Sometimes you want to pamper yourself with a powerful, assertive sound and a wide frequency range and at the same time not litter the living space with surround audio equipment. In this case, you just need to get a portable speaker that can surpass many stationary devices, and the presence of a rich set of useful features will expand the possibilities. Many gadgets are equipped with capacious batteries with an operating time of more than 6-7 hours without recharging and even with the function of recharging external devices, which will be very important in nature or away from energy sources.

Marshall Kilburn II

Portable speaker in retro style recognizable classic design manufacturer Marshall. The front protective metal mesh is made in the style of studio professional microphones. The body is partly made from recycled wood. The corners are covered with special pads to protect the overall body.


  • bluetooth 5.0 (with aptX support);
  • frequency range 52 Hz — 20 kHz;
  • bass, treble tone control;
  • amplifier power 20 W (LF) + 2 x 8 W (HF);
  • amplifier type class D.

BlitzWolf BW-WA3

Powerful wireless speaker with 4 drivers, RGB backlight, capacious battery and moisture protection according to IPX5 standard. Built-in 4 speakers, 2 for high and low frequencies. This creates a confident dense sound complemented by passive speakers. RGB backlighting is provided from the ends, creating a unique effect while listening to music.

  • total power 100 W;
  • built-in battery capacity 5000 mAh;
  • moisture protection according to the IPX5 standard;
  • support for TF, USB interfaces;
  • fast charging support.

Myfa WildBox

A bright representative of youth acoustics in the literal sense. There is a bright RGB backlight and 4 built-in speakers with a total power of up to 60 watts. At the same time, the built-in battery can serve as a portable power bank with a capacity of 10000 mAh and an output power of up to 50 watts. The case is made to support the IP67 waterproof standard.


  • built-in battery 10000 mAh;
  • moisture protection according to the IP67 standard;
  • Bluetooth 5.2;
  • operating time up to 24 hours without recharging;
  • 4 built-in speakers: 2 woofers and 2 tweeters.

Shinco PI-12

This acoustic mobile system includes not only the playback of music from various media, but also light music, radio and karaoke. Moves on wheels with a comfortable handle. Includes wireless microphone and remote control. All controls are located on the top of the case, there is also an informative display.


  • 2 speakers LF-12″ and HF-2.5″;
  • frequency range 45-20 kHz;
  • total power 60 watts.

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom A3118

Powerful portable speaker with titanium drivers (titanium diaphragms), own developed BassUp bass reproduction technology, IPX7 waterproof rating and up to 24 hours of operation without loss of power. Stereo sound is recreated through 2 speakers of 30 watts each. At the same time, the battery capacity is 10 mAh.


  • 2 speakers 30 W each;
  • Frequency range: 60Hz ~ 20KHz (-3dB);
  • IPX7 water and dust resistant;
  • built-in battery capacity 10000 mAh;
  • control via the soundcore app.


A powerful portable speaker that can play any popular audio file format. A capacious battery is capable of playing music up to 6.5 hours without recharging. Surround sound and a wide range of reproducible frequencies will delight and create a festive atmosphere in any company. Control via a complete remote control or proprietary application. IPX4 rating allows you to use the device outdoors, and there is a convenient carrying strap for carrying.


  • woofer size 133 mm;
  • tweeter size 2 x 44 mm;
  • total power 100 W;
  • frequency range 50 Hz — 20 kHz;
  • built-in battery capacity 2500 mAh.

Bose SoundLink Mini II

A feature of this column, in addition to of course the purest sound, is a remote battery stand, which can be used to increase the built-in battery. Natural sound with crystal-clear tweeters and punchy bass, all in an ultra-modern design. The built-in battery is enough for 12 hours of operation without recharging. Weight only 670 gr.

Marshall Stockwell I

Another Marshall Stockwell wireless speaker in its style or Old School design. It’s both stylish and cool at the same time. The body is made of wood-look plastic. Sound from two speakers hidden behind an audio cloth. Aesthetics adds a golden metal frame. All control is brought to the top. At the same time, the dimensions and weight are minimal.


  • 2 speakers 2.25″ each;
  • operating time up to 30 hours;
  • built-in battery 6600 mAh;
  • dimensions 26x14x4 cm;
  • weight 1.2 kg.

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