The selection contains 10 compact gas burners that are widely used for tourism and various domestic work. All models presented below are popular among buyers due to the fact that they have a fairly simple design, compact size, easy use, good quality and relatively low cost. The choice is yours.

1 Sunfield

The list opens with a gas burner with a folding design and good workmanship. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can easily fit even in your pocket. The main manufacturing material is stainless steel. The weight of the structure is only 47 grams. The assembly is solid, without backlash. Burner power 3000 W. It works on butane, has economical consumption and smooth flame adjustment. Supplied in a fabric case.

2. Yofeil

This model also has compact dimensions and low weight (about 100 grams). Made from stainless steel and aluminium. Has convenient flame adjustment. Suitable for dishes with a diameter of up to 20 cm. Compatible with travel bottles from most manufacturers. Useful for various household chores, cooking on a hike and other purposes. Supplied in a bright case.

3. Fire Maple

A miniature model of a gas burner, which is easily hidden in a fist. Its weight is 45 grams. Power: 2600W. The design is quite simple. It has titanium legs, a central tube and a flame diffuser. Using the burner is quite simple. To do this, you need to wind it on the balloon and open the paws. The dishes on such a burner are very stable — titanium paws do not slide along the bottom of the dishes. Gas consumption is 180g/hour. It has smooth flame adjustment. Supplied in a case.

4. X-eped

Compact and powerful enough gas burner with built-in piezo ignition and three folding legs. With a power of 3500 W, while the weight is just over 200 grams. Made of stainless steel, the construction is strong and durable. Equipped with mesh and wind protection. Works with any travel bottle and is great for ceramic and aluminum cookware. The advantages include convenient adjustment of the gas supply.


Quite a good gas burner that can be used for various purposes. It has precise flame power control, even heat distribution and a sturdy construction with comfortable folding legs. Connects to the cylinder with a hose. Its power is 3000 W, gas consumption is 50-100 g/hour. With this model it is convenient to use large and voluminous dishes for cooking for several people at once. The model is interesting, with a lot of reviews and fast delivery.

6. Lixada

A good 3500 W gas burner, which is perfect for cooking, melting snow and other outdoor purposes. The main material of manufacture is stainless steel and brass. The product is quite light, weight is 190 grams. The design of the burner is foldable, very stable, the flame is stable. Unfolded dimensions 175 x 175 x 75 mm. There is an adjustable flame. Supplied in a specially designed fabric storage case.

7 Blazing Torch

An excellent gas burner with a well-thought-out design and a built-in piezo ignition. This minimizes time as the flame is ignited at the touch of a button and is easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing the gas flow. Liquefied gas is used as fuel. The average consumption is about 90 g/hour. The torch is great for soldering, welding, as well as for cooking and lighting a fire. Sold without bottle. Delivery is fast from the warehouse of the Russian Federation.

8 Flame Gun

A portable gas burner of good quality is useful in a variety of fields. With it, you can heat various metal elements, warm up frozen pipes, use it for cooking, kindle charcoal for a barbecue, etc. The burner uses liquefied butane gas to operate. Gas consumption is about 50-140 g/hour. The flame temperature reaches 1350°. There is an adjustable flame and wind protection. This model differs in simplicity of operation and a qualitative design. You can take.

9. Propane Torch

Excellent burner with piezo ignition and threaded connection to the cylinder for domestic and professional purposes. Runs on propane and MAPP gas. The device provides a useful option to adjust the power of the flame. Therefore, optimum gas flow is achieved. The kit comes with three nozzles. The device is suitable for soldering pipes and other thin-walled parts, heating parts, removing old paint, tarring poultry, lighting a fire, stove and other purposes. All in all, a great burner for the money.

10. Fire Maple FMS-706

The list is completed by a powerful gas burner with a laconic design and excellent performance. This model differs in the special durability and durability as structural elements are made of strong materials: aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Power: 4400W. Dimensions: 190x110x30 mm, weight is about 160 grams. The burner can be used for small repair work, for camping and in cooking, for example, for singeing carcasses or cooking with an open fire when cooking various dishes. The model is thought out, you can take it.

I hope the selection was interesting, and you were able to decide on the desired model of gas burner. Do not forget that when using these devices, safety precautions must be observed. That’s all. Happy shopping everyone!


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