Today’s post is dedicated to active computer acoustics. It has firmly entered our lives, without it it is not possible to play audio content from the Internet on a PC. Games, music and movies, and everywhere you want high-quality sound. A stylish appearance, ease of operation and the presence of backlighting are also desirable. Let’s see what interesting things are sold on Aliexpress up to $150.

Consider several popular options for computer acoustics on the AliExpress platform from sellers with a large number of orders.

Genius sp-hf180

Opens a selection of the simplest and cheapest option from the Genius brand. For unpretentious listeners, but who know for sure that a PC should have speakers. It should be noted that despite the minimum price, the acoustics look strict. The classic initial option to voice system sounds and background music.

The sp-hf180 model is powered by usb, develops a maximum power of 3W. Inside there is one 2.5″ speaker in acoustic design with a phase inverter.

Fast delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation, a choice of two colors for the finish of the case, black and wood.

BlitzWolf BW-GT1

Next, an option that already looks bright and dynamic. The BlitzWolf BW-GT1 speaker system is also powered by a USB port, has a power of 3 watts per channel, but there is a customizable RGB backlight. Don’t forget about the 3.5mm headphone jack.

It is convenient to adjust the volume on the acoustics body itself. The backlight control is touch sensitive.

The speaker housing is made of plastic, dimensions: 180x102x82 mm. Single speaker size: 63mm. Cable length: 1.2 m.


Compact computer speakers, but with great features from the famous «sound» brand EDIFIER. The G2000 boasts the following:

  • 2.75″ powerful speakers
  • Peak output power 32W
  • Bluetooth and sound card mode
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Equalizer with 3 presets

There are different color schemes, including pink cases. This is an official store, there is a delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation.


A variant with a catchy design (sloping cases with transparent inserts) and bright RGB backlighting is the SOAIY SH20. They are on the title photo of the topic.

This model is distinguished by a two-way design, there are two speakers 5 and 10 watts. Case height 13 cm. Power supply from the complete network unit 12 V.

Audio outputs are widely presented: USB, TF card, AUX, PC mode, Bluetooth.

There are real reviews, in real life the acoustics look just as nice.

Sven sps-635

Another two-lane option from SVEN. Model SPS-635 is made of MDF and has a power of 20 watts per channel. Silk dome tweeters and bass reflex acoustic design.

Stylish appearance, black cabinets, glossy front panel and mid/bass speaker without dust cap. Look SPS-635 expensive and concise.

Of the features, I note the tone control for treble and bass, and the presence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Delivery from this lot from the Russian Federation.


It’s the turn of more serious acoustics, for those who appreciate high-quality sound. Two-way active acoustics from ELEOPTION with a total power of 80 watts. woofer/midrange driver 115 mm. Acoustic design — phase inverter.

Case made of MDF with dimensions: 175x248x155 mm. There is a convenient remote control and an optical input, you can connect not only to a PC, but also to a TV. There is a USB port for music media. The sound can be adjusted with the tone block.

There are positive customer reviews from the Russian Federation.

Edifier R1700BTs

The selection is completed by the quality-guaranteed version from Edifier. Classic computer speaker systems. 2-way, tilted front panel optimized for tabletop sound. Power 66W RMS. Speaker dimensions: 19 mm HF + 116 mm LF. MDF case dimensions: 154x254x214 mm.

The R1700BTs model has two line inputs and Bluetooth v5.0 with aptX support, an active subwoofer output. Ease of control adds a remote control and a tone block.

Delivery of this lot from the Russian Federation.

I hope that the selection of active acoustics for PC was useful and you will choose an option for your taste and budget.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to apply AliExpress coupons and discounts.


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