Wireless headphones, like many other mobile gadgets, have taken over the world, but they have a big drawback. Namely, they work until the battery is dead and after that there comes a moment when you have to wait. And in some cases you have to wait several hours. Wired headphones can solve this problem, which are devoid of this problem and in some situations even more relevant. For example, the delay time will be much lower, and the frequency range will not be cut by the bandwidth.

I suggest you consider the current and popular wired on-ear headphones for high-quality sound. Thanks to the fast delivery, you can still make it in time for the New Year holidays.

OpenHeart OH890

Just looking at these headphones makes me want to try them on. The bowls are made of natural wood with high-quality processing and coating, which additionally creates the effect of better sound. Braided stranded detachable soft wire allows you to enjoy the true sound of quality content. The plugs are made of brass, and the wire includes silver-plated copper.


  • ear pad diameter — 95 mm;
  • resistance — 16 Ω;
  • headphone sensitivity — 102 dB / mW;
  • reproducible frequency range — 18-20000 Hz;
  • dynamic driver — 50 mm;
  • cable: 3.5mm in 2 x 2.5mm length 1.4m.

Oneodio Monitor 60

Professional studio over-ear headphones with a high-resolution microphone — this is how Oneodio Monitor 60 can be described. Indeed, the headphones make you think about high-quality live sound, which is realistically transmitted by 50 mm drivers with high sensitivity. The kit includes several adapters for confident connection to various devices.


  • dynamic drivers — 50 mm;
  • sensitivity — 110 dB ± 3 dB;
  • impedance — 38Ω;
  • reproducible frequency range — 20 Hz-40 kHz;
  • maximum input power — 1600 mW.

SteelSeries Arctis 3

Wired headphones with retractable microphone, convenient volume control and detachable wires. Ease of storage, foldable design and these are not all the good things that are worth listing.


  • reproducible frequency range — 20-22000 Hz;
  • headphone sensitivity — 98 dB;
  • resistance — 32 Ohm;
  • total harmonic distortion of headphones —
  • microphone frequency response — 100 Hz-10000 Hz;
  • microphone sensitivity: -48 dB.

Logitech (G) G633

Gaming headphone headset with RGB backlight and convenient controls. Headphones have the ability to connect to various devices, including gaming, so they have become popular among gamers. The pretty colors also help.


  • drivers — 40 mm;
  • reproducible frequencies — 20 Hz-20 kHz;
  • resistance — 39 ohms (passive), 5k ohms (active);
  • Sensitivity: 107dB SPL/mW;
  • a cardioid microphone (unidirectional) with a size of 4 mm and a frequency response of 100 Hz-20 kHz;
  • cable length — 1.5 m.

Marshall MAJOR

Top-of-the-line headphones from the unrivaled leader in audio products. Each product is signed by Jim Marshall. Excellent noise isolation isolation protects from external sound. Wire length up to 1.2 meters. Headphones are lined with leather inserts.


  • drivers — 40 mm;
  • resistance — 32Ω ± 15% at 1 kHz;
  • sensitivity — 121 ± 3 dB at 1 kHz per unit;
  • frequency response — 20-20 kHz;

Audio Technica ATH-M20X

Wired professional headphones with advanced design and workmanship. The coil is based on a neodymium magnet and a coil with a large suspension travel. Passive noise isolation almost limits the entry of extraneous noise.


  • drivers — 40 mm with neodymium magnets;
  • frequency response — 15 ~ 22000 Hz;
  • maximum input power — 700 mW at 1 kHz;
  • sensitivity — 96 dB / mW;
  • impedance — 40 Ω;
  • weight — 190 g without wires and plugs;
  • wire length — up to 3 meters.

Philips SHP9500

The steel structure of the headband seals the structure as much as possible and eliminates the distortion of the structure. Hi-Fi headphones with open acoustic design increase the volume and quality of sound. The special structure of the ear pads allows you to breathe and not fog up under them even with active use.


  • dynamic drivers — 50 mm;
  • frequency reproducible characteristics — 12 Hz — 35000 Hz;
  • impedance — 32 Ohm;
  • sensitivity — 101 dB;
  • maximum power — up to 200 mW;
  • wire length — 3 m;
  • acoustic design — open.

OpenHeart OH2000

«Tube» headphones from OH attract with an unusual design and high-quality sound at various volume levels. The rigidity of the structure and the retention of sound inside is carried out thanks to the metal case.


  • ear pads — 105 mm above the ears, 80 mm on the ear;
  • headphone case — metal;
  • resistance — 32Ω;
  • sensitivity — 118 dB / mW;
  • reproducible frequency range — 20-24000 Hz;
  • interfaces — 3.5 mm + 6.5 mm;
  • dynamic drivers — 50 mm.

okcbc ZX1

The futuristic design draws attention. The unusual design of the speaker bowl and suspension is suitable for extravagant people. The driver heads are one of the largest in the selection, reaching 57mm, and the use of composite materials enhances the response. Headphones in the low-frequency range give out powerful percussion thanks, again, to their design.


  • dynamic drivers — 57 mm;
  • active noise cancellation;
  • connector — 3.5 mm;
  • reproducible frequency range — 16-20000 Hz;
  • sensitivity — 98db;
  • resistance — 32Ω;
  • cable length — 1.2 m.

I hope my selection will help you decide on the difficult choice of wired on-ear headphones. The selection contains some of the best models with good performance.


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