One of the most popular solutions for video surveillance and security control of your home, workspace, as well as monitoring children and your pets is a modern IP camera with remote access. By installing such a camera, you can always assess the situation in real time, and in an emergency it will help you make a quick decision. After analyzing a large number of models on Aliexpress, I selected 10 interesting options for you with a good price-quality ratio. The choice is yours.

1. Kerui Z06h

The list opens with a popular IP surveillance camera from the well-known brand KERUI. It is perfect for home use. You can control the camera from anywhere in the world using a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Its advantage is that it gives a fairly clear and high-quality picture of the image both in the daytime and at night. Equipped with a sensor that reacts to movement or sound. In addition, the camera can rotate up and down 80 degrees and left and right 355 degrees. Therefore, you can easily control everything that happens in your home, and if necessary, use two-way communication and talk with your family and friends.


This model is perfect for monitoring any part of the house. In its arsenal, it has the possibility of ceiling mounting and a built-in swivel mechanism that allows the camera to rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically. Despite its low cost, it boasts excellent image quality, since it records a picture in modern Super HD format. The setup is simple and intuitive. App control. There is a speaker and a microphone for two-way communication, an alarm system, and a night mode (it can shoot even in complete darkness). It is worth noting the presence of the auto-tracking mode, which allows the camera to automatically turn in the wake of a moving object. The model is interesting, worth your attention.

3. VStarcam C29S

A rugged black wireless IP camera with good night vision, Motion Detection, high frame rate in Full-HD and many useful features, including people detection. Equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows the camera to rotate around its axis by 355 degrees, which provides maximum visibility of the room. Management is simple, carried out through an application on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. At the same time, 4 users can view the picture from the camera from different devices in any place. It works quietly, has two-way communication and all the necessary features for comfortable use.


This IP camera model received an asymmetric design in white. It has high-resolution 1080P video recording, 4 infrared LED sensors and a secure mount that allows you not only to install the camera on any horizontal surface, but also attach it to the ceiling or wall. The swivel mechanism allows the camera to rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically. There is a sensitive motion sensor, when a moving object is detected, the camera monitors it and records a 10-second video, after which it signals the owner. In addition, the camera is able to respond not only to the movement of the object, but also to the sound, which is a significant advantage. There is an SD card slot, built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication.

5. YI Home Camera

A popular model from a trusted manufacturer of IP cameras. Equipped with a wide-angle lens (112 degrees), IR-illuminated and 4x zoom, shooting resolution — 1080P. There is support for night mode, motion detection and loud sounds, a microphone, a speaker, a microSD card slot up to 128 GB, cloud storage, and the ability to work from an external battery. The camera connects to your home network via Wi-Fi. Management is carried out through a proprietary application on a smartphone.

6. XIAOMI Mi 360°

This model received an ergonomic design and a round body in white. The top of the camera can rotate 360 ​​degrees quietly. Easily mounts on a shelf, ceiling or wall. The main selling features of the model: a high-quality Full HD picture, infrared night video, support for the Talkback function, as well as a motion detection and tracking system. In addition, there is cloud storage and support for microSD memory cards. The device has simple settings and controls. Delivery accelerated from the warehouse of the Russian Federation.

7. Audibe

An interesting version of the IP camera in the form of a toy robot. Perfect for installation, for example, in a children’s room. Despite its toy appearance, the camera supports all the necessary functions for comfortable use. Equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows the camera to rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 45 degrees vertically. As in previous models, there is two-way voice communication, automatic detection and tracking of a moving object, a slot for memory cards and a night mode. Connection is via Wi-Fi, and control via an application on a smartphone or tablet. An interesting option, suitable as an original gift.


Another interesting model of an IP camera with a pretty appearance, a Wi-Fi module and simple control via an application from a smartphone. The device can rotate the camera horizontally by 350 degrees and vertically by 110 degrees. There are «tracking» functions, in which the camera automatically tracks an object that has fallen into its field of view, records a 10-second video, and then signals you about it. There’s also cloud storage, a memory card slot, and two-way audio. It is worth noting the night vision mode, which provides a clear picture in a completely dark room. The device is of good quality and worth the money.


This model is made in a classic style, it will easily fit into almost any interior. It has compact dimensions of 107*125*127 mm, so it won’t take up much space. Rotates 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. Records video in 720P/1080P/3MP resolution. Stores records both on the memory card and in the cloud storage. Able to automatically detect and track the movement of an object. It has simple and convenient control through the application, which allows the owner to always be aware of what is happening in his house in real time. There is a two-way communication, this function will help you not only communicate with your family on a business trip, but also, for example, calm your pet. In general, the model is not bad, worth the money and your attention.

10. Imou

Stylish modern IP-camera with built-in Wi-Fi is perfect for video surveillance both at home and in the office. The camera can be rotated horizontally by 355 degrees and vertically by 90 degrees, which allows you to control almost every part of the room. Control via an application in which, in addition to standard functions, you can close the lens with one touch. In addition, this model provides a good night vision system, excellent picture quality, two-way voice communication, cloud access, a memory card slot and a sensitive motion sensor.

I hope the selection was interesting and you were able to choose the right version of the IP camera for your home, cottage or office. That’s all. All successful shopping.


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