The advantages of vertical battery models are ease and simplicity of cleaning without interfering wires. Modern vacuum cleaners must be light and maneuverable — to be operated with one hand. The waste collection system should include multi-stage dust filtration, including a large capacity collection tank (so as not to clean several times in one cleaning). The motorized turbo brush helps pick up more debris, including hair and pet hair. Similar models are available «at hand» — you can always remove it from the wall mount, remove the debris in a matter of seconds, and install it back. Most models allow regular cleaning for about 1 hour on a single charge (in standard / economy mode). In the selection there will be a number of models with an indication of the cost — choose the one you like.

Dreame Upright Vacuum Cleaners with Longitudinal Waste Tank

Buy Dreame P10 vacuum cleaner Buy Dreame P10 Pro vacuum cleaner

The ideal choice for the home are compact and lightweight Dreame cordless vacuum cleaners. The P10 and P10 Pro models slightly differ in characteristics (power 350/410 W, battery 2000/2500 mAh, suction power 20/22 kPa, etc. The Pro model has an additional turbo brush for furniture in the kit), but they will be great helpers at home , including for cleaning small debris. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with an informative display and several operating modes. Sale prices: 11285 and 13085 rubles. respectively.

Dreame upright vacuum cleaners with a transverse waste bin

Buy vacuum cleaner Dreame V12 Buy vacuum cleaner Dreame T30

Two advanced models of Dreame cordless vacuum cleaners, which differ from the previous pair in the vertical position of the trash can. This solution allows you to fully accommodate the multi-cyclone filter, including fine filters, with an increased capacity of the dust and debris collection tank (0.6 l). The Dreame T30 model is distinguished by an extended operating time, as well as a built-in intelligent dust control system, when the vacuum cleaner automatically increases power in response to a signal from an optical sensor. Both models are powerful (550 W), equipped with a turbo brush for collecting hair and animal hair. According to the promotion, the Dreame V12 model will cost 26,490 rubles, and the T30 will cost about 24,000 rubles ($306).

Xiaomi Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Buy Xiaomi G9 Vacuum Cleaner Buy Xiaomi G10 Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi brand has a couple of good models in its arsenal. We are talking about handheld vacuum cleaners Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner (G9) and Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Pro (G10). Both models are equipped with a battery that provides up to 60 minutes of operation (depending on the mode). Filtration type — multicyclone + Hepa. Prices including promotional codes — from $159 with delivery from Russia.

TINECO vertical vacuum cleaner

Buy vacuum cleaner TINECO

The TINECO A10 upright vacuum cleaner with powerful suction (21 kPa) and multi-cyclone filtration is a good option as a cordless home vacuum cleaner that will always be at hand. The model is light (1.25 kg) — can be operated with one hand. Fixed mode of operation is provided. Declared price on sale: 6799 rubles.

Vertical vacuum cleaners ILIFE

Buy vacuum cleaner ILIFE H70 Buy vacuum cleaner ILIFE G80

Quite interesting models are offered by the Chinese manufacturer of household appliances ILIFE. These are modern upright H70 and G80 cordless vacuum cleaners with a transverse waste basket and multi-cyclone cleaning. Both models provide high suction power (21-22 kPa). On Black Friday, the cost of models will be about 6400 rubles, which is quite worthy.

Vertical vacuum cleaner REDMOND

Buy vacuum cleaner REDMOND

A simple and inexpensive model of an upright vacuum cleaner RV-UR358 with a battery from REDMOND. A design feature is a folding handle that allows you to store the vacuum cleaner in a closet. The built-in battery provides up to 60 minutes of operation. But the price is really ridiculous — only 6689 rubles at the November sale.

Add the selected model to the cart, the sale starts on November 25 from 11:00. Discount promo codes are available: Lexus1000all (discount 1000 from 10000 r), Lexus4000all (discount 4000/20000 r), and Lexus500allnov (discount 500/4000 r). Do not forget the store coupons, as well as promotional codes indicated on the title image of the lot.

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