Hello everyone, today I would like to share a selection of men’s smart watches from Aliexpress. Here I tried to pick up interesting, functional models for a relatively low price, which you can take both for yourself and as a gift. It will be useful for many people, for example, for tracking the number of steps and distance traveled, as well as for conveniently viewing notifications from instant messengers and other applications. I think that the presence of such watches in the modern world is very complementary and simplifies many life moments. In order to make it easier for you to make a choice, I have prepared a selection with several models at once, compatible with ios and android devices.

1.Lige smart watch

Let’s start with Lige watches. This watch has a very impressive appearance, especially with a metal strap, as close as possible to the classic look. The clock has an IP67 waterproof standard. In terms of functions, this device has everything we need — these are gps trackers, convenient synchronization with a smartphone via bluetooth, displaying notifications from applications and calls, music control and, accordingly, an alarm clock.

2.IPBZHE smart watch

This watch has a more sporty look and will be an excellent companion in sports and outdoor activities. They have an ip68 moisture protection standard, so you can safely walk with them in the rain or, for example, wash and wash your hands, realizing that if you slightly wet the device, this will not affect the work in any way. They have the necessary set of functions such as trackers for sports, duplicate notifications from the phone and many others, even the game is an analogue of flappy bird. Therefore, I recommend to take a closer look at this device and they have only two color options — white and black strap.

3. Melanda MD15

This watch also has an interesting sporty look. You can choose from a black or red strap. The manufacturer promises up to 15 days of work in standby mode, they have an ip68 moisture protection standard. Here, again, there are all the necessary modes, such as a pedometer, viewing the distance traveled, reminders of a sitting position, and many others.

4. Amazfit Bit S

These watches are close in design to the apple ones. There is a wide selection of colored straps for different tastes. There is a moisture protection standard, according to the manufacturer, that the watch can withstand pressure up to 5 atm. A necessary set of functions for sports and synchronization with a smartphone. There is a GPS module for tracking movement and measuring steps,

5. Z18 smart watch

The main difference between these watches and previous models, according to the manufacturer, is the presence of an amoled screen. A bright screen with rich colors, as well as a wide viewing angle, allow you to get a very high-quality image. There are pedometer functions, a built-in microphone and a speaker for talking on the clock. Naturally, the watch has an IP67 waterproof rating.

6. Misirun ZL02

In this watch, the manufacturer claims up to 7 days, and in standby mode up to 30 days. The watch will be a good assistant in sports and in everyday life. There are necessary functions such as notification synchronization, music control. The watch can be purchased with a strap in one of four colors.

7. DT100 Plus smart watch

This watch can definitely be called an apple counterpart in design. The quality of workmanship is very worthy and this is confirmed by many positive reviews. When ordering this product, there is a large selection of straps for every taste, there are also options where a couple more straps are included in the kit. Waterproof ip67 and all the functions we need are present.

8. Honor Magic watch 2

Honor watches will not say what can be classified as the most budgetary, but what you get for this money will definitely please you. Powerful Kirin A1 processor, 14 days of battery life, built-in speaker and microphone for hourly conversation and the necessary functions to accompany sports.

9.imilab w12

The imilab w12 watch has several straps to choose from. IP68 waterproof standard, battery life up to 30 days in standby mode. A very cool watch design with a thin case combined with good performance and HD screen. There is a large set of dials, choose according to your mood from those that you like.

10. DT3 Max smart watch

This model has a very cool set of different dials. There are also various straps made of leatherette, metal and rubber to choose from. There is an NFC module, which will allow you to use contactless payment in stores.

This is where my collection comes to an end. I hope you were able to choose one of the proposed models. Also, do not forget to share this collection and know which smartwatches are currently in trend on Aliexpress.


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