Angle grinder (grinder) is a universal tool for various tasks and an indispensable assistant to the master, whether it is work related to metal, wood, concrete or stone.

Special nozzles significantly expand its functionality. They are cheaper than profile tools, are easily and quickly replaced one with another and take up little space during storage and transportation. They are suitable, basically, only for domestic use — but this turns out to be quite sufficient for solving a wide range of repair tasks in the household.

And today’s topic is nozzles that will come in handy when working with metal. And at the end of the article, you can also find links to collections of nozzles for wood and concrete, stone, tiles, and promotional codes for the New Year sale (takes place on Aliexpress from December 6 to December 11, 10:59 Moscow time).

And, of course, when working with an angle grinder, always remember that this is an extremely traumatic tool, strictly observe safety precautions and wear protective clothing / goggles ..

Cutting disc for metal grinder

A great option if you need to cut something as quickly as possible (just make sure that it’s not your fingers — follow safety precautions!).

These discs are suitable for most angle grinders with a bore diameter of 22.23 mm, their outer diameter is 125 mm, and the thickness is 1.2 mm.

The nozzle allows you to effectively cut sheets of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, cut metal profiles and pipes. The maximum allowable speed of the grinder is up to 12200 rpm.

Discs are inexpensive and wear out quickly — so they are sold from 3 pieces or more.

Diamond blade for metal grinder

This is a completely different matter — the cutting disc will last much longer, but it also costs more (the manufacturer indicates that it replaces 200 abrasive ones).

The standard landing diameter is 22.23 mm, the size is 115 and 125 mm to choose from, the thickness is 1.2 mm.

Production material — alloy steel with diamond coating on the edge.

It is strong enough to handle almost any, even the hardest metal, and produces much less sparks during operation.

The disc is capable of withstanding operating speeds up to 12250 rpm.

Flap end abrasive disc on angle grinder

It is used for dry and wet grinding, for peeling, metal processing (chamfering, deburring), painted surfaces, as well as for woodworking.

The circle consists of petals of sandpaper glued on top of each other (“spraying” — zirconium oxide).

Seat — 22.23 (disc sizes 115, 125 mm) or 10 (size 75 mm), abrasive particles — 40, 60, 80, 120 to choose from. Depending on the grain size, nozzles are selected for rough and finishing operations.

The disks are quickly used up, so the set comes with 10 pieces at once.

Grinding wire brushes for grinders «cup» and «conical»

With their help, an unnecessary layer is removed from a metal surface, whether it be rust, old paint, welds, cement or other contaminants.

Due to the high rotation speed of the tool, large surfaces can be easily cleaned.

The nozzle consists of two metal cups, between which steel wires twisted into pigtails are clamped.

Attention! The wire from the nozzles can come off and, entering the body at high speed, cause serious injury. Therefore, you should only work in tight clothing and in a protective shield!

The link has nozzles for M10 and M14, with a diameter of 75 and 100 mm.

On Aliexpress, you can find other types of “cups”, both for rough and softer processing, as well as similar, but “flat” (end) nozzles for hard-to-reach places.

Grinding «coral» disc for angle grinders

This is a nozzle that removes rust or paint from metal with truly magical ease.

It consists of a non-woven fiber with abrasive grains in the composition, joined together by hot pressing.

Compared to previous options, this nozzle has a number of advantages: it does not clog with grinding products, does not heat the surface, is elastic — easily adapts to the surface (roundings and pipes can be processed), does not cut metal and does not spoil the geometry of the part. After processing with such discs, polishing is practically not required.

Available sizes of discs on the link are 100.115 and 125 mm, bore diameter is 22.23 and 16 mm.

In order for the “coral” disc to serve you for a long time, when working, avoid sharp edges and edges, ensure the minimum necessary pressure and the recommended speed (for circles 125-135 — 4000-4500 rpm, for 75 mm — 6500-7000 rpm, for 150 — 3000-3500 rpm).

Adapter for mounting polishing rollers on angle grinders and polishing rollers themselves

At the link you can purchase an adapter-shaft from M14 115/125 to M10 120x100x19 mm, as well as rollers suitable for it for a different range of work (mainly for metal and wood).

On Aliexpress, you can also find more complete sets, with a replaceable rubberized handle and a protective cover.

Quick clamp nut for angle grinder

This product is designed to quickly change wheels without a key.

Suitable for any angle grinder with M14 threaded connection.

The nut is made of a high-strength alloy, does not deform during operation, withstands significant axial loads and torque up to 40 Nm, speed — up to 12,000 rpm.

The accessory creates a large tightening force and prevents loosening even with strong vibrations.

Support bracket for angle grinder

The stand is suitable for grinders with a disc diameter of up to 110-125 mm, allows you to adjust the angle of inclination within 45 degrees and make cuts up to 30 mm deep.

A clamp is provided for fixing the workpieces. The kit also includes a handle and a protective cover.

The stand makes it easy to turn a manual angle grinder into a full-fledged machine for cutting metal, ceramic, wood and other workpieces (depending on the disc used).

Sanding belt adapter

This simple kit can turn an angle grinder into a belt grinder in just a minute.

Suitable for angle grinders with M14 threaded connection and can be equally effectively used for processing metal and wooden workpieces. It is indispensable in sharpening cutting tools — knives, chisels, scissors.

The device includes four tension rollers and a sanding belt with a width of 30 cm. This is a specially glued sandpaper with different grain sizes (the minimum set is included in the set).

Nozzle belt-grinding grinder

This compact attachment will allow you to turn the angle grinder into a full-fledged hand-held belt grinding power tool. It is especially convenient to work with it in narrow and hard-to-reach places. It can also be used to grind and polish various workpieces (metal, wood, plastic), remove excess welding in fillet welds, railings and gratings, set fine shapes for wood products, ceramic tiles, clean decorative elements, and sharpen tools. The adapter works with a tape sandpaper with a width of 15×142 mm and ensures its optimal tension.

The accessory provides support for 6 levels of variable speed control and can be rotated within 180 degrees.

On the top of the case there is a standard input for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

The link has sets for threaded connection M14 and M10.

I hope the selection was useful and you have looked for nozzles that will help in your work.

I also inform you that the New Year sale runs from December 6, 11:00 to December 11, 10:59, while promotional codes are valid for any goods for a certain amount in the basket.

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