If you are thinking about purchasing a 2DIN car radio, but have not yet decided on the choice, in this case, my today’s selection will come in handy. Plus, a wide range of products in this category on AliExpress can easily confuse you, so I suggest that you study with me the differences between each of the presented models, find out what the advantages and disadvantages are. Let me explain what the 2DIN standard means. This is the size of the hole in the car for the car radio, which corresponds to the parameters of 18 × 10 cm, that is, in comparison with 1DIN models, the width of the two-din radio will be twice as large, due to the touch screen and other cool «chips».

1. HoXiao E-MP5-1004

In the first place of our selection is a car radio that complies with the 2 DIN standard, there is support for Mirror Link. The price of the model is quite affordable. If desired, you can connect a smartphone to the gadget (via Bluetooth), as well as 2 cameras: rear and front view. It is equipped with ordinary functions — an FM receiver, a player in audio and video formats. The disadvantages of the model are not very convenient volume control and some difficulties in the process of installing the radio directly into the car. Sound quality is average. In general, a good gadget, I think it is worth taking a closer look at it.

2. Carlaoer FZ-701TA

Budget model equipped with standard functionality. Connecting to Wi-Fi, GPS-navigator, the ability to connect to cameras — all this is included in the list of available functions. The car radio is in high demand among buyers, more than 5000 pieces have been ordered from the seller. The sound quality is high (processor TDA7388 — 1.7 GHz). The negative characteristics include not very high-quality fastening and crooked brackets, before placing an order in the basket, please pay attention to this.

3. Podofo 7010B

This radio is definitely worth a look. Quality model at a budget price. Despite the fact that the functionality is basic, without any frills, you will not regret your choice, because the gadget copes with the main tasks with a bang. The quality of audio and video is high, the picture is reproduced in HD resolution, the display corresponds to 7 inches. Unfortunately, the model does not have GPS, but if you wish, your smartphone can take on the role of the second screen, which connects to the device without any problems.

4. Joying JY-UM135N2

The fourth place in our selection is occupied by a car radio with a display with a diagonal of 7 inches and a resolution of 1280 × 800. It works without lags, it is installed, by the way, also without problems. But in any case, I recommend using the instructions that come with the radio. Wires are also included. The chip of the model is a remote control that is built into the steering wheel, with its help the volume level is adjusted and the audio tracks are scrolled through. Hardware performance is excellent, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM. There is support for the Google Play Store, which will allow you to install many applications on your device. A full list of technical specifications can be found on the product page, you can believe me — the advantages of the gadget are truly impressive! Perhaps the only drawback is the lack of a SIM card slot in the model.

5. BONROAD C1160706A

This 2 DIN standard radio is universal in the sense that it connects to almost any modern car. According to external characteristics, it resembles a tablet on Android 7.1.2, with standard functionality: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3g and 4g. Video quality in HD. And of course, playing music — by the way, the car radio copes with this task perfectly. Support for GPS and Glonass. Settings are set in accordance with the wishes of the user. The disadvantages of the model include low download speed — the waiting time reaches 2 minutes, that is, a pretty decent time.

6. Carnovo 2020 New UI

On the sixth line of our mini-rating is a 2 DIN car radio with a 7-inch display and a resolution of 800×480. There is support for mirror link, Bluetooth, USB output is provided in the model. Management can be carried out by means of the buttons located on the steering wheel. Comes with rear camera. The main disadvantage is the incorrect operation of the backlight, due to which the quality of the picture on the display may suffer (for example, excessive flashing will disturb). However, this problem is solved by carefully cutting the backlight wire in the power block of the radio. In general, the device works flawlessly.


The next radio in the selection is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen that gives Full HD quality, there is support for mirror link. The model has a standard list of functions (GPS, rear camera connection, memory card support, FM, WiFi, etc.). Steering wheel controls are also available. The radio tape recorder is of high quality, fully corresponds to the description.


Another interesting model of the middle price category. Touch screen, 7-inch, video quality — Full HD. The rear camera is available for connection, there is support for Android Auto and Carplay. A slot for a flash drive is also present. From myself I will add the following: you should not connect more than one device to the gadget at the same time, this can adversely affect the functionality of the equipment as a whole. Compared to a smartphone, it may work with a slight delay, but I think this is not such a critical remark.


In the penultimate place of our selection is a good car radio model with touch control, a 9-inch screen, quality — Full HD. The rear camera, if desired, is installed on the device without problems. The functionality includes WiFi and GPS, support for mirror link, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio. Management can be carried out using the buttons located on the steering wheel. The radio tape recorder is designed to work in conditions at temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees. The gadget looks very stylish, will look good in any car.


The functionality of the last model in our today’s mini-rating is mostly standard, touch screen, 7 inches, with a resolution of 800×480. Works smartly, does not slow down. There is support for WiFi, navigation maps, if desired, you can connect a rear view camera. You can adjust the volume using the buttons on the steering wheel, which is very convenient. The display also shows the current state of the car, as well as the operating mode of the air conditioner.

On this, our selection of 2 DIN car radios from the Chinese site AliExpress has come to an end. I hope I was able to help you make the right choice in favor of the most optimal model that will delight you with quality and reliability for many years. Share the selection with friends and acquaintances, perhaps the information I have provided will be useful for them, I will be very happy about this, and will try to prepare no less interesting and useful material for you in the near future. I also have other selections.


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