Today’s is dedicated to digital multimeters. This functional device is an indispensable assistant at home and for hobbies and in the car. Using a multimeter, you can measure voltage, resistance, current, ring an electrical circuit, determine the phase, and many other necessary operations.

Consider several popular options for multimeters on the AliExpress platform from sellers with a large number of orders. Price range: up to $30.


Opens the selection of the simplest and most budgetary version of the automatic multimeter from BSIDE. The updated ADMS7 model has a 3.5″ LCD contrast screen, and the case is very small, it does not take up much space in a tool bag.

Able to measure: voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and diodes. There is even a flashlight and a hidden wire detector. The only negative is the non-removable probes.

There is a fast delivery from a warehouse in Russia.


Another option from BSIDE. He’s in the title photo of the thread. This is a more practical and advanced model. An ideal candidate for the title of the first multimeter (if current measurements are not needed).

The S11 has detachable probes, powered by a built-in 800 mAh battery and charging from a Type C port.

The automatic mode and the color screen give comfort in use of the device.

Official store, there is a fast delivery from the Russian Federation.


The GVDA GD118B is a solid compact digital multimeter with current measurement. There is a convenient automatic mode, 6000 counts and everything on a large contrast screen with a ring scale for easier perception.

In addition to measuring voltage and current, there is a measurement of capacitance, frequency, resistance, diodes. Fast dialing, determination of wiring and phase. And yes, a flashlight!

Supplied with a silicone protective case and a fabric storage case, the device is powered by a pair of 2032 batteries.


If you want a large and high-contrast screen, the ANENG 620A option is for you. Models are also interesting in automatic mode, True RMS and temperature measurement. Powered by a pair of AAA batteries. The mass of the device is only 180 g.

Screen with a diagonal of 4.77″ with backlight, on the entire front face of the case.

Useful features are not forgotten: a wiring detector, phase detection, reading hold and a flashlight.

This model is slightly updated, in red. Protective silicone case and thermocouple included.


A very popular multimeter model among buyers. There is a classic desktop performance, 9999 counts, reliable buttons instead of a rotary mode switch. Powered by a pair of AA batteries.

The model has a bright and contrasting EBTN backlit screen.

From pleasant: fast continuity, NCV non-contact voltage detection, HOLD / REL and a fairly accurate thermocouple.

In this lot there are different options for completing the device, see if you need accessories.


I can not miss the model that I use myself. Two years, in use almost every day. Works properly. Model DM100C (also updated, by the way) has 9999 counts, True RMS, a good display with a barograph, a case and a flashlight. The multimeter is powered by a pair of AA batteries (enough for a long time).

The probes are in flexible insulation, the cross section is sufficient. For domestic use, a good and accurate device.

For this lot there is a fast courier delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation.

Holdpeak Hp-890cn

Completes the selection, probably the most powerful budget multimeter. The model is not new, but if you need exactly accuracy (built on ASIC DTM0660), then this is the right choice. Plus, there is a lot of information on the network on this model, there are all the improvements and problem solving.

The case is large enough for desktop work, dimensions 19×8.5×3.5 cm, there is a stand and a magnetic mount.

Powered by a pair of AA batteries, high-quality probes in flexible silicone insulation and a thermocouple for temperature measurement are included.

I hope that the selection of available digital multimeters was useful and you will choose an option for your taste and budget.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to apply AliExpress coupons and discounts.


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