As they say, “Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter,” and that is why in today’s selection I decided to touch on the topic of water transport, which becomes relevant with the onset of warm days. Among the presented inflatables, there are both classic inflatable boats that are perfect for hunting and fishing, as well as tourist kayaks, as well as stand-up surfboards. The latter has become quite popular recently, because the use of this board does not carry any extreme sports, only imposing walks on the lakes, on the sea in calm, etc. It is also a special pleasure to meet the sunrise or sunset from the water.

This summer I had a chance to visit the Crimea, where we specially carried a pleasure boat to go to the open sea along Cape Tarkhankut. The use of swimming facilities allowed us to go where we would not have been able to go otherwise and see all the beauty of the setting sun on the high seas. So the next step is a compact and lightweight SUP board that won’t take up much space, but will allow you to enjoy your connection to the water to the fullest.


SUP300 10″ SUP305-335 (10’6″ — 10’12»)

Well, let’s start today’s selection with an inflatable surfboard, or as it is called in the common people — SUP board. This option is designed for weights up to 60 kg, thereby allowing the fair sex or a child to control the board. For men, pay attention to the sizes.

Delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation, the size of the board is 300*76*15 cm, the kit has everything for an instant start and conquering the water surface.

The second link presents 5 models that differ in size and maximum load capacity up to 140kg.

Double inflatable kayak

If the desire to travel on water does not leave you, and you don’t really like to move while standing, then a two-seat inflatable kayak is an excellent solution. When folded, it does not take up much space, while it is quickly inflated using the included foot pump. Also included are a pair of oars and soft pillows.

Maximum weight — 180kg, dimensions — 321*88*38cm.

Inflatable SUP-boards Gladiator

Gladiator 9’0 Gladiator PRO 10’6 Gladiator PRO 10’8

Inflatable boats (SUP boards) Gladiator have proven themselves in the market and a huge number of positive reviews speak about it. The material of the board is single-layer PVC on a durable textile base, the manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty.

The presented models differ in size and maximum weight. For example:

  • 9’0″ — 275cm and 60kg
  • 10’6″ — 323cm and 120kg
  • 10’8″ — 329cm and 130kg

Delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation + there is a coupon for 5000 rubles on the product page.

Double boat Breeze 240N

Let’s dilute the selection of a classic inflatable boat with an O-shaped shape called «BRIZ 240». This boat is perfect for both fishing and recreation on the water. The body is divided by two partitions, thereby allowing the transport of two adults.

The maximum load capacity is 200kg, dimensions are 240*123cm.

Delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation + coupon for 2000 on the product page.

Feath-R-Lite Koi Sup Boards

Feath-R-Lite Koi SUP boards are versatile boards that are great for yoga, rowing and surfing. All existing fins on the body are removed, so you should not worry. The workmanship is quite high and multiple reviews of the lot only confirm this.

On the product page, there are 6 options for boards that differ in coloring and size:

  • TIKI-320*84*15cm
  • KOI-350*84*15cm
  • Monkey-335*83*15cm
  • Ocean — 320*82*15cm
  • LE-335*84*15cm
  • TIKI Pink-320*84*15cm

The maximum load capacity is 160kg. Periodically appear in a warehouse in the Russian Federation, you need to monitor.

Inflatable kayak Intex Explorer K2 Intex

Inflatable kayak Intex Explorer K2 Intex is a double tourist boat for travel on the water. Thanks to a decent load capacity (up to 180kg), it can fit two adults. Includes aluminum paddles and foot pump.

Don’t forget that the New Year Sale is going on right now and most of the products presented can be purchased at a good discount. Enjoy the shopping!


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