Hi all. I think that for many, the New Year is associated not only with the Christmas tree, snow and Santa Claus, but also with the railway, as well as the train that takes you far away. Personally, I have a tradition, for every New Year I order a Lego constructor or its equivalent with a train and a railway and collect it, imbued with the atmosphere of the holiday. That is why, today I propose to look at 10 LEGO train and railway constructors from AliExpress and immerse yourself a little in the theme of the New Year Express.

LEGO constructor «Passenger train»


The collection opens with one of the most popular LEGO sets, from which you can assemble a passenger train. The set is quite easy to assemble, so it can be given to children from 6 years old. Naturally, the composition has a motorized drive, as well as the ability to control via smartphone. The constructor consists of 677 parts, and motorization will require 6 to 10 AAA batteries.

Lego set with flexible rails


There are very few complete rails that come with LEGO sets, so I recommend immediately purchasing additional elements of the “railway” track. Fortunately, AliExpress also has original LEGO rails that will expand the path for the assembled train. The kit comes with 20 parts, including even flexible rails.

Constructor LEPIN «Freight train»


To save money on AliExpress, you can buy an analogue of a freight train from LEPIN, which can be compared with the original in terms of price-quality ratio. The constructor consists of 1078 parts from which a locomotive, a wagon for crushed stone or coal, a platform for transporting an excavator and a helicopter are assembled. The set is motorized and features wide play mechanics with a loader crane and long paths. You can see my review of this set — Here.

Constructor LEPIN rails with arrows


LEGO rails can usually cost a pretty penny, especially if you take modules with arrows and complex elements. That is why I recommend buying analogues from LEPIN, which are practically in no way inferior to the original, but give more room for creativity. From such sets, you can assemble branched roads with two or more paths.

LEGO constructor «Freight train»


Another legendary designer from LEGO on AliExpress. This is a motorized freight train with a large railroad and a switch. The set has good game mechanics with a loader crane, a tower, a collection vehicle, a crossing, a platform for transporting timber and containers with cargo. The designer contains 1226 details and 6 mini-figures.

Constructor LEPIN «Military train»


For lovers of militaristic themes, you can buy a heavy military train on AliExpress. From the set you can assemble a locomotive, a wagon with a rocket launcher and a platform for transporting military equipment. There is also a combat vehicle with Katyusha missiles. The set includes a motor to drive the train and 1154 parts.

Constructor LEPIN «Freight train»


And this is another analogue of the popular LEGO set with a freight train that has sunk into oblivion. This one can now only be bought from collectors for a lot of money, but there is an analogue from LEPIN on AliExpress. The set includes 959 parts, from which a locomotive is assembled, a platform for transporting reels, containers and fuel, as well as a car, an industrial crane and a mini-loader.

Constructor LEPIN «Electric Train»


And this kit will help you remember and assemble a model of the electric train, which still runs between the suburbs. The composition itself is highly detailed. So, for example, car windows and doors of the cargo compartment open at the cars. The set consists of 1159 parts. You can also collect a mail car with correspondence.

Constructor LEPIN «Locomotive with train»


Next, perhaps one of the most entourage New Year’s designers from which a steam locomotive is assembled is a model of the Nightlys City train. From the set, the locomotives themselves are assembled, a car with coal to provide steam traction and the car itself for passengers. The set also includes 3 minifigures with a driver holding a shovel for throwing coal.

Constructor LEPIN «Christmas train»


Finally, perhaps the most New Year’s set, which will definitely immerse you in a festive atmosphere. A Christmas train and a very entourage station with a clock and a Christmas tree are assembled from the designer. The set consists of 1217 parts, including a motorized block and rails.

I hope this collection gave you a festive mood and dipped you into the atmosphere of the New Year Express. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my Telegram channel TechnoReviewthe link to which can be found below in the section «About the author». There, new items from Xiaomi and other cool gadgets from AliExpress appear the fastest. By tradition, under the spoiler, I leave promotional codes for the New Year sale on AliExpress. Good luck to everyone and happy holidays.

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