How you want to relax in the workplace, lean back in your chair after a long game or hard work. Computer chairs with increased comfort will help in this. Such models are not only characterized by the presence of several types of adjustments, but also with support for the legs, soft armrests. In some cases, there may be lateral or lumbar support, a built-in massage element, and additional types of comfort. Comfortable can be not only an executive chair, but also an ordinary office or computer chair. Such options are suitable for both games and a comfortable pastime, as well as for serious work and office tasks. I note a big plus is that the footrest can be removed under the seat, and if necessary, put under your feet.

EMPEROR CAMP gaming chair

One of the most popular and purchased options for comfortable computer chairs on Aliexpress / Tmall is a model from Emperor camp. Follow the links — color combinations of eco-leather. All of these models are equipped with a high backrest with tilt adjustment and a height lift, as well as a removable headrest. Certain comfort adds lateral support and a removable lumbar cushion. The armrests are padded. On such a chair, you can always relax after hard work and lean back, putting your feet on a special retractable stand.

WCG gaming chair

An interesting and inexpensive gaming chair in a bright design. Follow the links — all kinds of color combinations, from a warehouse in Russia. For a modest price, you get height and tilt adjustment, a removable headrest and lumbar support, built-in side support, padded armrests, and a retractable footrest. Material — eco-leather.

Virage gaming chair

Inexpensive model of a computer chair in game design. Of the features — two-tone leatherette, removable pillows: headrest and lumbar support. There are adjustments, a moving footrest, soft armrests. The chair is shipped from a warehouse in Russia (Tmall).

Mesh Office Chair

Practical and inexpensive office chair with increased comfort. Unlike the usual office models, this option is equipped with a high back with a headrest, a retractable footrest, and armrests. Mesh back will be comfortable in hot summer. And the price of this model is like that of a regular computer chair.

Executive chair EMPEROR CAMP

If you want to feel like a real leader and ensure maximum comfort when working at a computer for a long time, then it makes sense to turn to this model from EMPEROR CAMP. The armchair is made in a simple style, the upholstery material is leatherette. There is a headrest, armrests, footrest, lumbar cushion and lateral support. For your money — this is a great option.

office chair

Comfortable office chair with high ergonomics. The high backrest and the presence of adjustments will provide increased comfort during prolonged work at the computer. There is a lumbar cushion, as well as a retractable footrest, armrests. I note the breathable cloth upholstery of the chair, the colors to choose from.

Massage chair

If your work involves long work at the computer, then to increase comfort and relax from excessive tension, it makes sense to purchase a chair with a built-in massage. The specific model on the link is equipped with two modules of vibratory massagers for the back area. The massagers are powered by USB. I note retractable delivery, armrests and lumbar support. Material — leatherette.

In order for the coupons to work, add the selected chair to the cart. The store indicates promotional codes on the title image of the lot. Pay attention to the availability of the selected model in a warehouse in the Russian Federation («Express delivery»).

You can use promotional codes: SKIDSALE1800, HMDEC1400 or HMDEC1500.

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