The Aliexpress platform is a storehouse of lighting fixtures, table, ceiling and floor lamps. If I have repeatedly talked about the first two, today it was decided to share interesting and unusual options for floor lamps that I found.

Most of the presented lamps perform more of a decorative function than they are a full-fledged source of light, so consider this factor when choosing. Also, do not forget about the upcoming start of the annual Black Friday sale, where you can buy lamps with a good discount.

Huge table lamp

If you are tired of conventional solutions and the ceiling height in your house allows you to place a lamp 2 meters high, then you should pay attention to this option.

Such a decision, firstly, looks unusual, and secondly, it will surprise everyone around. Body materials — high carbon steel. A huge table lamp completely repeats its small counterpart, which means that all adjustments and tilts are available in it.

Sculpture floor lamp

Let’s move on to art and I am pleased to present you a floor lamp in the form of a sculpture of a woman. Such lighting decor will look good in large rooms and constantly attract attention.

This lamp has an adjustable color temperature (3000, 4000 and 6000K) and an e27 cartridge in the main ball. Materials — rubber + glass, height — 179cm.

Acrylic lamp

An unusual lamp, made in the form of a light veil, frozen in the wind. Material — 7mm layer of acrylic, backlight — hidden LED strip at the end. This lamp will fit perfectly into modern design because of its impressiveness. The height of the lamp is 150 and 120 cm.

Floor lamp in the form of a ballerina

Stylish and concise floor lamp in the form of a ballerina holding a ball. The latter acts as a lighting device and includes a standard e27 light bulb. The height of the ballerina is 190cm.

Lamp in the form of a man with a frame

This lot consists of several items and includes a lamp in the form of a man with a frame. With such an accessory, you can easily beat a wall decor or a picture. The height of the lamp is 180 cm.

Ostrich feather lamp

This lamp resembles a tree with South African ostrich feathers instead of a crown. There are 3 options to choose from:

  • 80cm — 25 feathers
  • 180cm — 45 feathers
  • 200cm — 45 lanes

There are many positive reviews from real owners who have transformed their interior. Resin base.

Lamp in the shape of a man with pants

Unusual lamp made in the shape of a man holding his pants. The form is abstract, and the balls in the pants act as lighting fixtures. If the description makes you think about the appearance, then it’s easier to follow the link and look at the photos from the product page.

There are also 3 lamp options to choose from:

  • just pants (130cm)
  • pants with flowers (130cm)
  • pants with a man (185cm)

The base material is rubber.

Lamp in the form of a man with balls

Another type of lamp, made in the form of a man in full growth. As a light source — 4 balls in the hands of a person. The glow is warm white, which will create a pleasant environment in the house. This lamp acts more as a decoration than a full-fledged light.

Height — 180cm, material — rubber.

Floor lamp with contour of a human face

One of the most unusual lamps I have seen. The floor lamp is made in the shape of a human face and is perfect for placement in a bedroom or living room.

The material used is a metal base and a silicone shell. Height — 170cm and 140cm, a choice of 3 types of color temperature + the ability to control from the remote control.

Minimalist floor lamp Nordic

The final floor lamp from today’s selection is the Nordic minimalist floor lamp. A tripod is used as a base, a 360-degree rotating disk is used as a lighting device.

This lamp is presented in 3 versions: 40/135cm, 50/155cm and 60/175cm.

Black Friday will start very soon, and to get the maximum benefit, just add the product you like to the cart, wait for November 25 from 11.00 Moscow time and apply the coupons that you can get right now on the product page.

Also, do not forget about additional coupons, which will also be valid from November 25 to November 29:

  • Alibazarov100allnov — 100 discount from 1000 rubles
  • Alibazarov200allnov — 200 discount from 2000 rubles

All great shopping!


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