Each driver should have in his car a set of tools and necessary items that can be useful to him in certain situations on the road, in the parking lot or anywhere else. Having such a set, the driver will be able to quickly repair his iron horse and greatly alleviate the difficulties that have arisen. The selection contains 10 of the most practical tool kits from Aliexpress, which every car owner should have. And even if you do not understand the device of your car at all, then many of the tools from the kits will help you cope with the simplest difficulties that have arisen on the road. In addition, all the sets presented below have free shipping and fairly good quality. The choice is yours.

1. Ombra OMT94S

The well-equipped universal tool kit includes 94 items and allows you to repair threaded connections with external and internal working profiles. The weight of the set is 6.5 kg. Material — chrome vanadium steel. The set is delivered in a case made of durable plastic, in which each tool has its place. Closes with secure metal clasps. In addition, the set has a convenient handle for transportation and compact dimensions, thanks to which it is convenient to store it in a car.

2. Makita D-37194

An excellent set from a famous brand includes 200 items. In the kit you will find all the necessary tools for mounting and dismounting threaded connections, as well as for making various holes in plastic, wood and metal. Supplied in a durable plastic case. On the front side there is a transparent window through which part of the contents can be seen. The case itself consists of three sections, each of which contains tools. A convenient handle is provided for carrying. In general, a rich set of tools that is suitable not only for domestic, but also for professional use.


This 108-piece set includes many of the most popular car repair tools. The safety of the tools is ensured by a reliable case made of impact-resistant plastic with a convenient carrying handle. The set is excellent, the tools are made of chrome vanadium steel. The quality of the tools is designed for intensive use in domestic conditions. In addition, the set is perfect for a gift to a motorist who monitors the condition of his car.


Nice set of 121 tools. It will be useful to the motorist, as it is suitable for performing various car repair tasks. The tools are delivered in a sturdy case, they are of good quality and high durability. Each set tool in the case is securely fixed in its cell. Due to its compact dimensions, the set will not take up much space in the trunk of a car. In addition, there is delivery from different countries, as well as express delivery. The set is good, worth your attention.


A proven set from DEKO, which includes 53 items and is great for use in the car. The set contains popular sockets, bits, wrenches, a universal ratchet and other tools. All items are made from high quality chrome vanadium steel. Supplied in a durable plastic case. The handle of the tools has a rubberized coating, which provides additional comfort during operation. In general, a good basic set that will come in handy for every motorist.

6.Wrench Set

This 94-piece set is perfect for use in vehicle repair work and beyond. The working part of all tools in the set is made of chrome vanadium steel and machined for extra strength. Ratchet handles are made of HDPE high density polyethylene. It will be very convenient to work with such tools. Tools are stored in a case made of impact-resistant plastic, where each tool has its place. A case with reliable fasteners and the handle for transportation. Overall, a great set with a competent selection of high-strength tools, which is worth the money.


An excellent set of tools for a skilled craftsman, which includes 84 items for work of varying complexity. The set contains: bits, bit adapter, ratchet, socket heads, candle heads and other tools. Supplied in a durable case made of impact-resistant plastic, in which each tool has an individual seat. All tools in the set are made of high quality materials, which ensures their reliability and long service life. The set is suitable for both domestic and professional use. All in all, a well thought out set of tools with fast delivery from the RF warehouse.


The KUZMICH tool kit is a good option to buy. Includes 94 items. Like the previous sets, it comes in a sturdy case with a convenient carrying handle and metal clasps. The tools are made of chrome vanadium steel. The set includes a large number of sockets and bits, various extensions, cardans, ratchets and other tools. This set is not only perfect for the motorist to perform various repairs, but also useful in the home workshop. The quality is good, delivery is fast from the warehouse of the Russian Federation.


An excellent set of Arsenal with the most necessary tools that a motorist may need on the road. The set includes sockets of all sizes, bits, insert bits, ratchets, T-handle, extensions and hex keys. The tools are made of chrome-vanadium steel and have undergone anti-corrosion treatment with a chrome-nickel coating. Supplied in a sturdy case with compact dimensions and a convenient carrying handle. This set is great for both home and professional use. Delivery from a warehouse of the Russian Federation.

10. Berger

Completing the list is a practical and handy tool kit that includes 108 items needed for car repairs. All tools are made of high quality chrome vanadium steel and protected from corrosion. In addition, they have high strength and wear resistance. The set includes bits, bit adapter, extensions, sockets, candle sockets, sockets with inserts, hex keys and other tools. Supplied in a sturdy black case with a comfortable carrying handle and secure latches. Inside, each instrument has its own place, so nothing rattles or dangles. In general, a great set that every motorist will love, and also perfect as a gift for any celebration.

I hope the selection was interesting, and you have chosen a suitable set of tools for yourself or your loved ones. That’s all. All successful shopping.


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