My son has all the construction sets from this collection, so I know for sure that it will not be a shame to give them. And on the New Year, and on February 23, any of them will go with a bang. All the same, all boys of any age love military equipment. Yes, and collect designers too. And when it is combined in one, the gift becomes close to ideal. Well, if Black Friday is on the nose, then you can save on the purchase with a coupon or promotional code. Just add to the cart (it’s best to add everything you are interested in — for this you will get moments that will allow you to bring down the price during the sale) and then take it on sale.

military helicopter


It is quite easy to assemble and interesting in the game, which is easy to assemble even for a junior high school student. Here there are no occasional stones in the assembly. All parts fit, extra figurines included.

The price tag is quite humane, fits into any New Year’s budget.

Collected, hitched rockets and flew.

The review at the link clearly shows all the stages of assembly and appearance.

Airborne rescue tiltrotor Osprey


A much more complex and interesting model to assemble, which will suit middle and high school students. Of course, if there is any interest in assembling constructors at all.

Unfortunately, for the ideal gaming potential, it is worth taking the full version with the engine, it’s somewhere around +20$. But it’s worth it and I regretted that I took only the usual one.

Otherwise, a good constructor that will take the child for at least half a day. With a high probability, the help of grandfather-grandfather will also be needed, there are some difficult moments that require a fair amount of attention to the correct articulation of the blocks.

The play potential is less than the attack helicopter from the link above, but still it is not a shelf collector’s model.

Appearance after assembly is very representative.

Tank Challenger FW-4034


A fairly easy-to-assemble block constructor from one of the manufacturers popular on Aliexpress. If you have experience with assembling, a junior high school student will also be able to handle it.

The detail is good, there are no missing parts. There is a traditional set of figurines.

The model is quite playable. The tower and tracks are spinning, the engine compartment is opening. The price tag is quite small.


And here is a well-known national legend. This tank contains almost 2000 parts, which means that the child will be busy for more than one hour.

The result will be a rather large tank with amazing detail and a wonderful potential as a resident of the shelf, and a participant in game battles. The size is impressive — 40 cm long and 20 cm high.

I say all this not unfounded, just such a couple is already standing among other armored vehicles on the floor in the nursery.

There were no difficulties in assembling, a first-grader mastered it on his own.

Renault FT1

Funny, small and light tank. The symbolic price tag will allow you to buy it just as a reserve in case of a trip to visit or their appearance.

The assembly is very simple and even a completely inexperienced boy will cope with it. Includes mortar and figurines.

Despite not a small number of details, the detailing here is not bad and this is quite a game model. We have one, and due to its size, it is great for taking other boys to school, and for organizing some kind of battle in the yard.

I hope you found something interesting in this collection. Personally, I have other promising designers of military equipment on my shopping list, and next year I will definitely tell you about them.


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