Today’s post is about radio-controlled SUV models. This is an entertaining gift for children and teenagers, parents will also be interested! Consider options with a scale of more than 1:10, so that you can play with the model not only on the street, but also at home (relevant in winter).

Consider several popular options for radio-controlled SUVs on the AliExpress site from sellers with a large number of orders.


The handsome man from the title photo of the topic opens the selection — a Suzuki Jimny model in 1:16 scale. Four-wheel drive! This lot was not chosen by chance, in addition to the model itself, there is tuning and spare parts, you can buy everything you need.

The model is solid, detailed. There are different «dopas». Jimny dimensions: 235x120X115 mm, 3.7 V 500 mAh Li-ion battery is enough for 30 minutes of work.

The model is controlled via your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2. At home, you can build a difficult track for her to conquer apartment off-road.

Fayee FY003-1

Another detailed model in 16th scale. Dimensions: 365x162x177 mm. Battery: 7.4 V 1200 mAh is enough for 40 minutes of work. Motor size 180. Drive, of course, full.

An interesting choice of model variant in this lot:

  • SUV on wheels
  • SUV on tracks on each wheel
  • 480p FPV Camera Option

The model is not fast (about 10 km / h), but passable for such dimensions.


Another SUV, the conqueror of apartment and yard off-road — MN99S 4WD on a scale of 1:12. The model is popular, and what is important, quite inexpensive in the RTR version (with control equipment).

The model has a 260th motor, giving a speed of 10+ km / h. The 1300 mAh battery is enough for 30 minutes of work.

This lot is interesting for a wide choice and configuration of the model. There are 24 versions of the MN99S, you can choose an SUV for every taste and with different “special stages”.


Quite a large model, on the verge of home pokatushek. «Gelik» G500 MN86K in 12th scale. It already looks like an adult, the construction topology is the same as that of Axial SCX10. This is a whale — you will need to assemble it from a set, but it’s even more entertaining. You need to have equipment and a battery. A large type-size 390 motor is installed.

Assembled dimensions 42x19x20 cm. Wheelbase 230 mm.

There are two colors of Lexan “peel” (removable body) to choose from: black and silver.


SUV with a brutal appearance in the 14th scale. The model is detailed: an expeditionary trunk, doors and a hood open on the body, there is a bright light, including from behind. The drive, of course, is complete.

Model dimensions: 28x16x13 cm. 260th motor. The 1500 mAh 7.4 V battery lasts for an hour. The operating range of the equipment is 50 m.

The model can climb slopes up to 45 degrees.

WPL C24-1

The selection is completed by perhaps the most popular and widespread version in the Russian Federation on a scale of 1:16. This is a model from WPL, in particular, an updated C24-1 4WD pickup. Battery 7.4 V 500 mAh is enough for 20 minutes of work.

WPL needs no introduction, simple and budget models with cases for every taste. They have any tuning, including metal bridges.

This lot contains:

  • Assembly kit
  • Finished model with control equipment
  • Ready model with additional batteries

I hope the selection of radio-controlled SUVs was useful and you will choose an option for your taste and budget.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to apply AliExpress coupons and discounts.


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