Metal processing can be encountered both in professional narrowly focused production and in everyday life. Well, in this selection of products you can find a variety of drills to perform all sorts of tasks that arise in the processing of metal. Your attention will be presented to drills, both in specialized sets and in piece sales, which can be purchased on the Aliexpress website.

Titanium Coated Drills

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And the selection opens with a budget set of 50 drills for metal, with a diameter of 1 to 3 millimeters. These drills are made of special high speed steel with titanium coating. As you understand, there are a lot of drills of the same diameter in the set, namely, 10 pieces in one diameter. It is rational to consider such a set for purchase if you have to perform a large amount of work with drilling metal in a given range of diameters.

Step drills in case

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If you need to drill a lot of large diameter holes, then in the classic execution of this task, you will often need to change drills from a smaller diameter to a larger one. Special step drills are capable of solving this problem, which smoothly move from a smaller diameter to a larger one on one drill. This set is available in different versions, including a version with a special convenient case for storing drills.

Step drills 4-20 mm

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And the next version of step drills is suitable for residents of the Russian Federation, since the seller has the opportunity to send goods from a local warehouse. Thus, it will be possible to reduce the final cost for the buyer and quickly deliver the goods. However, for residents of other countries, the seller can also deliver the goods from China. The set contains three drills with a working diameter of 4 to 12 mm, 3 to 12 mm and 4 to 20 mm. It is also worth noting the presence of a special fabric cover for the drill as standard.

Countersink drill set

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And the next set of drills consists of three pieces and is designed for countersinking. Drills have a working diameter of 12, 16 and 19 millimeters. Whether you need to hide the head of a screw in metal or install patai screws, these drill bits will help you with the task. Due to their design, these drills are recommended to be used at low speeds.

Drill taps

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And the following drills are designed for simultaneous drilling and threading. You can order from the seller, both drills of a certain diameter, and immediately with a set with a diameter of 3 to 10 millimeters. When working with this type of drill, you need to work exclusively at low speeds and with frequent reverse, so you can cut really high-quality threads in metal up to 3 millimeters.


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And these are the so-called crowns, they are designed for fast drilling of large diameter holes in thin metal or other materials. These crowns are sold in a set of five pieces with a diameter of 16, 18.5, 20, 25 and 30 millimeters. The cutting edge of these crowns is made of special high-speed steel, but they also need to be worked at low speeds.

Drill bit set for working with small diameter broken screws

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These drills are sold in a set of four or five pieces of your choice. They have special tips, thanks to which you can drill into the head of a broken screw and unscrew it when you turn on the reverse. It is also worth noting that these drills have a double-sided tip, which is suitable for different types of screws. The set comes in a handy plastic case.

Set of drill bits for working with large diameter broken screws

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This is another set for emergency screw removal, however, the drills in this set have a longer cutting edge, which allows you to go deeper into the screw and unscrew it. It is also worth noting that this set is more versatile and is suitable for both small screws and large ones. The set comes in a plastic case, but it is of rather poor quality.

Small diameter drill set

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And this set may be needed for those people who often need to make holes of small diameter. If desired, you can place an order for drills of the same diameter, or for a set with a drill diameter from 0.3 to 1.2 mm. For convenience in work and reliable fixation in the drill chuck, these drills have a special thickening at the place of fixation. I will also add that for quick orientation between the diameters of the drills, each of them in the set is marked with the appropriate color, and the set includes a convenient storage case.

Universal drill set

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And the universal set closes the selection, in which there are drills, both for metal and for concrete and other materials. Such a solution can be an excellent solution for a home master to cover all basic tasks. A total of 130 drills of various diameters are included in the set. It should also be noted a convenient plastic case for storage in the form of a small suitcase.

Perhaps that’s all, and thank you for reading the publication to the end. Also you can look to my blog sitewhere you can find even more similar collections of products from Aliexpress.


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