For offline repair and restoration literally in the field, without mains power or in the absence of a full-fledged soldering station, portable soldering irons powered by rechargeable batteries or USB power supplies will help out. As batteries, you can use external batteries (power banks), 3S-4S hobby batteries from r / a models, batteries from power tools, etc.

Soldering iron TS100

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One of the most famous and popular is the TS100 soldering iron with an output power of up to 65 W and the presence of thermal stabilization. The built-in display allows you to smoothly adjust the tip temperature. For work, a whole range of replaceable original tips is provided, but it is possible to install conventional T12 tips through an adapter. Please note that you can use an adapter cable for 4S batteries or a USB trigger for PD / QC3.0 20V power banks for power. Connector for soldering iron — DC5525.

Soldering iron TS80

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A further development of the TS series soldering irons was the TS80 model. Unlike the TS100, the TS80 already has a built-in USB-C connector and a PD/QC3.0 trigger. The model is more loyal to the choice of power banks — DC9V 2A (18 W) and DC12V 2.5A (30 W) modes are used. Built-in OLED display provides comfortable setting and selection of operating mode. Thermal stabilization provided. For the TS80 soldering iron, original tips with a 3.5 mm connector (audio jack) are used.

Soldering iron SH72 Mini

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An inexpensive alternative to the TS100 and TS80 is the Chinese SH72 Mini USB soldering iron. It is a compact model without a display, but with temperature control (encoder on the case). Powered by power banks in DC9V 2A (18 W) and DC12V 2.5A (30 W) modes

Soldering iron DES68

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Model DES58 is a simple soldering iron for small jobs. The layout is slightly reminiscent of the TS100, but the sting has been redesigned — it is smaller and thinner. Powered by USB-C directly. The kit includes a stand and spare (replaceable) stings of various types. Supports QC2.0 and PD2.0 protocols and operates in 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A modes (30W maximum).

Vape soldering iron

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The industry does not stand still. and unclaimed box mods are actively converted into soldering irons. There are quite a lot of such options, since the case of box mods and batteries are produced in large quantities. In the minuses, I note the lack of thermal stabilization — the sting heats up while holding the button, by analogy with a vape.

Soldering iron TONFON 450C


An interesting option is available in the arsenal of Xiaomi Tonfon. This is the Tonfon 40C model with a stand and a comfortable ergonomic handle. The power of the soldering iron is 8 W, which allows you to perform small soldering jobs. Works from the built-in accumulator (1S 2000 mAh). Charged from USB. Power adjustment is not provided, but there is LED illumination of the working area.

Simple USB soldering iron

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This model is the simplest among the popular USB-powered soldering irons. The power is only 8W, and no adjustments or stabilization are provided. The sting can be changed, but for such a cost it is easier to replace the soldering iron of the pillars. Can be used as a base for a DIY project (upgrades with the installation of power regulation and stabilization on ATTiny).

Combine Multipro 4-in-1

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From soldering irons like Xiaomi Tonfon or others with a power of 8 W, all-in-one combo devices can be distinguished. For example, the Multipro device is a 3D pen, foam cutter, soldering iron and burner at the same time. Supplied in a case with instructions for use and a variety of nozzles. A handy thing, especially given the presence of power and temperature control.

Soldering iron Ryobi One+ R18SOI

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From more serious portable devices, I will highlight the Ryobi R18SOI cordless soldering iron and the Ryobi P3100 soldering station. Ryobi One+ 18V rechargeable batteries are used for operation. Tip type Hakko 900. The power of the Ryobi R18SOI model is 40 W, power adjustment and a stand combined with a battery mount are provided.

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