The selection contains 10 interesting options for wall clocks with an unusual design, which are perfect for decorating the interior of a living room, bedroom, nursery and any other room in the house. All the models below, in my opinion, have a good value for money, as well as a fresh design. So let’s get started with the collection.

1. Wall clock with hygrometer and thermometer

A modern round quartz wall clock with a sleek design and quiet running. The dial diameter is 32.3 cm. The case is made of durable plastic, on the back there is a special hook for fastening. There are two body colors available: white and black. It is worth noting that the watch not only shows the time, but also combines the functions of a thermometer and a humidity level meter (hygrometer). The settings are simple. You can take.

2. Wall clock «Altimeter»

Stylish round wall clock, which in appearance is practically no different from an altimeter — a special navigation device for measuring height. Look impressive. The dial diameter is 25 cm. Plus, they have a bright LED backlight with several modes that are configured using the remote control. The clock is powered both by a power adapter via a USB cable and by an AA battery.

3. Backlit wall clock

Beautiful wall clock with a round dial with a diameter of 30 cm. The body is made of ABS plastic. The mechanism works exactly. Time is counted by 3 arrows, during operation they do not create noise. The dial has a colorful backlight, which turns on by clapping your hands. Therefore, the clock can be used as a night light. Suitable for bedroom, living room, study and any other room. Powered by AA batteries.

4. Illuminated wooden wall clock

An interesting version of the round wall clock will perfectly complement the beautiful design of the interior of any room. Made from a material that imitates a wooden surface. Good quality. The main feature of the watch is that they emit a soft, pleasant light when it is completely dark around. This helps to easily navigate the time in the dark. They work quietly. Powered by one battery.

5. Wall clock with an astronaut

Modern quartz silent clock with an attractive design that will help to refresh the interior and add zest to it. Equipped with nice lighting. The dial is round, made of acrylic material, no fading and no smell. Time is told by three hands. The design includes metal elements. The watch is powered by a single battery. The model is original, you can take.

6. Wall clock with wooden balls

An interesting version of the wall clock with wooden balls in harmonious colors. They look spectacular, definitely will not be left without the attention of guests. The diameter of the product is 32 cm, in the back there is a battery compartment and a wheel for setting the time. Weight is 720 grams. The seller offers several interesting colors for every taste. The clock works quietly, so it will not interfere with your rest. Powered by one AA battery, not included.

7. Wall clock with spoons and forks

Minimalistic, but at the same time very stylish wall clock made of durable stainless steel. The clock will not only decorate your home, but also emphasize your delicate taste and attention to detail. Case dimensions: 32 x 32 x 3.5 cm. Diameter of the dial is 12 cm. The clock is quite light (320 grams), so the wall mount will not loosen over time. They work quietly and have high accuracy. Several model options are available. Powered by one battery.

8. Large wall clock

Large wall clock, which is perfect for large rooms. The clock is a clock mechanism with hands and numbers, easily attached to the wall. Good quality acrylic numbers, metal hands. The watch is beautiful, equipped with a silent mechanism, so it will definitely not interfere with your rest. The seller offers several model options to choose from. Fast delivery.

9. Steel wall clock

Another great watch with a beautiful design. Thanks to their simple and noble form, they will perfectly fit into the interior of any home. The structure is made of black steel with high-precision laser cutting. The diameter of the product is 80 cm, the thickness is 2.2 cm. The watch hands are long, which allows them to reach the dial. In addition, the watch has a silent running and high accuracy. Powered by one AA battery which is not included.

10. Wall clock with stones

Beautiful wall clock with stones, which will become an unusual decoration of any room. Made from metal. Size: 33 x 33 cm, weight is 600 grams. All numbers on the dial are well read even at a great distance, even a cursory glance will be enough to determine the time. The clock is equipped with a quiet running quartz movement, which allows you to place it in any room. The seller packs the product well, so the watch arrives safe and sound. Powered by one AA battery.

I hope the selection was interesting, and you have found a suitable option for wall clocks for or your loved ones. That’s all. All successful shopping.


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