In the cold season, thermal underwear will help you feel comfortable on the street — this is the name of special underwear. Well, you can buy sets of underwear on the Chinese site Aliexpress, which is beloved by many. Before placing an order, think about the purpose of thermal underwear, in what cases you plan to use it — for sports, in everyday wear, or you will wear it at all during sleep. Today I have prepared for you the corresponding selection, which will help you decide on the choice of the most suitable thermal underwear option. Looking ahead, I will say that the selection will include both male, female and children’s models.

1. Aismz

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In the first place of our selection is a set of thermal underwear for men with compression properties. Heat-insulating underwear made of polyester combined with spandex. The size range varies from size S to 3XL. Please note that earlier this set could be assembled independently (choosing leggings and trousers of different sizes), but now this option is not available, and the product can only be purchased as a set. The material has good stretch, quick dry, comfortable to wear. The purpose is universal.

2. Padegao A-29299

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The next place in the selection is occupied by standard thermal underwear for men — it includes a jacket and underpants, which anatomically repeat the relief of the body. The composition of the fabric is lycra + cotton. Dimensional grid — from S to 4L. The color of the model is black with colored trim in several variations (a suitable shade can be selected when ordering). Suitable for sports and everyday wear.

3. Zhby 0023

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In third place in the selection is a set of thermal underwear of high quality tailoring, in which you can comfortably survive the winter season, and it is intended not only for everyday wear, but also for sports. Material — 100% polyester, very pleasant to the body, without fleece. Sizes — from S to 3XL. The color scheme consists of six options. It does not lose its shape even after several washes, the spools do not appear.


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Further in the selection are models of the brand ANJOYFREEDOM, which are available for both men and women (please note the desired option when ordering). Thermal underwear is made of cotton, polyester and spandex, you can keep warm in it even in severe frost. Sizes: L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL. The originality of the set is given by the coloring, more precisely, the yellow insulation, which effectively complements the main tone.

5. RUNXING GARMENT 2018032101

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Thermal underwear for women is breathable and moisture wicking. The purpose is universal. Size range — from M to L. Any additional care for the kit is not required. Available color options are blue and light grey. Please note that the model runs a little small, so order a size up so as not to make a mistake with the choice.


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Another set of thermal underwear with a fleece, which will be appreciated by women in size 44-46 (one size). Deep neckline, long sleeves. The length of leggings is just below the ankle. The design of the set is thought out to the smallest detail — the fabric itself is lace, the material is delicate, beautiful and soft. The body is comfortable and cozy in it. Pellets do not appear after washing. The purpose is universal.


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Well, the next model in the selection will appeal to girls of all sizes, plus size inclusive (from M to 6XL). The seller has options both with fleece and without it. Tailoring quality is high. Material: spandex+cotton. The range of colors is impressive: insulated models are available in ten color options, while unbrushed, thin models are available in only four.


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This model is designed for children (unisex), the parameters are from 3 to 12 years. The set of thermal underwear includes a jacket and pants, ankle length. The seamy side of fabric is warmed, there is a fleece. The fabric is pleasant to the body, in it the children are comfortable and cozy. Landing is good. Composition — 100% cotton. The fabric is quick dry.

9. CHEQINEZ children long johns

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This model is also created for a children’s audience (on the product page you will find a children’s size chart). Sizes available from M to XXL. The composition of the set is standard — jacket and pants. The fabric is spandex. The design is unusual — the black model is complemented by colored inserts (4 variations are available). The purpose is universal.


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And in the last place of our today’s selection is a warm set made of merino wool combined with polyester, also intended for young consumers (preschool and primary school groups). Material — jersey. Height — from 110 to 150 cm. The model does not lose its shape and color even after a washing cycle. By the way, the coloring of the kit is very original — it is made in the form of a geometric pattern.

So, today’s collection has come to an end. I hope that none of your family members will be deprived, and you have chosen a suitable set of thermal underwear for each of them. Share the selection with friends and acquaintances, remind them that it’s time to warm up. I invite you to take a look at my other collections for goods with Aliexpress — I am sure that you will not be bored, and you will find a lot of interesting and entertaining things for yourself.


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