Modern headlamps have come a long way. The advent of powerful LEDs and pulse drivers with control settings made it possible to create interesting models that can satisfy even the most demanding user. In addition to their compact size, headlamps compare favorably with hand-held ones, as they allow you to completely free your hands when working. In addition, they can also be used as manual ones, which makes them universal. I recommend to look at a selection of the most interesting models.


One of the simplest and most inexpensive headlamps around the site. Features include adjustable focus, the ability to operate on two 18650 batteries in a remote compartment and built-in charging. The flashlight has a small size and is perfect for fishermen and hunters. Adjustable zoom will help out at close range. You can count on 300-400 lm.


This company has established itself as a good manufacturer of inexpensive flashlights. Of the features, we can note a high-quality case and a competent heat sink, smooth adjustment of the brightness of the glow and built-in charging. He loses a little to more eminent manufacturers, but for his little money this is a very good choice. There are several models to choose from on the product page.


This headlamp features a Cree XHP50 LED that provides powerful flood light when powered by an 18650 battery. The flashlight has 3 modes of operation, a magnetic tail that allows you to mount it vertically and built-in charging. The driver is installed the most simple, the battery is included. TIR optics provide wide diffused light.

Convoy H1

Reliable flashlight from a well-known company. Convoy hand lamps very quickly gained popularity among users due to their reliability, unpretentiousness and low cost. This model did not become a hit, but corresponds to the level that the company holds. 4 modes of operation and 4 shades of light are available. The output luminous flux is about 1040lm, the range is about 130m.


Headlamp from a Russian company. Production is carried out in China, but quality control and all sorts of improvements and improvements are supervised by a Russian company. The flashlight has a pleasant control, a good linear driver, 3 operating modes. The CREE XP-G3 LED provides 500 lumens of output. The version with the AKKU prefix comes with a battery.

Sofirn HS05

Relatively new headlamp model. Power is supplied by 14500 lithium batteries or AA batteries / accumulators (fingers). The LED is LH351D with a choice of 5000K/4000K/2700K tint. It has a compact size and provides 1000 lm in maximum mode. Perfect for those for whom the SP40 is too big.

Sofirn SP40

Currently the most popular headlamp on the site. This model has an optimal price / quality ratio and is in no way inferior to eminent brands. Of the features, we can note the presence of an XP-L LED with a luminous flux of 1200 lm, four operating modes and a built-in charging module. You won’t find anything better in this price range.

Skilhunt H04

One of the best flashlights at a low cost. It has a more advanced driver compared to the previous one, smart TIR optics, thanks to which a uniform flood light is obtained, 4 main modes with quick access to minimum and maximum, magnetic tail and much more. They are slightly more expensive than the previous version, but they fully work out their money.

Wurkkos HD20

One of the first successful headlamps with separate light on a 21700 battery. The headlamp is equipped with Samsung LH351D and Cree XP-L HD LEDs, the operation of which can be combined. The 21700 battery provides excellent autonomy, and the built-in charging module allows you to charge the battery directly in the flashlight. You can purchase a version with a battery.

Nitecore HC35

This model is a completely updated version of the multifunctional headlamps Nitecore HC30 and Nitecore HC33. It is equipped with four high-performance CREE XP-G3 S3 LEDs, and its body is slightly increased in diameter and designed to accommodate a 21700 battery, which has a much higher energy capacity. All this allows you to get 2700 lm in maximum mode. 4000mah battery included.

Enjoy the shopping!


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