If you are faced with such a problem as lack of space on your desktop, then you can solve it by mounting the monitor on the wall. On the back of the gadget there are special devices that, in fact, are attached to the mounting holes. If these holes are missing, then this problem can be solved quite simply using a universal adapter. Today, AliExpress offers a wide range of brackets without VESA holes, and so that you do not get confused in the flow of information, I have prepared for you the appropriate selection with a detailed overview of the characteristics of each model.

1. Northbayou NB FP-1

In the first place of our today’s selection is the universal adapter model, which is in high demand among buyers on the Chinese site. The material is rolled SPCC steel, the thickness of which is 2 mm. The adapter is compatible with most monitors. As a rule, there are no problems with assembling the structure, only a key is needed. The width of the legs and the length of the arcs can be adjusted using the hardware that comes with the kit. The diagonal of the monitor is from 17 to 27 inches. The maximum load is 6.5 kg. VESA plate parameters — 7.5 × 7.5 cm / 10 × 10 cm. The thickness of the foot varies from 2.9 to 7.5 cm. As for the distance between the holders, it is 28.6 × 42.6 cm in height , and in width 31.3 × 39.1 cm.

2.Wearson WS-NV

The package of the next model in the selection includes a complete set of parts for assembling the bracket. The kit includes the VESA plate itself, holders (4 pcs.), Rails (4 pcs.), Nuts, washers and bolts — 8 pcs. respectively. The diagonal of the monitor is 17-27 inches. VESA plate parameters — 7.5 × 7.5 cm / 10 × 10 cm. Foot thickness 3.5-8 cm. Holders are attached at a distance of 26 to 36 cm. The arm securely holds the monitor and looks neat.

3.Hyvarwey BL-A78

The material of the following adapter model is SPCC cold rolled steel. Designed to mount an LCD monitor from 14 to 27 inches, which does not have mounting holes. The seller can purchase a bracket in black or silver. The parcel comes with 4 curved bars, 8 hardware, a set for 4 paws. Unfortunately, the VESA panel itself is not included in the kit, it must be ordered separately. The maximum load is 7.5 kg. Adjustable distance between the legs — 40-50 cm. Strap length — 22 cm.

4. Dsupport DS-EVE-004

The fourth place in our selection is occupied by an adapter that is compatible with most models of LCD monitors 14-27 inches, 40 cm high, 7 cm thick. The construction material is high-strength steel. Supplied without VESA plate. The package includes slats, hardware (6×70 mm) and paws (2.9-7 cm). The maximum load is 6.5 kg.


The installation kit, which will be discussed now, is suitable for monitors with a diagonal of 19 to 27 inches. The thickness of the monitor is 4-7.5 cm. When choosing a mount, consider the size of the plate. Parts and hardware required for assembly can be found in the package. The length of the legs and adapter is adjustable, which is a significant plus of the model. Do not neglect the recommendations regarding the permissible maximum load and install a monitor that exceeds a mass of 9 kg. VESA plate parameters — 7.5 × 7.5 cm.

6.D Mount DL-AD600

In sixth place in the selection is an adapter designed for wall mounting both LCD monitors and TVs from 10 to 27 inches. The steel structure is attached directly to the plate, which, by the way, is ordered separately. The width of the monitors that the adapter fits is 3-6 cm. The distance between the holders can be adjusted (it varies from 30 to 37 cm). The maximum load is 25 kg. The kit includes extension plates (4 pcs.), Bolts and nuts 4 pcs.

7. Beishi ZJ100

The VESA plate is also not included with this adapter. I will list the details of the set: 4 straps, parts for the legs and hardware. Material — high-strength steel 2 mm. The design without any problems is adjusted to any monitor up to 42 cm high thanks to a through longitudinal hole in the slats. The maximum load is 10 kg. The diagonal of the monitor is from 13 to 27 inches. The seller offers only one color option — classic black.

8. Yuesong

Eighth place in our today’s selection is occupied by an adapter compatible with various VESA mounts. The package includes 2 straps, a set for hardware and paws, and four extensions. Material — high-strength steel. Mounting plate not included. Extenders allow you to adjust the holder for almost any monitor from 17 to 29 inches. The maximum load is 9 kg. Black color. The thickness of the monitor is 1.18 x 2.95 inches.

9. Medialng

In the penultimate place of our mini-rating is a folding adapter, the supporting parts of which have a characteristic thickening, which provides the model with additional rigidity. Along with the two holders, the package comes with a mounting bar (10×10 cm) and a piece that looks like a tripod (it can be adjusted as you need). Hardware is supplied as a set. The maximum load is 15 kg. The diagonal of the monitor is from 17 to 32 inches. Material — steel 2 mm.

10. NoEnName_Null

And the selection is completed by a fixed-type adapter made of cold-rolled steel. As with the previous model, the base frame is thickened to increase structural strength. Compatible with LCD monitors from 13 to 27 inches. With the assembly, as a rule, there are no problems. VESA mounting plate (10x10cm) is included. The maximum load is 12 kg.

With this, I, perhaps, will complete the selection of monitor brackets that lack VESA holes. I hope you managed to make a choice in favor of the most worthy, in your opinion, model. Share the selection with friends and acquaintances if the material presented in the article turned out to be useful to you. I suggest you familiarize yourself with my other collectionswhich combines only the best technical innovations from the AliExpress website.


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