Today, the selection includes 10 tool kits for home and car, which can be purchased at a bargain sale on Aliexpress. These are both budget sets of combination wrenches for 300 rubles, and expensive options for tools for professional use.

The Winter Liquidation sale runs on the site from January 10 (11:00 Moscow time) to January 15. Promo codes for it (relevant for any product) can be found at the end of this collection or on product pages.

Tool kits for home and car in a DEKO suitcase

The DEKO DKMT113 set (shown in the image) includes 113 items and costs less than 3,000 rubles with a promo code.
It has everything you need that most often comes in handy in everyday life or for servicing a personal car: 8 combination wrenches, 8 hex keys, side cutters, long-nosed pliers, adjustable wrench, 2 screwdrivers, brush, 6 hex bits, quick-change ratchet screwdriver, tester tire pressure, hammer, 2 ratchets, 25 sockets, 3 extensions, 2 universal joints, 50 bits.
The kit comes in a handy plastic case, and is usually enough for household chores (both in content and quality).
In addition to this set, the link in the official DEKO store has a huge number of options for other sets with fast delivery from the Russian Federation.
I myself have been using the DEKO DKMT168 kit for about a year now. It just so happened that I ordered it by accident — but I have never regretted it. It has already come in handy a thousand times, and now all the necessary tools are in one place. By the way, they sit tightly in the case, nothing dangles, and not a single one has broken in a year. In general, for periodic repair cases — it is enough just for the eyes.
The second link has several sets to choose from with both China and Express delivery. To get a discount, take the seller’s coupon and apply the sale promo code (they are collected at the end of the selection).

Universal set of tools in a case KUZMICH 158 items

For a little over two thousand, with a promotional code on sale, you can take such a set.
It includes adjustable pliers, needle nose pliers, combination pliers, universal pliers, crimping pliers, LED flashlight, indicator screwdriver, hammer, hex wrench set, 20 bits, tape measure, ratchet, 16 sockets, adapter, spark plug wrenches, handle for bit, extension cord, 2 screwdrivers, pullers, clerical knife, a set of fasteners and electrical tape.

For infrequent work or as a spare set — it is quite suitable.

Berger BG108 Tool Set

If you need a higher quality instrument, or you plan to purchase a set, including for professional use, I recommend taking a closer look at Berger (or Arsenal, OMBRA, JONNESWAY — a link to past collections with their participation will be at the end of the article). All of them are made in Taiwan, excellent quality and have a lifetime warranty.

By the link — a store that specializes exclusively in Berger products — there is a large selection of both sets and individual hand tools (the promotional codes that are listed on the product pages are now working on all of them).

The set shown in the picture includes: socket heads and bits, ratchet wrenches with quick release for 45 teeth 15 and 26 cm, knob, 2 universal joints, extension cords, adapters, a screwdriver with a connecting square.

An excellent quality tool of a well-known brand, it is bought once and for a long time.

A set of tools SOROKIN in the lodgment 102 items

The tool kits of this brand, in my opinion, are unreasonably expensive — even though you can now throw off 3-5 thousand rubles with a promotional code.

The manufacturer assures that they are distinguished by a long service life and are manufactured using the most advanced technologies using innovative solutions. The lodgement, in turn, is made of durable, soft and resistant to aggressive media porous material (ethylene vinyl acetate), it is covered on top with hard plastic with a carbon texture. Thanks to the milled shape, each item is securely and delicately held in its compartment.

Heads have a SUPER LOCK shape (do not damage the edges of the bolts and allow you to unscrew the bolts even with stripped edges). The keys are made of high quality chrome vanadium steel with a matte chrome finish.

In addition to the set shown in the picture, the store also has other Sorokins at a discount.

Screwdriver set DEKO 8 items

I want to draw your attention to this set of screwdrivers — with a promotional code, its cost is now less than 300 rubles.

The screwdrivers themselves are very good, magnetic. The handle is plastic, but quite comfortable.
In the set: PH — 6×38, 6×100, 2.5, 3.0; SL — 6×38, 6×100, 2.5, 3.0.

Very inexpensive and necessary tool for domestic use

Set of ERMAK open-end spanners 8 items

Also from the category of inexpensive tools — for about 300 rubles with a promotional code.

The sizes of keys in the set are 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17 and 19 mm.

Production material — carbon steel 45, hardness — 42HRC.

Protective coating — yellow zinc.

The keys are placed in a plastic holder and are suitable for domestic use, for professional use — you can take it in the same store at a higher price.

Tool set DEKO 93 items with cordless screwdriver

In addition to a power tool (cordless screwdriver), the case contains: two screwdrivers, a bit holder, 4 precision screwdrivers, long nose pliers, a set of hex keys, bits, a tape measure, sockets, a construction knife, a hammer, an adjustable wrench, drills and fasteners.

This is a great choice for those who don’t feel like turning screws by hand (it costs less than 2 thousand rubles with a promo code).

Hammer Flex ratchet socket set

The most minimal set to service your car.

It includes a ratchet with an ergonomic handle and 10 heads of the most popular sizes on the holder — 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 mm. The set is designed to work with fasteners with a hexagonal profile shape.

Working heads are easily removed by pressing a button, made of hardened tool steel — withstand high loads and do not deform. The reverse mechanism reduces the load on the hands and speeds up the work.

I hope the selection was informative, both in terms of choosing the right tool, and saving.

You may also be interested in my past collections of discount tools with other kit options. You can read them Here And Here.

And under this article there is a link to my telegram channel, and if you want to keep abreast of sales on Aliexpress, drop by and join.

All the best and an easy start to the work week!

Promo codes for the Winter Liquidation sale (click to see):

Sale promotional codes start working at 11:00 on January 10 and end on the morning of January 15, however, the most popular ones may end in the first hours (however, they are usually added on the last day).

Some promo codes listed on the product pages refer to local sales and are active until the end of January (they periodically end and reappear).

Promo codes are entered in a special field during checkout and are applicable both to individual products and to the entire basket.

ZIMASALE20 — 20 from 200 rubles
ZIMASALE70 — 70 from 500 rubles
ZIMASALE100 — 100 from 800 rubles
ZIMASALE150 — 150 from 1000 rubles
alidaromall100jan — 100₽ from 1000₽
uberdealall100jan — 100₽ from 1000₽
ePNall100jan — 100₽ from 1000₽
Andersmith200alljan — 200 from 1200
alidarom200alljan — 200 from 1200
ZIMASALE300 — 300 from 2000 rubles
ZIMASALE550 — 550 from 5000 rubles
ZIMASALE700 — 700 from 7000 rubles
ZIMASALE1000 — 1000 from 11000 rubles
ZIMASALE1400 — 1400 from 15000 rubles
ZIMASALE1700 — 1700 from 20000 rubles
ZIMASALE2500 — 2500 from 30,000 rubles
ZIMASALE4000 — 4000 from 45000 rubles
ZIMASALE5300 — 5300 from 60,000 rubles
ZIMASALE6500 — 6500 from 70,000 rubles
ZIMASALE7500 — 7500 from 79990 rubles
New promo codes for all goods in Russia/CIS:

Andersmith200alljan — 200 from 1200
alidarom200alljan — 200 from 1200
For new users:

WinterSALEjan – 250 off 500 discount for Russia/CIS
PhTCEuS6 — 250 from 500 rubles for Russia / CIS
PGJY7UlD — 300 from 600 rubles for Russia / CIS

I invite you to look at my telegram channel (link below), where, as they become available, I publish more profitable promotional codes, as well as products with big discounts.


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