A drill, puncher or screwdriver is in the arsenal of almost any home craftsman. With corded or cordless tools, we drill holes of different diameters and depths in various materials. Usually, a constant companion of such actions is a large amount of dust or chips, depending on what material we are working with. An effective way to protect against this is the use of special dust collectors. I propose to see what options for such devices are available on Aliexpress.

Cup dust collector

A simple and effective dust collector mounted on a drill bit or a hammer drill. The device will provide protection from dust when drilling holes in a concrete or brick wall. It consists of two parts, one of which, in the form of a «cup», is a compartment for collecting dust, through its transparent walls the degree of filling is immediately visible. Inside there is a special brush that cleans the drill as it rotates. Suitable for drills with a diameter of 4-10mm. I note that it is recommended to work with dust collectors at low and medium speeds.

Rubber dust cover

Option 1 Option 2 (with bearing)

The next option for dust protection when drilling is a rubber boot worn over the drill. The nozzle has a corrugated shape, thanks to which it is well pressed against the place of work and all the dust remains inside it. There are black and white, I would recommend the second option, because. through the wall of such a cover, the degree of filling of the corrugated sections with dust is visible. Suitable for drills from 6 to 14mm. Drill length up to 160mm. On the second link you will find a more advanced version with a bearing that is put on the drill, which does not allow the cover to be damaged over time from friction between it and the drill.

Dust collector with spring and bearing

A slightly more advanced version of the dust collector. The device is made in the form of a cylinder in the central part of which there is a segmented insert with a spring inside. Thanks to the spring, the dust collector holds its shape better. On the product page there is a choice of several options for drills of different lengths. Bearings in the center of the cups at the ends prevent the rotating drill from rubbing against the plastic case.

Battery operated suction dust collector

An interesting and advanced thing with its own motor, which provides not only better dust collection, but also suction of the dust collector to the surface in which the hole is drilled (if it is smooth enough). This makes it possible not to hold the device with your hand when drilling. Suitable for use with any drills, hammers and screwdrivers. Powered by two AA batteries. Operating time on one set up to 50 minutes.

Dust collector with laser level

This adapter is equipped with two floats and one laser level, which is extremely useful, for example, when hanging pictures, cornices, installing furniture, etc. The dust collector is powered by two batteries, which ensures suction to the surface in which the hole is made, all dust is collected in a special compartment.

Battery Dust Collector with Laser Level

The most advanced self-contained drill dust collector. Equipped with a full-fledged laser level and a built-in capacious 1800mAh battery. When working as a dust collector, it sticks to the surface, signaling the degree of fixation with LEDs. The device additionally has two bubble levels, as well as an indicator of the remaining battery charge. The kit comes with a removable suspension for easy use of the device as a laser level.

Universal dust collector with connection to a vacuum cleaner

An excellent option for instantly removing dust or chips from drilling is a universal dust collector that connects with a flexible hose to a vacuum cleaner or cyclone. The device is designed in such a way that when the suction device to which it is connected is turned on, it “sticks” to the working surface under the action of the air flow and simultaneously sucks up all the debris generated during drilling. Comes with an adapter for different hose diameters.

Cyclone filter

With a large amount of drilling work, so that there is as little dust as possible, it is highly advisable to use a vacuum cleaner and a suction dust collector (which was described a little higher). However, household vacuum cleaners are not very suitable for these purposes and can fail very quickly due to increased load. For such purposes, a simple but effective device is used — a cyclone filter, which is placed on the path of the intake air between the drilling site and the vacuum cleaner. Such a thing spins polluted air in a spiral, as a result of which heavy particles settle on the walls and fall down, and clean air is sucked in by a vacuum cleaner. The cyclone can be easily used, for example, with an empty large paint can, so that all the dust that the cyclone separates from the air accumulates in it. Extremely useful stuff.

Dust collector SCUPER 2.0

The simplest and most original version of the dust collector. It is a transparent square bag made of dense film with a hole in the center. It is attached at the drilling site to the adhesive base on the back wall of the bag. Sticks well to the wall and is easy to remove. Sold in sets of 10 and 20 pieces. Basically disposable. Everything ingenious is simple 🙂

I hope that the options for dust collectors and dust collectors collected in the selection for use in drilling were interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular product selections and reviews on interesting things just below in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention. Happy and profitable shopping!


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