The purpose of a high quality hammer drill is to be a complete alternative to a screwdriver, drill and other tools used at home. When choosing a hammer drill on the AliExpress website, the following criteria should be taken into account: power and impact resistance, the ability to replace nozzles, the presence of a long cord and a capacious battery. Today I have prepared for you a selection of the most popular models of rotary hammers in order to save your precious time to the maximum and narrow down your search area.

Makita M8700ZB

In the first place of our selection is the sales leader among the products in this category — a multifunctional rotary hammer offered by Makita. Rated power — 710 W, the tool is suitable for a wide range of household work. Build quality is top notch. The rubberized handle provides an anti-slip effect. With the help of a perforator, you can pierce not only wood, but also concrete and metal. The speed is smoothly adjustable, there is a reverse.

Kraton RHE-850-26S

Despite the budget cost, this tool deserves attention. It provides a reverse function and speed control, which is a definite plus. There are three modes of operation, depending on your goals. The power of the device is 850 watts. The package includes an additional handle. Mounting system at a decent level. Before placing an order, it should be borne in mind that the weight of the device is quite large — 3.4 kg, for this reason, not everyone will be able to use it.


In third place in the selection is a model that is in high demand among buyers. As in previous versions of perforators, there are three modes of operation. There are speed control and cooling functions. In the package you will receive a handy plastic case, 5 bits, a protective case, a depth gauge and detailed instructions for use. The advantage of this model is the availability of the SDS-Plus cartridge, which will be needed when replacing drills. Power — 800 watts.


The next punch that I would like to tell you about is a professional model. With the help of the tool, you will cope perfectly well even with such a task as laying engineering communications (lay heating pipes, ventilation ducts, etc. without any problems). The advantage of the device is in the higher diameter of the drills in comparison with other models, which will greatly simplify circular drilling. The puncher is very powerful — 1500 watts. There is no reverse in this model, and an anti-vibration system is not provided here, please pay attention to this when ordering.


Fifth place in our mini-rating is occupied by an impressive perforator, which comes in a convenient and durable case. The package includes short drills in the amount of 3 pieces, spare brushes and a rubber nozzle. Thanks to the damper spring, vibrations are significantly reduced, as is the noise level. The model can be used in 4 modes. Build quality. Power — 800 watts. Benefits — the ability to fix the tool in different positions (thanks to the vario-lock function). The wire is quite long — 1.5 m. There is also a reverse.


Another professional model of cordless rotary hammer with multi-level protection against factors such as overvoltage, battery overcharge, voltage and temperature. The handle is anti-slip and the handle itself can rotate 360°. Suitable for long work. Battery capacity -6 Ah. Triple body protection system is provided. Comes with a quick charger.


A worthy version of the DEKO brand perforator, which will be appreciated by professionals in the construction industry. The lower part of the handle is equipped with a small wheel, with which the number of revolutions is adjusted. The power of the tool is high — 2000 watts. He is able to break through even the most solid wall. The assembly is excellent, the tool does not play, the reliability is at the level. One of the significant drawbacks of the model is its considerable weight and dimensions, which the tongue cannot dare to call compact (47 * 14 * 39 cm). Long work with a perforator will take you a lot of strength and energy. The length of the wire is 2 m. Well, in general, this is a good model, given the rather low cost.


The eighth place in the selection is a cordless rotary hammer with a voltage of 20 V and with a built-in SDS-chuck for quick replacement of drills, which is a significant advantage of this model. Supplied with a charger, a grip with a depth gauge function, and a plastic case for storing the drill. The quality of the model is high. In addition to the chiseling mode, there is also a tool rotation mode (chisels, chisels).


The penultimate line of our mini-rating is occupied by a small 12V puncher. It can be used to drill holes in concrete, granite and brick walls. The handle is rubberized, soft, which provides maximum comfort for the hands. Together with the tool there are 10 nozzles, which can be replaced without much difficulty. Works fine, no complaints. When ordering, keep in mind that the build quality of the model leaves much to be desired, and the plastic is somewhat flimsy.


And the last model of the cordless hammer drill in our today’s selection was a hammer drill from the WORX brand. The power of the tool is high (1200 W), thanks to which it is included in the category of professional rotary hammers. The package includes a limiter, depth gauge, quick charge and an additional handle. Unfortunately, there are no spare bits in the kit, if desired, they can be ordered as a separate lot. The puncher is easy to use and, importantly, quite light. The pluses include the presence of SDS-Plus for replacing drills, well, and the minus is the inability to use in low temperature conditions.

These are all the punchers that I wanted to tell you about in today’s selection. I hope you liked one of the presented models the most, and you are already ready to put your favorite product in your shopping cart. I would also like to remind you that today on AliExpress there is an opportunity to use expedited shipping, in my opinion, this is a great offer! I also have other selections.


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