It is always useful to know the parameters of the environment in a room where you stay for a long time, for example, in an apartment or office. There are certain temperature and humidity ranges that are considered comfortable for humans. You can track them using both simple and fairly advanced devices. In the selection I collected interesting and popular options.

Built-in mini thermometer

I’ll start with a simple and fairly popular compact device. There are several different versions on the product page: just a thermometer, a thermometer combined with a hygrometer (humidity meter), a thermometer with an external wired probe that allows you to measure the temperature, for example, in another room. The declared measurement range is from -50 to +70 degrees Celsius. The shape is rectangular or round options, white or black. The design of the case allows it to be built in, for example, in self-made furniture.

Thermometer-hygrometer with Bluetooth

An updated version of Xiaomi’s miniature temperature and humidity meter. The device is equipped with an LCD display with easy to read numbers and has a compact size: 43×43mm. The new version is equipped with a Bluetooth module that allows you to transfer data from the thermometer to the MiHome application to control smart home devices. Measuring temperature range: 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. Powered by one CR2032 battery. It is convenient to arrange such devices in each room.

Desktop thermometer with wired sensor

Inexpensive, but quite advanced version of the thermometer / hygrometer, which is equipped with two temperature sensors. One is located directly in the body of the device, the other is located in a wired sensor that can be placed outside the window and receive data on the temperature outside. In addition, this sensor is sealed and can even be used in water, for example, to control the temperature in an aquarium. The display simultaneously shows the temperature from both sensors, as well as the humidity in the room where the device is installed. Declared temperature measurement range: from -50 to 70 degrees. Powered by one AA battery.

Thermometer-hygrometer for window handle

An interesting version of the measuring device, which is installed on the window handle. It turns out original and does not take up space. It is additionally equipped with an external wire probe, which is placed on a special mount on the street side of the window. The display shows the indoor temperature and humidity, as well as the outdoor temperature. Measurement range -50 to +70 degrees. Four body colors to choose from. Batteries included.

Thermometer with E-Ink display

Another novelty from Xiaomi, an updated version of a very popular model with an E-ink electronic ink display. Devices with such a screen are extremely low power consumption. The display has a high contrast ratio and excellent viewing angles. Displays temperature and humidity, can transmit data via Bluetooth to the MiHome application to control the comfort mode in the room. Built-in magnetic mount. Beautiful and concise design.

Electronic ink clock with thermometer and hygrometer

The development of the idea of ​​the previous version of the thermometer is a clock with an E-Ink display that displays not only the temperature and humidity in the room, but also the time. The clock can be used as a desktop version with a stand from the kit, or fixed vertically using a magnet. The device interacts with the Mi Home application via Bluetooth, the time is also set from the smartphone. Powered by CR2032 batteries. Great gift option.

Thermometer-hygrometer with large display and backlight

A very successful model with a good set of functions, released recently. Equipped with a large LCD display with a diagonal of 9.5 cm, which displays a fairly large amount of information. The temperature and humidity in the room, time and current date are displayed, and in addition, there is a color bar with an indicator of how comfortable the environment is, as well as the minimum and maximum values ​​​​of the measured readings for the last day. What’s more, the device is equipped with a backlight touch button, convenient to use in a dark room or in the evening. Several mounting options.

Round thermometer

Nice little thermometer-hygrometer in a round case. The LCD display shows the current values ​​of temperature and humidity, as well as the maximum and minimum for the last 24 hours. Small arrows show the trend of increasing or decreasing values. Food from finger batteries.

Weather station with remote wireless sensors

If you want to simultaneously receive information not only about the temperature and humidity in the house, but also in remote rooms or on the street, you should consider purchasing a small station with wireless sensors that can transmit information via radio to the main device at a distance of up to 60 meters. The main unit is equipped with a large display, which displays data from both the sensor built into it and from all connected wireless sensors. Also displayed, time, date, pressure and other information. On the product page there are different versions with one or three external sensors. The device is powered by two: from batteries or from the mains.

Digital Environment Tester 6 in 1

I’ll round it up with a cool digital environmental tester that measures four additional air quality parameters in addition to temperature and humidity: particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and formaldehyde (HCHO) . All this is placed in a compact case with a contrast display. The device has a built-in 1200mAh battery.

You see how many different devices there are for measuring temperature and humidity. I hope the selection was interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular product selections and reviews on unusual devices a little lower in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention. Happy and profitable shopping!


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