Cable replacement is something that every owner of good in-ear headphones eventually faces. Fortunately, they all now come with this option. This happens for various reasons: banal damage to the bundled cable, the desire to get the most out of the headphones, or, for example, the need to get the right plug for the balanced output of a new audio player or DAC. In any case, I want to pick up something of the highest quality and at a fairly adequate price.

Today I propose to consider 10 cables for in-ear headphones that I had the opportunity to test personally. For each, of course, I will give short comments on usage.

TRN8 Core

This cable, in fact, began my desire for such experiments.

The model is available in two colors: golden and gray, the cable itself is quite thick and flexible, with all possible types of connectors and a 3.5 and balanced 2.5 mm plug. There is truly no demolition of this model, several years have passed, and they are still like new.

I use them mostly with cheap headphones like KZ, CCA, TRN.


TRN T2 is a very popular series of cables in different colors and connectors.

They go out for all possible plugs and have surprisingly low resistance. My equipment gave out 0.150 Ohm, which today, if not a record, then a very serious indicator of quality.

I use these for more expensive headphones — up to 150 dollars and these cables have never failed.

TRN T2 Pro

The manufacturer was so inspired by the success of the first revision that he released its advanced version with interchangeable plugs.

If you need one cable for all occasions, this is a really worthy choice.

Very technologically advanced and, moreover, very inexpensive.

KZ 8 Core

The same cable from KZ, which made so much noise and which, in my opinion, is simply necessary for all headphones from this manufacturer.

The cable is quite impressive in thickness, and is available only on male QDC connectors and 3.5 mm jack. It is much better, in my opinion, reveals low frequencies in comparison with stock.


If you need a solid cable for MMCX connectors, then pay attention to RY-C6.

I especially liked the lack of formed behind the ears, which makes the landing much more comfortable. A good, flexible and pleasant to the touch cable, no worse than much more expensive counterparts.

Checked multiple times.

OpenHeart 8 Core Silver Plated

A series of OpenHeart cables is a completely different story, the resistance of this particular model was shown by the equipment to be 0.056 Ohm, that is, just a record low.

I got myself different types at one of the sales and now I actively use them with headphones up to $ 300 inclusive.

The sound with it is quite clear and collected, there are options for all plugs and connectors.

OpenHeart 8 Core Silver Copper

An improved version of the previous cable, a little more expensive, but the overpayment is really worth it.

This is one of the company’s most popular cables.

It has all existing types of plugs and connections. Now I would probably take it.

KbEar Limpid Pro

These are gorgeous cables from the manufacturer KbEar. The quality is just high, but here the price tag matches.

Pure silver for those who can afford it.

All popular connectors and plugs are available. By nature, the cable slightly highlights the high frequencies, adding brightness and sharpness to the sound.

Ikko CTU01

Ikko CTU01 is my favorite cable.

It comes in such a flexible braid, is heavier than all the previous ones, and perfectly emphasizes the bass. The cable approached all the headphones in general, where I just did not connect it, up to $ 900 inclusive.

Yes, for the money, this is a stunning model, besides, two sets of silicone ear pads come as a bonus. Which, you see, is nice.

There are all plug options, MMCX and various balanced and unbalanced plugs. I definitely recommend.


The coolest, most expensive and heaviest cable I’ve ever come across.

This is already a top-level model, for those who understand why he needs it.

Pleasant fabric braid, excellent connecting elements — everything here is made for gourmets. There are two and four nuclear options according to the 5N UPOC standard. This cable competes in my rating only with Ikko, and their price tag is plus or minus similar. All popular connector and plug options are available.

I use for any headphones, regardless of price.

I hope that among these 10 options for cables for in-ear headphones, you managed to choose the one that will suit you in terms of quality, connectors, plug type and, of course, price. All the options presented have been tested by me personally, and some of them I have been using on a daily basis for more than a year.

These are really worthy options without overpaying for the brand — you can take any of them.

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