To communicate with the child and monitor his whereabouts, special children’s smart watches are usually used. These are models of anti-shock watches with 3G/4G/LTE connection (NanoSIM cards), with a GPS module. The main purpose is the ability to call the child (voice communication) and clarify his location. Data transfer to the application is provided — you can send photos, text or voice messages. Additionally, there may be an emergency SOS button or a speed dial for parents (several trusted numbers). Another important feature is the presence of a camera for video communication with the child. Advanced models provide the transfer of grades from parents to a child, for schoolchildren there is a built-in lesson schedule, a pedometer, an alarm clock, and so on. Children’s watches are convenient because, unlike a phone, they do not need to be removed or put into a pocket / backpack. The watch is harder to lose, always in place and connected when needed. Often, watches are equipped with a shockproof and waterproof case. The built-in battery can be recharged either via USB or magnetic charging. For girls and boys, watches are produced in various colors of the case.

Popular models can be purchased at DNS, Ozon, WB, Svyaznoy and other network retailers, including branches on Tmall. Inexpensive models of children’s smart watches «for testing» can be searched on Aliexpress.

Children’s smart watch Aimoto Neo

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A new model of Aimoto Neo smart watch for children with a built-in voice assistant Marusya. Work with 4G/LTE sim cards is supported. Additionally, the watch is equipped with a Wi-Fi module. The built-in camera enables video calls. The case is shockproof and equipped with protection against water and dust level IP67. The high-capacity battery ensures continuous operation for 72 hours. The watch is currently being sold at a discounted price.

Children’s smart watch Aimoto IQ 4G

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Children’s watch with GPS, which can be called a full-fledged smart watch. There are also smart functions (pedometer, monitoring, voice assistant), auxiliary applications (alarm clock, schedule), as well as a full-fledged voice chat and video call. The application allows you to track the location with high accuracy. Available in both black and pink.

Children’s watch with GPS (Q528)

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One of the most popular children’s watches from Aliexpress. Quite a large number of positive reviews, a large number of sales. Work with the same application as the models above. The SIM card slot and charging are located under the rubber plug. Quick calls to two pre-configured numbers are available. Additionally, there is a flashlight. The front camera is located in the corner of the display.

Entry-level children’s watch with GPS (Q50)

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If you are not sure whether such a smart watch for children will be convenient for you, then it makes sense to purchase an entry-level model for testing. The cost of the watch is ridiculous (about 1000 rubles), but it provides voice communication, including calls to two pre-configured numbers. The case is shockproof, you can not take off such a watch in sports or while playing outdoors. Installing a SIM card with a screwdriver under the back cover is not very convenient, but reliable.

Lots with a choice of models of children’s watches

Buy on Aliexpress Buy on Aliexpress Buy on Aliexpress

If you can’t decide on a specific model or want to compare prices and parameters, then it makes sense to choose in one of the large lots. The range includes the listed smart children’s watches, including the popular Q15/Q12 models. The cost is quite low, you can take it as the first children’s watch «to try». Fast delivery options are also available from stock in Russia (“Express Delivery”).

You can learn more about the capabilities of the application, as well as the procedure for connecting and tracking the tag in the article about Aimoto IQ 4G smart children’s watches with GPS and Marusya voice assistant. To get a discount, you can use promotional codes: 400PODAROK (400/2000r), RADUET100 (100/800r) or RADUET500 (500/5000r). The Aimoto watch (Life Button) is available in the DNS at a discount in the winter sale.

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