A dishwasher has long ceased to be a symbol of luxury — now it is rather an indicator of how much a person values ​​time, personal and loved ones. Yes, there are people who, for example, enjoy cooking, but there is no one who truly enjoys washing dishes.

Washing dishes is a daily routine. Wasted 15-20 minutes a day quickly turn into lost hours of the week and whole days of the year.

In addition to saving time, dishwashers significantly save water / electricity, consuming only 6-12 liters per cycle.

All the models presented at the time of publication of the collection can be purchased using promotional codes at a discount (promotional codes are indicated on the product page, and sellers’ coupons are under the price).

I will not indicate the prices themselves — now they change almost every day.

Compact dishwasher Comfee CDW450W

This dishwasher is perhaps the best in terms of price-quality ratio, and is great for both 2 people and a larger family.

Its «narrow» dimensions — height 84.5, depth 60 and width of only 44.8 cm make it possible to install both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. She also has a golden mean — 9 sets of dishes.

Programs: fast, intensive, economic, there is a half load mode.

The additional delay start feature is also a very useful feature.

A good budget model for the home.

Compact dishwasher Midea MCFD-0606

This is a small machine for only 6 sets, which is ideal for 1-2 people (the dishes will not accumulate and “sour” in it).

It can be installed on a countertop or even in a kitchen cabinet — after all, the dimensions are only 43.8x55x50 cm.

The dishwasher works on 6 programs: fast, delicate, intensive, standard and economical, there is also a delay start.

Before use, it is advisable to find out the hardness of tap water in order to choose the optimal dosage of salt.

Dishwasher Zigmund & Shtain DW 269.4509 X

And this is already a standard model, an indispensable assistant for a hostess in a large family.

It has 9 washing programs (including such a necessary “soaking”) and is designed for 10 sets of dishes.

Its dimensions are 81.5x55x44.8 cm.

Additional features include: changing the program after starting and adding dishes, a wide digital display of indication, light indication (“beam on the floor”) of the end of work, half load in three ways, illumination of the internal chamber, automatic setting of the water hardness level, delayed start.

It is also important — there is complete protection against leakage (aquastop).

Mini Dishwasher Comfee CDWC420W

This «baby» will be a great helper in the country, or suitable for 1-2 people, if there is no place for a standard dishwasher at all.

It can fit almost anywhere, because it, if necessary, is able to work autonomously. Yes, here you can simply pour water from above once (5 liters is enough for the entire cycle).

Model dimensions — 42×43.5×43.5 cm.

Two programs — fast and economical, holds two sets of dishes (however, pots up to 5-6 liters fit perfectly, pans without handles, cutting boards)

There is a delay timer.

Built-in dishwasher Kuppersberg GLM 4575

Kuppersberg is a German manufacturer that thinks through its models literally to the smallest detail, creating them not only comfortable, but also extremely economical.

Size (HxWxD) — 81.5×44.8×55 cm, type — fully built-in. Niche size for embedding (HxWxD) — 82x45x58 cm.

Loading — 11 sets of dishes, the number of programs — seven.

Of the features: there is a third basket for cutlery (collapsible), full protection against leaks, a “beam on the floor” — an indication of the end of the wash.

There is also an «ALT» function that allows you to choose which basket to load separately — upper or lower. This will significantly save water and electricity if the machine is not fully stocked with dirty dishes.

Large dishwasher Hiberg F 68 1430 W

Its dimensions (HxWxD) are 81.5×59.8×60 cm, and the load is 14 sets.

Yes, this is the same option if the family is large. Can you imagine how much time can be saved for the hostess / family members with this wonderful assistant? And how much effort it takes to wash such a mountain of dishes by hand every day.

There are 8 washing programs, three baskets (two are transformable), while the dishwasher is able to determine the level of soiling of dishes and adjust resource consumption. Water consumption for a standard sink is only 10-12 liters. Good saving not only time, but also water.

There is a delay timer, soaking, washing separately in the upper or lower basket and, of course, child protection.

Built-in dishwasher KRONA DELIA 60 BI

Dimensions (HxWxD) — 81.5-86.5×59.8×55 cm, niche dimensions for embedding — 82-87x60x55.5 cm

Capacity — 12 sets of dishes.

There are four programs: auto, eco, glass and fast.

Features include Extra Drying, half load mode, delayed start timer, height-adjustable basket, full protection against leaks.

Inexpensive roomy model for a large family, if you need a built-in.

Bosch built-in dishwasher SRV2IKX1CR

Dimensions (WxHxD) 44.8 x 81.5 x 55 cm, recess size 45×81.4×55 cm.

Loading — 9 sets of dishes, working programs 4.

Model features: EcoSilence Drive quiet inverter motor, DuoPower technology (excellent washing even in the most inaccessible places), ActiveWater system (5 levels of water circulation), full protection against leaks, 10 years warranty against through corrosion.

The «secret» promo code HARD6000 will allow you to get a discount of 6 thousand, and not 3.5 thousand, as indicated on the seller’s page (checked at the time of publication).

Inexpensive full-size dishwasher CANDY CDPN 1L390PW-08

Its dimensions (WxHxD) — 60x60x85 cm, loading — 13 sets.

Number of washing programs — 5, water consumption — 12 liters.

There is a third loading level, a delay start timer, child protection, a quick wash in 39 minutes, the ability to control from a smartphone, intelligent self-diagnosis, helpful tips and a voice assistant.

Again, with promo code HARD3500 you will get a bigger discount than with the one listed on the seller page.

A good choice for a budget assistant in a large family.

Dishwasher MAUNFELD MLP 06IM

This is a compact machine that is suitable for embedding.

Dimensions (HxWxD) — 43.8x55x51.8 cm.

Loading — 6 sets of dishes with a standard water consumption of 6.5 liters.

Number of programs — 6 (intensive, standard, economic-ECO, glass, 90 minutes, quick wash). There is a delayed start function.

Excellent budget model without frills for a family of 2-3 people.

I hope the selection was useful and you were able to choose something for yourself. I also advise you to go shopping using the links provided — there you can find many other models with discounts.

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