Smartwatches gradually conquer the minds and hearts of users, but overnight they bring disappointment to many. The thing is that with active use they need to be charged every few days, and the top models can only work from morning to evening. Of course, this is frustrating for many users, especially if the use of the device is limited to screen notifications and sports functions. In this case, it is better to pay attention to fitness bracelets, which can easily go without recharging for 2 weeks, and some models even more. At the same time, you will receive a companion device that helps you stay connected and facilitates interaction with your smartphone + a device that helps you achieve sports performance and a healthy lifestyle (pedometer, heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, etc.). In the selection I will show the most relevant and interesting models from well-known manufacturers.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 NFC

If we talk about the most current model from Xiaomi, then this is of course the Mi Band 6, and first of all the NFC version. For contactless payment to work, you need to order the global version. Many find it very convenient to have a «wallet» on hand. If you can forget your wallet or even your smartphone at home, then the bracelet is always on hand and is always ready to help pay for a purchase or service. Also, Mi Band 6 is suitable for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of their health. Here it is possible to measure the pulse and blood oxygen saturation, including during sleep. Athletes will be interested in the presence of 30 programs, as well as water resistance of 5 ATM, which allows you to use the bracelet in the pool. Mi Band 6 received the largest screen among all Mi Bands, its area has increased by 50% compared to the previous model. This is a bright AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 1.56″ and a resolution of 486×152 pixels. The battery lasts an average of 2 weeks of use.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

But of course, not everyone needs an NFC module. For example, I have it in my smartphone and it’s more convenient for me to pay at the checkout with a smartphone, and not twist my hand to the terminal. In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 NFC only works with Mastercard cards, and the smartphone with both Mastercard and Visa. Therefore, if NFC is not needed, but a bracelet is needed, then it is better to take the regular Xiaomi Mi Band 6. The regular version will be 20% cheaper and at the same time absolutely similar in its capabilities.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Last year’s version of Mi Band 5 will cost even less. The difference from the six is ​​the lack of a pulse oximeter and a smaller screen with a diagonal of 1.1″. But this bracelet looks much neater and, according to the owners, holds a charge longer. With active use, Mi Band 6 can be discharged in a week, while Mi Band 5 will last almost twice as long. Other functions are the same: heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, 11 sports modes, player control on a smartphone, etc.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC

And of course, the selection would not be complete without the Mi Band 4 NFC, which can still be found on sale. The reason for its survivability and popularity is simple: the minimum price and the availability of NFC for contactless payments. In principle, the four is no worse than the fifth version and can do the same. The screen is slightly smaller, here it is only 0.95 ″, but also in color and also AMOLED. But it works from one charge up to 3 weeks (2 weeks minimum). My family has been using the regular Mi Band 4 for 2.5 years already: my wife went with him for 1 year, after which the child wears it for 1.5 years. Bumps, falls, swimming in the seas and pools, going to the sauna and all this passed without any consequences for him. For 2.5 years, even the battery is not very tired, it keeps stable for 2 weeks. Very tenacious, actually not killed model! Who is interested in reading my old review, welcome.

Huawei Band 6

But this year, in my opinion, the best fitness bracelet was made by Huawei. The Huawei Band 6 model looks great and feels like a different kind of device, and in terms of functionality, everything here is very interesting. A large 1.47″ AMOLED screen with a resolution of 194 x 368 contains a lot of useful information and allows you to more conveniently interact with applications. At the same time, the battery can withstand about 2 weeks of use, which, given the size of the screen, is very good. A huge number of various dials will help to change the visual style. In times of a pandemic, it will not be superfluous to be able to monitor blood oxygen saturation around the clock, and there are 96 different modes for playing sports. You can also monitor your heart rate 24/7. And there is also sleep quality tracking, with phase and depth detection, stress level monitoring and, of course, assistant functions for viewing notifications, player control and the ability to take a picture remotely.

Honor Band 6

The Honor Band 6 is the twin brother of the Huawei Band 6 and is technically a similar band. However, there are some differences. The first difference concerns design. If Huawei has glossy plastic, then Honor has a more pleasant matte one. There are differences in the design of the button, the inscriptions on the case and the strap. There are also slight differences in the software component, for example, bracelets have different dials. At Honor, they are more classic and versatile. But Honor has fewer workouts, although of course all the main ones are present. Well, it costs a little less.

Amazfit Bip S

Amazfit models are already something between a fitness bracelet and a smart watch. In terms of functions, it seems like another bracelet, but already in the form factor of a watch and with some useful features. For example, Amazfit Bip S has GPS, which is useful if you are cycling or running. With the help of GPS, you will get your track of movement and more accurate data regarding the distance traveled, speed, etc. Amazfit Bip S is also interesting for its transflective color display, which is perfectly readable in the sun and does not require active backlighting. In fact, the screen always displays information and the brighter the ambient light, the better it is readable. The backlight can only be used for the dark time of the day. This allows you to save battery and Bip S can work without recharging up to 40 days!

Amazfit Bip S Lite

Well, if you don’t need GPS, then this is a reason to choose Amazfit Bip S Lite, which costs $10 less. Otherwise, no difference. The same 1.28″ 128×128 pixel transflective display, 5 ATM water resistance, BioTracker PPG Bio-tracking optical heart rate sensor, xis accelerometer, sleep tracking, notifications, music remote control, alarm clock, sedentary reminders, weather forecast and much more. Declared autonomy at the level of 30 days from a single charge.

Amazfit Neo

A very interesting device with a retro design. It looks like a Casio-style watch: a monochrome display that constantly displays the time on the screen. It can monitor the heart rate and display its value on the screen, count steps, and can also report missed events and notifications (but you can’t read them). From one charge Amazfit Neo works from 28 to 37 days. Of course, this is more of a fashion accessory, but still there are some inclinations of the mind here. By the way, the watch has a water resistance of 5 ATM and a very strong case.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

I want to finish the selection by talking about the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 fitness bracelet. It is equipped with a 1.1″ AMOLED color screen with a resolution of 126 × 294, has 5 ATM water and dust resistance and is generally very similar to the Mi Band 5. Except that it works with the Samsung Galaxy Fit and Samsung Health apps, which are familiar to owners of Samsung smartphones. These are convenient and functional applications that are a cut above Mi Fit or Zepp. By functions, we have 10 sports programs, stress level measurement, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitor (including 24/7), pedometer and application notifications. In terms of autonomy, they promise from 15 days in normal mode to 21 days in intensive mode.

If the functions of the bracelets are not enough for you, then I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the selection of smart watches from Xiaomi, Amazfit and Huawei. 10 interesting models from different price segments, but if you want top smart watches, then a selection of smart watches on the Android Wear operating system will help you.


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