Today’s post is dedicated to strong knives for tourism. These are not EDC “folders”, which can only be used to open parcels. It is a reliable tool with a fixed blade. On a hike, you can cut food, chop branches, cut stakes and its cutting edge will remain sharp for a long time.

Consider the popular options for fixed blade knives on the AliExpress platform from sellers with a large number of orders. Knives are not CW, and have a household purpose.

HX Outdoors D-171

The selection is opened by a budget option of a tourist knife with advanced features from HX Outdoors. He is on the title photo of the topic next to Gerber Ultimate PRO.

Model D-171 is made using fulltang technology (full shank in handle + cullet), Clip-Point blade profile. Steel declared D2. Knife weight 220 g.

Included is a strong scabbard, with musat and built-in flint.

The hardness test on the factory hardness tester showed 59 HRC hardness of the cutting edge.

Sanrenmu S758

«Sharp» and light hiking option from Sanrenmu. The brand is known for quality products. The blade of the S758 model is made of 8cr13mov steel. Blade hardness: 58-59 HRC. The length of the polished blade is 98 mm, the thickness at the butt is 3 mm.

The mass of the knife is only 100 g.

Choice of black or light handle (G10 fiberglass material) with notches. Plastic scabbard with mount included.

Y-START hk5005

A variant with a memorable and brutal design from the manufacturer Y-START. This model has AUS-10 blade steel with HRC 60 hardness. Sheath and lanyard are included.

The length of the blade is 98 mm, the thickness at the butt is as much as 5 mm, a real «crowbar», even if it’s firewood. In addition, fulltang.

There are two appearance options to choose from: a polished blade and a G10 handle with overflows or a matte blade and a solid handle.

Mora 13164

Hiking classic. Simple, easy, concise. Oh yes, and cheap.

The Mora 13164 has a stainless steel blade (Sandvik 12C27 steel) and the knife handle is made of rubber plastic, which is not afraid of water.

Blade length: 104 mm, thickness 2.4 mm, knife weight only 85 g.

This lot has delivery only from a warehouse in the Russian Federation.

Ganzo 8012

The selection is completed by a sturdy knife from the popular Chinese knifemaker Ganzo (Firebird).

The length of the wide blade is 100 mm, the steel is declared 7CR17MOV (57 HRC), the weight of the knife is 200 g. The practical handle is made of durable plastic.

The model has a functional sheath, there is: flint, sling cutter, musat and fastening on a belt.

There are as many as five color options to choose from, and this lot has delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation.

I hope that the selection of tourist knives was useful and you will choose an option for your taste and budget.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to apply AliExpress coupons and discounts.


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