Many car owners have thought about replacing their old head unit with a more modern one based on Android. The main advantage of such a car radio is its versatility, and by installing the necessary applications, you can easily customize it for yourself. However, the prices for these devices in local stores can significantly hit the budget. Therefore, in their search, many people come to the popular Aliexpress site, where you can find a good option to replace the standard car radio at a more affordable price. This collection contains 10 popular 2DIN car radios for Android. All models in the selection have similar characteristics, good quality and free shipping. The choice is yours.


The list opens with an excellent car radio with high-quality sound and a good set of modern features. Works on the basis of Android 10. It has a large 7″ screen with excellent color reproduction. Depending on the modification, it is equipped with 1 or 8 GB of RAM, and the maximum free memory is 128 GB. The device produces 45 watts for each of the 4 channels, and if necessary, you can connect an amplifier for a subwoofer. There is good navigation, radio, Wi-Fi, 3G network support and more. Works smart. When ordering, you can add a rear view camera.

2. Doing

A universal car radio with a top-end audio amplifier and a well-recessed 7-inch IPS screen. It runs on Android 10, so it can do almost everything that your modern smartphone is capable of, and maybe even more. There are no questions about the build quality, the installation is simple. The interface is Russian-language, simple and intuitive. The device produces 50 watts per channel, there are four in total. In addition, this model is quite decent, easy navigation. Works fast, has excellent signal reception from satellites. An interesting option to buy, which corresponds to the quality declared by the manufacturer.


2DIN car radio with a good picture, a large set of popular features and good sound. Equipped with a 7″ screen with high contrast and anti-reflective coating. Pure Android on board. In fact, this is a full-fledged tablet that works with modern programs, plays audio and video in various popular formats, has Bluetooth and Wi-fi for connecting external devices, good navigation and much more. The radio is equipped with a slot for memory cards, there is an AUX connector and several USB. There will be no problems with installation, since this model has a shortened body with an installation depth of 95 mm. Suitable for installation in any car with an installation size of 2DIN.


A good option for a 2DIN car radio with a 7″ screen, a good set of functions and additional features, which will create a comfortable atmosphere for listening to your favorite tracks, watching videos, etc. The device produces 50 watts per 4 channels. Like previous models, it works on Android. There is a radio tuner that will help you find your favorite radio wave, after which you can save your favorite radio stations in the car radio’s memory. In addition, there is decent navigation and smartphone connectivity. There are several models with different configurations and memory sizes, so everyone can choose the option that suits him. In general, a great model that is worth the money.


Universal 2DIN car radio with a large 7″ screen with high-quality color reproduction. Information on such a screen is well read at any time of the day. The device runs on Android 10, and has a lot of different features that work at a decent level. You can always install all the applications you are interested in from the Play Market. The power of the car radio is 4 × 45 watts. The device supports almost all popular playback formats. The sound quality is good, there are additional settings. It is worth noting that the radio has support for 3G networks, Wi-Fi, GPS with a quick search for satellites and support for current navigation systems, and much more. An interesting option, worth your attention.


Model with mounting size 2 DIN and maximum power 4×45 W. It boasts good build quality and a large set of popular features. A 7″ screen with wide viewing angles and rich colors is responsible for image transmission. There are several models with different memory sizes available, the maximum is 6 GB / 128 GB. Works on the latest version of Android. The device supports the Hands Free function, 4G networks, there is a radio, a GPS module, the ability to connect a rear view camera and much more. Works stably, and has a decent sound quality.

7. Eunavi

This model received a stylish design, a 7″ IPS touch screen with high-quality color reproduction and good contrast. As expected, it works on pure Android. Works stably and does not freeze even under high loads. There is Wi-Fi, 4G, the ability to wirelessly connect a smartphone, good navigation and more. The sound quality is decent. Plays audio and video files of all popular formats. As a bonus, there is a rear view camera.


A very worthy version of a car radio with an installation size of 2DIN and a 7″ IPS screen. Management is intuitively simple. Works on Android, resembles a modern tablet with all the necessary functions: Wi-Fi, bluetooth, support for 3G and 4G networks, video and audio file playback, GPS and more. In addition, you can easily install all the programs you are interested in from the Play Market and customize the device for yourself. The device boasts fast startup and stable operation. A good budget car radio, which in its price category has practically no strong competitors.

9. Dasaita

This model is equipped with a large 9″ IPS screen with good viewing angles. It stands out for its excellent sound, which surpasses more famous brands. Build quality is top notch. Installation is simple and doesn’t take long. Works on pure Android. The interface is Russian-language, simple and intuitive. The device performs well as a navigator, works stably and quickly searches for satellites. It is worth noting that this model supports the simultaneous operation of several programs. There is an FM tuner, Hands Free support and the ability to connect cameras. In general, a good 2DIN car radio that is worth your attention.

10 Marubox

The list is completed by a universal 2DIN car radio with a powerful processor, excellent sound and excellent graphics. Equipped with a 7″ IPS screen that works great in any temperature. The colors are bright and saturated. The screen is responsive and responds instantly to touch. On board pure Android, 8-core processor, 64 GB of free memory to store various files. Pure surround sound is provided by the TDA7851 audio amplifier in conjunction with a DSP processor. In addition, the device perfectly performs the functions of a navigator, since it supports not only GPS, but also Glonass. For convenient control, all the necessary functions can be displayed on the screen. The device starts up quickly, works smartly, has a high-quality assembly, and is worth the money.

I hope the selection was interesting and helped you choose the right car radio model for your car. That’s all. All successful shopping.


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