Today’s is dedicated to desktop DACs (DAC), which in addition to the line output for the amplifier, have a headphone output. This gives a certain versatility, and allows you to listen to music in headphones with good quality, while not bothering anyone. Such DACs are usually made in compact aluminum cases and will not take up much space on the table next to a PC or laptop.

Consider several popular DAC options with headphone output on the AliExpress platform from sellers with a large number of orders.

FX Audio M1

Opens a selection of DACs from FX AUDIO. Model M1 is a milestone in the production of this company, here is an updated interesting design with different colors, high-quality filling and ideal technical parameters for measurements (noise — 120 dB). It is also shown in the title photo of the topic.

The DAC in M1 uses ESS9038Q2M, XMOS XU208 USB chip and OPA1612+49720 output.

The headphone amplifier is built on the TPA6120A2 chip and has a power of 500 mW into a load of 32 ohms.

I did a detailed review of the M1, where you can get acquainted with the device in more detail.

FiiO K3

«Pocket» in size model, but with great features. FiiO K3 has support for high-resolution audio files, regular and balanced (2.5 mm TRRS) headphone outputs, as well as line and digital outputs. The XMOX XUF208 is responsible for communication with the PC.

Headphone output power: 120 mW into 32 ohm load. The amplifier is built on op amps 2 x OPA926 and SGM8264-2.

There are two versions in the lot: the previous one on the AK4452 DAC and the updated version on the ES9038Q2M chip. I did a detailed review on the updated one.


A relatively affordable and very versatile input option from AIYIMA. Inputs: optical, coaxial and USB to PC. The A5 Pro model is equipped with an ESS9018K2M DAC and a TPA6120 + LM49420 headphone amplifier with 400mW power into 32 ohm load.

The model is remarkable at once with two types of headphone jacks 3.5 and 6.35 mm.

Powered by a complete 12 V power supply.

In this lot, delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation.


Another affordable option, but if you need a digital input from a PC. The SD-793 II has an optical and coaxial digital input. DAC on PCM1793 chip. Analog output for amplifier or headphones.

The headphone amplifier on the MAX97022A chip delivers 84 mW into a 32 ohm load.

The case dimensions are extremely compact: 108x77x32 mm.

There are two front panel colors to choose from: silver or black.


DAC version from KGUSS with high-quality Bluetooth on the QCC3008 chip with support for the APTX codec and an external antenna.

BH1 DAC on PCM5102A chip (dynamic range 112 dB), headphone amplifier power 160 mW into 32 ohm load.

Case dimensions: 105x98x30 mm.

The device works from 5 V. In this lot, fast delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation.


A more sophisticated version with a Bluetooth wireless module with APTX-HD support. BORIZSONIC SU8 is based on the AK4493EQ DAC chip. The XMOS XU208 chip is used to connect to a PC. There is support for the DSD256 format.

Powerful headphone amplifier delivers 700 mW into 32 ohm loads.

Beautiful aluminum body with OLED display on the front. Powered by a complete 12 V power supply.

Sabaj D4

DAC variant with nice design from Sabaj. Built on a bundle: AK4452 + XCORE200. Don’t forget about the Bluetooth chip with ApTX support.

The headphone amplifier delivers 124 mW into 32 ohm loads.

The device is powered by a shielded toroidal mains transformer. Seriously!

The remote control and a small screen on the front panel adds to the convenience of control.

This lot has fast delivery from Russia.

FX Audio D01

Another option from FX-Audio. D01 is built on a bundle: XMOSXU208 + ES9038Q2M + LME49720NA. As, by the way, and M1 which is No. 1 in the selection, but cheaper, since there are no some interesting «goodies».

The headphone amplifier (TPA6120A2DWPR chip) outputs 400 mW into 32 ohms.

The model features uncolored sound and a good chip for wireless communication with a smartphone (CSR8675).

For this lot there is a fast delivery across the Russian Federation. Choice of black or silver panel. Review.


Desktop HiRes DAC with cool design. LOXJIE D30 is based on ESS ES9068A chip and USB XMOS XU208. Support for MQA and DSD512. Really high quality sound.

The headphone amplifier produces: 110 mW into 32 ohms, built on the OPA1612 op amp.

Luxurious aluminum body, color screen and convenient remote control.

There is even delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation.


Rounding out the selection is a headphone DAC amplifier that supports PCM 768kHz/32bit, DSD512 and MQA. A serious and functional option for high quality audio with ES9038PRO DAC and USB XMOS XU216.

6.35mm TRS headphone jack, OPA1612 amplifier delivers 570mW into 32 ohm loads.

Amplifier output balanced on XLR connectors, 2.2″ color screen, and remote control.

There are three aluminum body colors to choose from, including bright red.

I hope that the selection of desktop DACs with headphone output was useful and you will choose the option that suits your taste and budget.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to apply AliExpress coupons and discounts.


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