The construction stapler is gradually gaining more and more popularity in home use. This simple device has become an indispensable tool for any owner, both in the city and in the country. Update furniture with re-covering, fix loosened furniture, assemble small wooden structures, nail trim, carpet, linoleum, fix pictures, sheathe any surfaces with siding or decorative panels, install roofing materials, insulation, install a film greenhouse, fix cables … yes, much more can be done to do without calling the wizard.

Pneumatic stapler DEKO DKET02


This electric stapler DEKO 02 is quite a productive option. It connects to the household network, which means it will always be ready for work. A good manufacturer, ergonomic case, 28 cm high, weighing just over 2 kg, however, users write that it is quite light and easy to use, equipped with a long 2-meter cable, voltage 220-240V / 50Hz, rated current 5A, power regulator .

Electric stapler DEKO model DKET01


But the model is simpler than the previous one, but also of high quality: strong but lightweight body, weighing 1.4 kg, productive, 20 staples per minute, suitable for working with plywood, leather, cardboard, PVC board, plastic, voltage 220-240V, frequency 50 Hz, 5A, optimal cable length 2 meters and adjustable power.

Heavy duty construction stapler WORKPRO


Heavy duty construction gun WORKPRO for home use. Sold as a set with 800 staples. This is a mechanical construction stapler, with 2 impact power modes, depending on the selected mode, it perfectly stitches both hard and soft materials. Express delivery is available, but it is more profitable to order directly from China.

Branded mechanical stapler ValueMax


The ValueMax branded tool is a mechanical stapler for working with wood, leather, thick cardboard, fixing wires and other finishing materials. Made of impact-resistant plastic with metal elements, compact but weighty, the length of the product is 16 cm, it is easily refilled with staples, the impact force is adjustable.

BOSCH multipurpose portable stapler


BOSCH multipurpose portable stapler with 3.6V lithium battery. Charging cable with adapter included. High-quality performance, weight no more than 800 grams, good ergonomic handle with soft touch coating and battery charge indicator. Recharges up to a full 3 hours. Suitable for working with fabric, wood, leather, plastic, thick cardboard.

Construction stapler WISEUP


Construction stapler from the official WISEUP tool store. The stapler is designed for upholstery, carpentry, home decor. The tool is made of high quality stainless steel, easy to use and works with three types of staples.
D-type staples: 4-14mm (5/32″-9/16″)
U-brackets: 10-12mm (3/8″-1/2″)
T-type staples: 10-14mm (3/8″-9/16″)
Brackets are included in the delivery

Multifunctional electric stapler PROSTORMER


Among the large assortment of electric tools from this manufacturer, there is always an electric construction stapler. PROSTORMER model PTET1054 is massive, comfortable, powerful, easy to use, with adjustable impact power with fast delivery from a warehouse in Russia. If you have such a tool at hand, you can easily decorate a house, repair old things and furniture.

Branded construction stapler SAFESAVE with removable battery


Branded tool with wireless operation and a removable battery with a capacity of 3000mA. Construction stapler SAFESAVE of large dimensions, weighing about 2 kg, with a capacious battery, is designed to work on wood, fabric, cardboard, carpet and other hard and soft materials. The case is made of durable plastic, there are stainless steel elements, the impact force can be adjusted and blocked from accidental pressing.

FUJIWARA Signature Illuminated Repair Gun


FUJIWARA portable staple gun. The electric stapler is equipped with a removable rechargeable battery, capacity 1500mAh, charging time 1.5-2 hours, operating time up to 1 hour, with illumination of the working area, designed for refilling various types of staples, capacious, overall, powerful.

Electric stapler ZUBR 2000 W


Judging by customer reviews, the thing is worth it, it comes with a marked guarantee. This is an electric stapler ZUBR with a power of 2000 W 20 beats / min. A simple and handy tool for a variety of jobs: fastening parts, fixing materials, fixing hanging elements and much more. Provides smooth adjustment of the impact force, protection against «dry» operation, magazine capacity (staples): 50 pcs, magazine capacity (nails): 50 pcs., Weight 1.5 kg, cable length 2.5 m. Warranty: 60 months.

The advantages of a stapler as a hand-held home tool are indisputable compared to the actions of other means and methods of fastening or connecting materials and parts. Having any stapler, be it a mechanical or electrical device, the user definitely saves his time and can do some repairs even in hard-to-reach places on his own, without the professional help of a specialist.


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