Modern USB flash drives are still very far from full-fledged SSD drives in terms of read / write speed. The same can be said about the durability of flash drives: they are not designed to constantly write / overwrite large files. However, there are now many SSD models on the market with a built-in USB connector. Some of these models are close in size to flash drives from ~7 years ago, so the compromises in terms of portability are minimal.

Stmagic SPT31

This SSD is offered in 64 GB variants — 1 TB of memory. The case is metal, for a small additional fee the seller will engrave it according to your sketch. The USB connector is retractable. Versions of 128 GB and above have a linear write speed of ~ 420 MB / s and a read of 450 MB / s.

Thus, speed indicators are close to conventional SSDs in the 2.5″ form factor, only the dimensions here are much more modest: 71 x 24 x 9 mm and weighs 40 g.

Imido Win To Go

An even more compact drive in a brushed aluminum alloy case. Dimensions: 64 x 16 mm, memory capacity also from 64 GB to 1 TB. The price for the same volume is significantly higher than the previous drive: it seems that this is a fee for compactness.

Speed ​​characteristics are slightly lower: ~350 MB/s for writing and 450 MB/s for reading.

eVtran V03SV

SSDs with MLC memory cells are not common nowadays, and even SLC — and even more so, the production of this type of memory is too expensive. However, among external SSDs from eVtran, you can find several such drives. The use of SLC memory means the largest possible resource, the number of allowable rewrite cycles is in the tens of thousands.

The downside is the relatively high price for small amounts of memory: only 16 and 32 GB versions are available. Read/write speed: 220/210 MB/s. Inside the case there is memory from Toshiba, manufactured according to the 32 nm process technology, as well as an Innostor IS903 controller.


The DM SSD is available in capacities ranging from 64GB to 512GB. Its weight is about 20 g, and its dimensions are 63 x 23 x 11.8 mm. The linear write speed for options from 128 GB and more is 310 MB / s, and read — 220 MB / s.

The drive is equipped with a convenient retractable mechanism for the USB plug. Operating temperatures — from 0 to +75˚C.

Kingchuxing Mobile SSD

The most dimensional «flash drive» in this collection, its dimensions are 80 x 30 x 8 mm. Due to such dimensions, it can block access to adjacent USB ports. A plus is the stylish and concise metal case.

As for speed indicators: up to 450 MB / s for reading and up to 440 MB / s for writing. The drive is offered in blue and black colors with capacities ranging from 64 GB to 1 TB.

Sonizoon XEZSSD3

The lightest drive in this collection: it weighs only 9.5 g. Dimensions — 63 x 20 x 8 mm. The body is predominantly metal with black plastic inserts.

The type of memory cells is MLC, so you can count on good durability even in the case of regular recording of heavy files. Memory capacity — from 32 GB to 512 GB.

Kunup Portable

This «flash drive» is in many ways similar to the previous copy: in versions up to 512 GB, MLC memory is also used here (in the 1 TB version — TLC), inside the same bufferless controller — Silicon Motion SM2246XT for 4 channels. However, the external dimensions are not so interesting here: 70 x 22 x 9 mm.

The linear read/write speed for the 256 GB version is 410/350 MB/s. For the 128 GB version — 320/240 MB / s, respectively.

That’s all. I hope I was able to help you choose a reliable, compact and fast external drive. You can find promotional codes for the current pre-Christmas sale on AliExpress on my channel in Y. Messenger, the link is below in the «About the author» section.


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