With the help of a table clock from the Chinese site AliExpress, you can add bright notes to any interior, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an office or your apartment. In addition to the basic functions, sensors, lighting and other equally important options are built into a number of models. I offer you a selection of ten types of table clocks, from which you can choose the most worthy option in accordance with your expectations. Plus, in the article I will indicate promotional codes that will give an additional discount.

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In the first place of our today’s selection was a table clock that fits perfectly into the office interior. Material — plastic. The clock is made in the form of a rectangle. There is a backlight with automatic adjustment. Dimensions — 13.5 × 7.5 × 4.5 cm. On the display, you can track information about the current time, air temperature. Of course, the alarm function is also provided here. Make sure you also buy three AAA batteries, as they are not included in the package.

Mirror Decorative Clock

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The next model is in high demand among buyers, to date the number of orders has exceeded 13,000. In terms of external characteristics, the watch can be compared with a smartphone located on a stand. Dimensions — 18.3 × 9.5 × 2.2 cm. The frame is barely noticeable. Three backlight settings are available. The chip of the model is the ability to display the projection of time on the wall or ceiling (up to 180°). Additional functions are an alarm clock and FM radio. It is powered by a CR2032 battery (luckily included).

FanJu FJ3391

Another interesting version of the desktop clock, equipped with many useful features. This model has a projector function — the data on the display is displayed in parallel on the wall. What are their main advantages? In a digital weather station (the weather forecast is displayed on the screen), there is an “eternal calendar” until 2099, the ability to measure humidity, temperature, etc. As for the response range of sensors, it reaches 60 m.


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The fourth place in our mini-rating is occupied by a desktop clock with an LED screen, which Internet users have already appreciated. Body material — plastic. The settings buttons are not conspicuous and are located on the top panel of the device. For the correct operation of the gadget, three AAA batteries are required. Dimensions — 18.4 × 9.5 cm. Along with the time display, information about the ambient temperature can be displayed on the screen. A snooze function is also available. The USB cable is included. The seller offers a choice of 15 variations of this watch model, I think you will have plenty to choose from.

Mirror LED Clocks for Living Room

The next place in the selection is a table clock made in a modern design. The corners of the rectangular case are slightly rounded. The parameters are configured using the buttons (they are located at the top of the device). Runs on three AAA batteries. In general, the functions are standard — an alarm clock with a repeat, tracking time and temperature indicators. The only difference from previous copies is the availability of FM radio. Power is supplied from the built-in battery (2000 mAh). Management is carried out both by voice and manually.

XIAOMI Mijia Digital Hygrometer Clock

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I present to your attention a model of smart desktop clock on electronic ink from the Mijia brand. According to external characteristics, the watch looks quite simple, but as far as functionality is concerned, the best product in this segment, perhaps, cannot be found. I will list some functions: this is a countdown, display of temperature and humidity. The data is transferred to the E-Ink panel (3.7 inches). Among the shortcomings of the model is the lack of backlight. The features include an indicator made in the form of a smiley. Depending on the level of air parameters, the emoticon will express dissatisfaction or joy, in my opinion, this is a very useful feature.

Circular Water Powered Clock

For the correct operation of the next model of table clock, which I want to tell you about, you will need ordinary water. Eco-friendly watch that does not need batteries. The design is made in the form of a flask with numbers in the center. Water should be added to the hole located at the top of the panel, then, as the liquid gets on the battery, the arrows begin to move. The battery life of the device corresponds to six weeks. There is no alarm clock in the model, but there is a calendar. The clock is set up simply — you need to press two buttons at the same time. The seller offers several color options.

Cozy CH-HD-CK-ZB0001

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Let me turn to the description of another clock that will be an ideal gift for lovers of exclusive interior decorations. The design is made in the form of a peacock. The material is polymer clay. The model is decorated with rhinestones and artificial stone inserts. Undoubtedly, the craftsmen approached the development of the model with jeweler’s thoroughness. Now a few words about the technical characteristics. The watch movement is powered by AAA batteries. In order to replace the batteries, you will need to remove the cover, under which, in fact, the details of the device are hidden, and then get the mechanism itself. The spectacular little thing weighs about one kilogram, the height corresponds to 30 cm. The downside is that the model makes a rather loud sound, before making a purchase decision, please consider this point.

King Art 542469709680

The penultimate place of the selection is occupied by a table quartz clock model in a simple and concise design. Perfectly fit into the vintage style of the interior, Provence and loft. Handmade. The basis of the watch is a round dial (17 cm in diameter) on a wooden stand. To the right and left of the dial are metal twigs, on the branches of which two birds sit. The design is thought out to the smallest detail. The clock works silently, battery operated. The only function available is the countdown.

Lazyishhouse 60096

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And I will complete today’s selection with a model of a classic backlit table clock. There is an alarm clock. The dial is normal, with arrows. The seller offers several colors available on the product page. The dial is modest in size, only 11 cm. The sound of the alarm clock is normal, the snooze function is provided. There are no complaints about the quality of the legs, the watch does not stagger on the surface. The model is suitable for those who prefer to adhere to traditions in interior design.

This concludes our selection. I hope that after reading the article you were able to make your choice, and now you have no questions left, which model of desktop clock to choose on the AliExpress website. Share the selection with friends and acquaintances, if the material turned out to be useful to you, I will be glad if you look at my other articles, from which you will learn a lot of interesting and informative.

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