In home realities, to preserve the freshness and quality of products, it is simply necessary to use a vacuum cleaner. It is designed for packing products or any other items in special plastic bags, followed by air evacuation and hermetic sealing using a heating element. All this allows you to quickly preserve fresh products for a long time while maintaining all the useful properties and flavors. Most devices only support the use of special grooved packages, so this is worth reading when choosing.

Tinton life

One of the budget, but proven options for a household vacuum cleaner. In addition to the device itself, you can find 15 additional medium-sized bags for trial packs in the kit. For home use, I immediately suggest stocking up on rolls of film. The vacuum cleaner is quite reliable, since I myself have been using it for more than 3 years.


  • rated voltage: 220V
  • rated power: 100W
  • White color
  • weight: 0.75 kg
  • tape width: 28 cm
  • noise:


Another budget option, but less common model. The seller includes only 10 packages in the delivery package, but they are enough to understand the significance of this device. The power is up to 100 W, so the vacuum cleaner works quite quickly, the main thing is to lay everything correctly.


  • body material: plastic
  • vacuum: 60 kPa
  • rated power: 100W
  • mains frequency and power supply: 220/110V 50Hz
  • case size 36×6.5x 8 cm

Kitfort KT-1509

A more advanced version of the automatic vacuum cleaner. Contains 2 operating modes and an automatic film cutter. During operation, the vacuum cleaner removes air from the food bag and automatically seals it, while detecting the presence of liquid and, if present, works in a wet mode.


  • maximum bag width up to 29 cm
  • pumping speed up to 6 liters per minute
  • power 130 W
  • vacuum created 0.7 bar
  • dimensions 365*120*55 mm

Tinton Life Z30

A more advanced version of its first vacuum cleaner model from Tinton life. A more attractive and robust body, easy air bleeding and clear indication. There is also an LED indication confirming vacuuming or sealing. In addition, you can simply seal the bags without pumping out the air. 10 packs included.


  • weight 570 g
  • power 80 W
  • vacuum 60kPa
  • film width up to 29 cm
  • sealing width up to 1.5 mm

Geryon E2900-silver

Rich equipment and 4 modes of operation will allow you to fully enjoy the convenience of the vacuum cleaner. With it, it will be possible not only to pack bags, but also to pump out air from various external cans, bottles and bags. The package includes an additional 5 bags and a whole roll for your own selection of lengths.


  • rated voltage: 110-120V
  • rated frequency: 50~60Hz
  • rated power: 110W
  • sealing time: 6~10 seconds
  • operating speed: 12 l/min
  • vacuum power: -0.8 bar
  • dimensions: 14.4 x 5.5 x 2.56 inches
  • net weight: 1.2kg

Magic seal MS175

A complete professional vacuum sealer with 10 bags included. Vacuumer supports film up to 30 cm wide, and the seal line can be up to 8 mm, which completely eliminates accidental desoldering or damage. A knife for even cutting of the package is already built into the body. When connecting an external container, you can seal bags with liquids by removing excess.


  • power supply: 220V AC ~ 50Hz
  • power: 170W
  • package width: ≤ 30 cm
  • sealing line width: 8mm
  • net weight: 2.25kg
  • engine pressure: 60 cm / Hg — 0.8 bar ± 3%
  • size: 42 (L) * 18 (W) * 13 (H) cm
  • vacuum time: 1~60 seconds optional
  • sealing time: 1~15 seconds

Keloncy VS-8808

«girls» version of the vacuum cleaner. It looks very impressive in pink and will be a great gift for a housewife. Unusual design and ease of use will bring comfort in the kitchen.


  • bag width up to 30 cm
  • sealing line width up to 3 mm
  • air pumping time up to 12 sec
  • dimensions 14.9*3.5*5.5 inch
  • suction up to 60 kPa


One of the few vacuum cleaners for sane money, which is capable of sealing bags with aluminum coating. Includes 10 film bags. All indications are displayed on the top cover. And on the bottom, the power cord is conveniently wound.


  • vacuum: 0045 MPa
  • maximum film width: 280 mm
  • air pumping time: up to 9 seconds
  • power supply: 220V/110V
  • sealing width after sealing: 4 mm
  • vacuum cleaner weight: 3.0 KG

Zigmund and Shtain Kuchen-Profi VS-501

Convenient and practical vacuum cleaner, and most importantly powerful. The speed and performance is much higher than similar ones, while being almost silent. The kit does not include packages, as is found in many, but a roll 3 meters long and 28 cm wide, so everyone can decide what to pack.


  • Power 110 W.
  • Pressure: 2 levels, max. 80 kPa.
  • Suction rate 12 l/min.
  • Vacuum time 10..30 sec.
  • Sealing time 6..10 sec.
  • Max. width of vacuum bags 30 cm.
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 38 x14 x7.5 cm

Vacuum bags

Convenient and practical vacuum bags that fit most vacuum cleaners. The set includes 5 rolls of 5 meters of various widths. Usually I buy these during the sale and I have enough of them for a whole year. The main consumption comes before winter, when we pack various vegetables, berries and fruits for the long winter.


  • corrugated bags
  • roll sizes: 12*500, 15*500, 20*500, 28*500, 25*500 cm

I hope my selection will help you better choose the right vacuum cleaner for your household and keep fresh food for a longer period.

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