A hand-held circular saw is a very practical and popular tool that is used in many areas. Modern circular saws can operate both from a 220 V household electrical network and from replaceable batteries. In this selection you can find circular hand saws powered by both one type of power source and the second. Also, the following saws are designed to work with large cutting discs with a diameter of 165 to 190 millimeters.


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And the Hychika circular saw opens the selection, which is designed to work with a cutting disc up to 190 millimeters. The saw is powered by household power and has a cable with a length of 3 meters. The power of the electric motor of the saw is 1500 W. To ensure an even cut, a special laser pointer can be used. It is also worth noting that the sole of the tool allows you to set a certain cutting angle, which is very convenient in certain situations.

Deko DKCS1600

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And then I present to your attention a tool from the famous Chinese brand Deko. This saw has a power of 1600 W and is designed to work with discs with a diameter of up to 185 millimeters. The electric motor of the tool is powered by a household electrical outlet. Plus, the seller can send the goods both from China and the Russian Federation, as well as from warehouses from many other countries, including Ukraine. In this case, Deko has made a really comfortable tool with a thoughtful design and sole.

Deko DKCS185LD3

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And this is another saw model from Deko, which is also designed for use with discs with a diameter of up to 185 mm, but this is a less powerful model with a 1300W electric motor. Also in this lot there is a model for 1500 W, which can be selected when placing an order. The 1500 W model has a laser pointer to ensure a smooth cut without pre-marking. It is possible to order this product with delivery from local warehouses, which are located in many countries.


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This is another model that runs on household power, however, the cutting disc in this saw can be installed with a diameter of not more than 180 millimeters, which provides a maximum cutting depth of up to 60 mm. The electric power of this saw is 1450 W. Also, the sole of the tool allows you to adjust the cutting angle from 0 to 45 degrees. The weight of the tool without cutting disc is 4.5 kilograms. Also included are protective goggles and work gloves.


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And then another hand-held circular saw follows, which runs on household power. It is a simple and reliable tool with an electric power of 1500 W. At idle, this saw can rotate the cutting disc at a speed of 4700 rpm. It is also worth noting that the saw is designed for use with discs with a maximum diameter of up to 185 millimeters.


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And then there is a saw that runs on a replaceable battery. However, this particular model does not have batteries in the kit and is designed for use with batteries from Makita. See the product page for a complete list of compatible battery models. It should also be noted that this model has a fairly powerful 1200 W motor, which allows you to spin the cutting disc at idle up to 5000 rpm. The saw can be used with blades with a diameter of up to 185 millimeters, which can provide a cutting depth of up to 60 mm.


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The following tool is introduced by the famous brand Wosai. This saw is powered by a replaceable battery that comes with the kit. When ordering, you can order one or two additional batteries, and you can also choose their electric capacity of 3.0 or 4.0 Ah. The kit also includes a fast charger, and when ordering, you can choose the country of delivery, among which there is Russia.


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Also in this collection I want to separately note the hand-held circular saw from Prostormer. The company has established itself well in the market, and produces a lot of all kinds of power tools. The saw is powered by a replaceable 4000 mAh battery. At idle, the rotor of the electric motor develops a rotation speed of 3500 rpm. But the only significant disadvantage is the possibility of installing a cutting disc with a diameter of up to 165 millimeters. However, despite this, the tool allows you to cut at a right angle to a depth of 55 millimeters.


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The penultimate version of the circular saw is represented by a model from Drillpro, which is also sold without a complete battery. The saw is powered by standard Makita batteries. The engine of the tool is capable of spinning the cutting disc at idle speed up to a speed of about 5000 rpm. The advantage is that the goods can also be ordered with delivery from Russia.


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And the last circular saw in this collection is presented by Mustool. The saw can be purchased with one or two replaceable batteries included. Also, be sure to pay attention when ordering that the seller has charging blocks for different countries and standards for 110 and 220 V household electrical outlets. It should also be added that the saw is designed for use with discs up to 180 millimeters.

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