I believe that in the past November sales, many managed to buy the necessary tools for repair and everyday life. Now it’s time to think about storing and transporting them, and strong bags and boxes will help us with this. Well, the final sale of the year “It pleases”, which will be held on Aliexpress from December 27 (from 11:00) to December 31 (until 10:59), will help save finances. Information about it, as well as promotional codes for any products can be found at the end of the collection.

Multifunctional tool bags

Let’s start the selection, perhaps, with the most popular bags on Aliexpress.

At the link you will find 9 models of different sizes, all of them are made of dense water-repellent Oxford fabric, and (except the first one) are equipped with a shoulder strap, a plastic organizer for storing fasteners, they have both external and many internal pockets.

Here everyone can choose a solution that is right for him.

The last three bags are reinforced with a thick plastic bottom.

We take a discount coupon under the price, and look at the promotional code at the end of the selection.

Bags for WORKPRO tools

Alternatively, you can choose a bag of this brand.

Production material — Oxford cloth, there are 4 models of different sizes — 12, 14.16 and 18 inches.

The 3 option bag has a durable plastic bottom.

The bag comes with a shoulder strap.

DEKO tool bags

This is a more budget model, there is a promo code for a discount on the product page.

Bag size XL — 41x24x25cm, quite roomy, made of durable canvas.

On the bottom there are plastic stripes — «legs», a shoulder strap is attached.

In the store at the link you can find options for other sizes, including those with a hard bottom.

Tool box DEKO

Great for small hand tools and accessories.

The container has dimensions 39.8x20x42 and includes 5 drawers with 5 cells each.

On top are two more containers for small items.

The promo code is on the product page.

In the same store there are other options for organizer boxes.

Bucket tool organizer bag

Here is an interesting version released by WORKPRO.

Indeed, after all, there is an iron bucket in almost every household, and it can be easily adapted for transporting a tool by equipping it with a similar bag.

There are two options for such products — with 39 and 51 pockets, their total size is 53×47 cm.

Production material — waterproof dense polyester.

Plastic Tool Storage Box

This is a fairly roomy box, its dimensions are 58.5x31x27 cm.

A horizontal plastic insert divides it into two compartments: 55×23.3×20.3 cm — large inner and 53x21x3.5 cm — small inner.

The box itself is plastic, the latches are made of metal.

The promo code is on the product page.

Metal tool storage box

This is a strong, spacious box, its size is 41x21x20cm, and it is made entirely of metal and protected from corrosion by impact-resistant enamel.

The box has five sliding sections for storing tools and fasteners.

Product weight — 2.67 kg.

Tool bag for belt LAOA

You can purchase 4 models at the link, both as a set with a belt, and separately

A tight waist belt allows you to attach several bags of this manufacturer to it at once, which usually turns out to be a very convenient solution.

All bags are of good quality, the belt is strong, but at the same time it does not dig in and does not press, it is adjustable according to the waist.

Folding tool bag in the trunk of a car

The size of the bag is 58×36 cm, inside there are 22 compartments and one additional pocket.

Production material — Oxford cloth.

The bag is equipped with a strong handle and two straps for fixing after folding.

Great case, especially for wrenches in the trunk of a car.

Tool backpack

Its dimensions are 50x24x37 cm.

The backpack has a rubberized and stitched hard high bottom that allows you to put the bag on a wet or muddy floor and a removable interior with 40 pockets. This tab, for example, can be hung somewhere and used directly in the work.

The back of the bag is soft, mesh, and the straps and outer pockets are like a city backpack, which allows you to store gadgets, a wallet, documents there, and a bottle of water or a thermos in the mesh on the side.

Inside there are many pockets and holders, so not only will the entire tool fit in the backpack, but it will also be conveniently distributed and secured.

I hope the selection was interesting and useful, and you were able to choose the right option for storing and transporting tools.

And just below there is a link to my telegram channel, and if you want to always be aware of sales from Aliexpress, then drop by and join!

Promo codes for the sale «It pleases!» (click to see):

Promo codes are entered in a special field during checkout, their number is limited! Therefore, it is advisable to order in the first minutes of the sale.
In addition to the already announced promotional codes, additional ones constantly appear, they usually give a larger discount percentage, but end quickly. You can quickly track them on my Telegram channel (link below).

And one more thing: almost every day in the Aliexpress mobile application you can get an individual discount coupon (for example, 1100 from 6000 rubles), to do this, follow any link above to the application and look at your profile. If not, then catch them in time on my telegram channel.

Promo codes for all Ali and Tmall products for Russia/CIS (work from 27:12 11:00 Moscow time):

RADUET50 — 50 from 500
100PODAROK — 100 from 500
RADUET200 — 200 from 1000
400PODAROK — 400 from 2000
RADUET100 -100 from 800
RADUET500 — 500 from 5000
RADUET1000 — 1000 from 10000
RADUET1500 — 1500 from 15000
RADUET2500 — 2500 from 25000
RADUET6700 — 6700 from 70000

For EU:

TECHAEES470 — $8 from $70
AETECH21411 — $10 off $100

For Ukraine:

AA405 — $5/40
TECHAEES470 — $8/70
AA8010 — $10/80
AETECH21411 — $10/100

Also, at the time of publication of the collection, the following promotional codes work:

Magnit100all — 100/1000 r.
20MAXI22 — 150/1000 r.
MAXI22 — 200/1500 r.
PES2021 — 200₽ from 1500₽
Magnit200 — 200/2000 p.


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