I think no one will argue that a person should receive from work not only the result, but also pleasure (or salary in extreme cases).

Going to the network store building goods, we will see a bunch of devices for woodworking. Unfortunately, out of 100 goods, you can find only one really high-quality one, or you can not find it at all. For example, there are no normal clamps in stores at all.

This selection contains relatively expensive products and accessories, but the quality of any of them is orders of magnitude higher than what you can buy in the nearest store.

Almost every product in this collection has a video review on its page, so if something is of interest, but something is not clear, look, everything is detailed there (in the Anglo-Saxon language).

See, choose. Good luck!

Aluminum clamp for clamping the workpiece to the workbench

If you are the owner of a workbench with rows of mounting holes, or are ready to make it from a tabletop trim, for example, then this device will allow you to fix the workpiece in just a couple of seconds. There is a detailed video review on the product page.

Clamping force up to 70kg. The workmanship is top notch. Choose the size you need 20mm or 3/4 inch. On my workbench, Bosch is just 20mm.

A pair of steel clamps for fastening the workpiece through holes or in a T-slot

Watch the video review on the page, these clamps are a complete copy of the much more expensive Bessey clamps, and in some ways even more convenient. Rigid, ratchet clamp.

The workmanship is exceptional, unfortunately it is not easy to buy really good clamps in the country, so there is an option to order.

High quality 90 degree corner

Size 100×70, on one side of the shelf, which allows you to install it on the workpiece and free your hands.

On the product page video reviews, one contains a measurement with a turning indicator. I must say that in principle, such accuracy is not necessary for working with a tree.

The price tag for a tool of this class is more than humane, tool corners in the country are much more expensive.

Table clamps with T-slots

If you are lucky enough to have a T-slot table/bench, then these clamps will make it much easier to press the workpiece. Workmanship at the highest level, lining so as not to damage the workpiece, comfortable lambs.

Make sure the T slot layout matches.

Set of two angle clamps

To connect two workpieces at a right angle, it would seem that it could be more trivial? However, in life everything is more complicated, there are only two hands, glue climbs out of all the cracks, the corners from the store are straight only conditionally.

These clamps solve all these problems. Made from aluminium, marked. Comes with a couple of corners.

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Two clamps for furniture assembly

Many have seen accessories for assembling cabinet furniture in chain stores that allow you to set 90 degrees between blanks. Unfortunately, they do not live very long, and 90 degrees are only in the description.

These clamps are, of course, much more expensive, but this is really a tool for life.

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Marking ruler, square

Well, any carpentry work is difficult to imagine without measuring tools. Here, of course, everything is not so conservative, you can measure it with a tape measure.

However, there are tools that are simply more convenient and faster to work with. I have a similar ruler (rather a miserable likeness), the moving part is securely fixed, there are honest 90 and 45 degrees.

Marking square

Another square, this time not a calibration but a marking one. Made securely, 90 degrees in place. On the product page there are two sizes 150 and 200mm

Joiner’s marking ruler

And of course, the classic carpentry marking ruler. Classical but not quite, it also allows you to mark the corners. At the same time, due to the correct design, it has sufficient rigidity at a right angle.

I hope it was useful, even if you didn’t dare to buy something, maybe your hands were itching to do something!


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