Regulated power supplies are currently in great demand, as they allow you to solve a wide range of tasks. With their help, you can check the performance of various devices and devices, charge various types of batteries, and much more. There are a huge number of models on the market, the most popular of them are presented below.


The simplest version of an adjustable power supply. It does not differ in impressive power, but it gives out the declared 3A. For adjustment, a multi-position switch is used, which allows you to select the output voltage in the range from 3 to 12 volts. The kit comes with a set of universal plugs, which allows you to use the power supply to connect various set-top boxes, routers and TV boxes

Lincoiah JDT-001

One of the most popular options on the site. Differs in the compact sizes and good characteristics. Of the adjustments, only a change in voltage is available; a built-in voltmeter is used for control. On the product page, you can select the desired plug type and output parameters. The most optimal option with an output voltage of 3-12V and a maximum current of 5A. Outlet DC 5mm plug

Wanptek 3010

A simple and reliable switching power supply with current and voltage regulation. It has a clear display showing the current voltage, current and power consumption. Electronics has all kinds of protection for current, short circuit, overvoltage and overheating. Some models in the series have a USB output connector for working with gadgets

GVDA SPS series

This power supply has similar characteristics. On the product page, you can choose a model with a voltage of 30/60V and a current of 5/10A. The power supply is made in a nice case and has a double adjustment (coarse / fine), which is very useful in work. The display shows the current voltage, current and power consumption. Don’t forget the USB output

Nice-Power R-SPS series

It is also a popular series of inexpensive regulated power supplies in a case. On the product page there are several models of the R-SPS series, allowing you to adjust the voltage from 0 to 30-60V, the current strength from 0 to 5-10A. A distinctive feature of these models is the presence of coarse and fine adjustment of parameters. Current and voltage display accuracy is 2 digits

CHUX S-480

The power supplies of this series are made in a simple metal case, but despite this they have impressive power, current and voltage adjustment and two indicators. There are several options on the product page, but in my opinion, the most interesting is 36V / 15A, which is enough for most needs. If necessary, the power supply can be installed in an external plastic case

Ruideng Technologies RD6018

It is a modular design for self-assembly of the power supply. The product page shows the converter module itself, two housing options for it, and a power supply. The option is very interesting, because it can produce up to 60V and 18A at the output. I use it myself in a compact case, I used an open-type power supply


Another option for a regulated power supply with an output power of 150W. The power supply has a clear display showing current and voltage values, keys for programming parameters and much more. Voltage regulation from 0 to 30V, current regulation from 0 to 5A. Quite an interesting option.


The most popular adjustable power supplies around the site. On the product page there are several models designed for different output voltages and currents. The most popular model is NPS-1601 for 32V/5A. This is an updated series, devoid of some minor flaws. Now the output connectors are located on the front panel, the voltmeter / ammeter has a large capacity and much more. In my reviews, the CPS-3010 model often flashes, the quality is very high


Unlike previous types, this is a full-fledged laboratory regulated power supply. It is built on the basis of a step-down transformer, so it is heavy and bulky. It has all the necessary current and voltage adjustments, mode memory, all kinds of protections and locks against accidental clicks. Ripple is minimal as it is a linear power supply

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