Despite the development of wireless technologies, wires and cables have entangled the world in a tight ball. Kilometers of copper conductors wind around us, get underfoot, get in the way at the workplace or under the table. Until a mass means of transmitting energy without a wire appears, we will be forced to put up with this uniform disgrace. But seriously, I propose to look at the options and ways to organize them available to everyone. This compilation contains popular and inexpensive things that will help organize the wires and bring the universe a little closer to a state of harmony.

Nylon ties

Perhaps the easiest and most inexpensive way to secure wires (which rivals even blue duct tape in popularity) is to use nylon ties. They flex perfectly and securely hold folded or twisted cables indefinitely. The disadvantages of this method include the fact that the ties are disposable and become brittle in severe frost (although there are also frost-resistant options). It is better to buy screeds immediately in a set and of different lengths, because. a necessary thing in the household. The product page sells a set of 300 pieces in different lengths, white or black.

Colored ties

For those who love bright colors in everything, they produce screeds of different colors. On the product page, you can purchase clamps in nine different shades, or you can take a complete set that will include all available colors. In a monophonic set there are 100 pieces, width 3mm, length 100mm.

Reusable ties

As I mentioned above, the disadvantage of conventional ties is their disposability. However, there is a variant of reusable collars that can be used repeatedly. The fixing head is equipped with a special lever, by pressing which you can unlock the fastening mechanism and reuse the tie. 6 different colors, width 4.8mm, length 200mm.

Clamp with mounting platform

When it is required to fix the cable on the wall, a tie-down equipped with a special mounting platform is a convenient option. On the reverse side of the platform there is a double-sided adhesive tape for gluing it in a convenient place. Additionally, the clamp can be fixed with a self-tapping screw for which a special hole is provided. The tie is reusable. In a set of 10 pieces.

Soft Velcro straps

An excellent option for fixing charging cables, headphone wires, etc., are soft clamps that work on the principle of the well-known Velcro. They wrap around the cable, the tail is threaded through a special hole. Size of each collar: 12×150mm. Pack of 50 or 100 pieces, 5 different colors.

Velcro long tape

If you do not want to limit yourself to a fixed length of a soft clamp, you can purchase a long Velcro tape and cut off the desired piece from it for a particular bundle of cables that you want to fix. Ribbon width 15mm, length 0.5/1/3/5 meters, several colors of ribbon to choose from.

Cable clamps

Cool little clamps with which you can fix the cable along its entire length in any place. The latches are attached to double-sided tape, which is already pasted on their flat part. Flexible clamp clamps allow you to lay both thin and fairly thick wire. Good for attaching a Christmas garland. Colors: white, black, transparent. Pack of 5 or 20 pieces.

Flexible Cable Protector

An interesting thing for organizing and protecting the wires around the computer, which are usually quite a lot next to it. Multiple cables can be placed in the flexible organizer at once. In addition to looking neat, the cables are also protected. Braid length 1m, five different diameters and six colors to choose from. You can put it on by hand, or you can use a special device, which is also available on the product page.

Magnetic Cable Organizer for Workplace

Convenient clamp for organizing wires in the workplace. The main platform of the organizer is glued to double-sided tape, for example, on the end of the table. The kit comes with three magnetic elements that are put on cables (for charging, headphones or computer peripherals). Cables are always at hand and at the same time do not interfere.

Mouse wire holder

An accessory that will be of interest, first of all, to fans of computer games. Players know that sudden mouse movements, over time, affect the state of the wire, besides, it can easily catch on, for example, the keyboard leg. In addition, from constant movements, the fabric sheath of the wire is damaged and the threads begin to stick out in different directions. To protect the mouse cable, you can install a similar holder that will keep it from contact with the table and, at the same time, thanks to the spring holder, does not interfere with working with the mouse.

I hope that the methods of fixing wires with ties, clamps and clamps collected in the selection were interesting and useful for you 🙂 You can find other popular collections of products and reviews on interesting things a little lower in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention. Happy and profitable shopping!


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