Regardless of where you work, the illumination of the workplace must be sufficient. Otherwise, it may adversely affect visual function. Thanks to a portable lamp, you can avoid vision problems. The advantage of LED lamps, presented in a wide range on the AliExpress website, is in full compliance with international requirements for products in this segment. Today I have prepared for you a selection of ten LED lamps to make it easier for you to navigate the sea of ​​information, and so that you can make a choice in favor of the most suitable model.

1. Hunta LED Desk Lamp

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In the first place of our today’s selection is a lamp with a concise design, made in a modern style. Housing material — PVC + polycarbonate. Thanks to the rubber sole, the lamp does not slip, which is a definite plus. You need a USB adapter to connect. Number of LEDs — 16 pcs. Does not flicker, does not cause discomfort to the eyes. Brightness is adjusted by long pressing the power button. The support can tilt up to 180°. The seller offers two color options to choose from — white and gold. The only negative, perhaps, is the lack of an adapter in the kit.

2. Suchme KL-1162

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Another LED lamp that provides eye protection. Connection is via USB. Body material — plastic. Such a parameter as color temperature corresponds to 6500K. Touch switch. A feature of the model is the presence of a protrusion on which a smartphone can be installed. The height of the support reaches 33 cm, while the length of the lamp is 29 cm. The voltage is 5 V. Three dimming modes are available. Before ordering this model, keep in mind that the wire is somewhat short, and one more thing — the lamp must be constantly connected to USB, that is, this is not a mobile option.

3. Zaixiao LED-267

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In third place in the selection is a table lamp model with a wide rectangular base, which has a built-in organizer for stationery. As in the previous model, there is a separate slot for installing a smartphone. The tilt range of the support is 90°. Luminaire swivels up to 180°. The brightness is adjustable (three modes are available), there is a warm and cold light.

4. Newstile HT-12

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Let’s move on to the next model of a budget table lamp that deserves attention. Connection is via USB. Design features — a thin flexible support, a sole with a built-in organizer and a lamp with parameters of 11.5 × 11.5 × 1. Maximum input power — 18 W, output — 10 W. The brightness intensity is adjustable. The seller offers to order three lamp color options — in white, blue and black. It differs from other models on the market by supporting wireless charging.

5. Coquimbo

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The fifth place in our mini-rating is occupied by a table LED lamp with a holder for a smartphone and a comfortable sole. By the way, on the sole there is an organizer with two compartments designed for office supplies, there is also a stand for a mobile phone. The device is charged via USB. Built-in battery — 1250 mAh. The lamp is available for purchase in only one color option — white.

6. Ouio

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The next place in our selection is a table lamp, presented by the seller in two versions — 2000 mAh and 4000 mAh. The design is standard — from a lamp, an adjustable support, and, of course, a sole. The intensity of the brightness is adjustable, you can adjust the yellow, soft white or white glow. The height of the support is 55 cm, the length of the lamp is 29 cm. The voltage is 5 V. Eye protection is provided. There is a phone holder. The lamp is very compact and lightweight. Fully corresponds to the description.

7. Briday HB1008

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This model with a laconic design is made in the form of the letter G. Adjustment via USB, a total of 9 modes. The build quality is good, the kit comes with a power cable and a lamp. On a flat surface, the lamp may wobble a little, but this problem is solved with furniture legs that are glued separately. In the center of the support is a digital display, it monitors the date, calendar, time and air temperature. The brightness intensity varies from 3000 to 6000K. Power — 6 V.

8 Aprillight Desk Lamp

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Let’s move on to the eighth place of our selection. A distinctive design feature is a stable sole, a particularly strong support and a double lamp. Number of LEDs — 28 pcs. Power — 10 watts. Color temperature — 3000-6500 K. There are two glow modes. Battery capacity: 2500 mAh. A good lamp, judging by the technical characteristics, I think that it is worth taking a closer look at it.

9. General Lighting Systems GLTL-006-9-220

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In ninth place in our selection is a touch-controlled lamp model, which is in high demand among buyers on Aliexpress. The design is classic, it will fit perfectly into almost any interior. This lamp contributes to creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. Connects to a 220V network. Color temperature — 6500K. There are 3 intensity modes. The assembly is of high quality, the model fully corresponds to the description.

10.Laopao TD-20

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And closes the top ten LED lamps included in our today’s selection, a model with a remote control. The lamp is made of high-strength plastic. Power mode: built-in lithium battery. Tilt angle adjustable up to 120°. Color temperature — 2700-6500K. The only drawback that the model has is that the remote control is not fixed in the lamp, it just lies in the groove under it, it would be nice if a magnet was added to the remote control. I really hope that in the future the manufacturer will take into account the wishes of customers and improve the design.

This brings our selection to its logical conclusion. I hope that among the models presented by me, one of them has become your favorite, which you add to your favorites or decide to order. By the way, on AliExpress there is an opportunity to use expedited shipping, which means that you will receive the goods much faster compared to the usual delivery method. Share the selection with your friends if the article turned out to be useful to you, well, and I, for my part, will continue to delight you with new selections.


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