The receiver is connected to the old radio via FM, that is, all you need in the old radio is the radio. Such a connection may be accompanied by a slight background hiss, which is heard during pauses, but in general the sound is very pleasant, as users note in the comments to the product. Well, you can then connect your phone to the device itself using Bluetooth. In addition, JINSERTA has a micro SD card reader and USB, to which you can connect a flash drive, there is also an AUX connector. The device is powered by the cigarette lighter and additionally has a pair of charging connectors with support for Quick Charge 3.0. Also, the device is equipped with a microphone for hands-free calling and a bright 1.8″ screen that displays the equalizer, track name, network voltage and other useful information.

Ugreen 40759

If you are primarily interested in sound quality, then take a closer look at Ugreen 40759. I personally use this device now and I can note the highest quality sound (review here). In fact, for me there is no difference in the sound of a track from a smartphone in headphones or after transferring via Bluetooth to a receiver in a car. Very clear sound without distortion and additional coloration. At the same time, the device supports the aptX LL codec, which positively affects not only the quality, but also the delay in audio transmission. The receiver does not have a battery and turns on simultaneously with the ignition in the car, and when you turn off the car, it turns off. This receiver can be safely left in the car at night and in cold weather.

Ugreen CM144

Another device that I personally use is the Ugreen CM144 (review here). This is the most functional device that can be used for different scenarios. Ugreen CM144 can work not only as a receiver (receiver), but also as a transmitter (transmitter). Transmitter mode uses aptX LL ultra-low latency codec, receiver mode uses high quality aptX HD. The built-in battery allows you to use the device autonomously for 13-15 hours, and if you need longer, you can simply connect the power, because the device can work and charge at the same time. The only point is that it is undesirable to leave it in the car overnight in winter, because due to low temperatures, the battery can quickly degrade. AUX, optical input and output, and micro USB for recharging are available from the interfaces.

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