In the life of almost every man, there comes a moment when there is an urgent need (or an inexpressible desire) to drill a hole in concrete. This event can be compared with an ancient initiation rite, when a young man must bring a mammoth skin or, for example, knighthood. The purpose of the hole can be different: to hang a picture, a shelf or a cornice, to fix furniture, to run a cable into the next room, to fix a plinth, etc., etc., but the result of a well-executed action is always the same — the admiring glances of the second half and other people present. In the collection I collected devices and tools that will help to complete this task quickly and efficiently.

Detector of hidden wiring, metal and wood

First of all, after you have chosen a place where you want to drill a hole, it is highly advisable to check it for hidden wiring or metal in the wall. I think everyone understands the consequences of getting into the wire, especially if it is energized, but even if it’s just a telephone or antenna, it’s not good enough. If there is metal, for example, a piece of reinforcement in reinforced concrete, it is also not pleasant, it will take a long and tedious time to drill it with different drills. What if it’s a pipe? In general, it is much easier to move a couple of centimeters to the side. I note that this model also detects non-metallic objects, incl. tree. The declared depth of detection of metal is up to 100-120mm, wiring 40-50mm, wood — 38mm. The device is equipped with a display. Battery powered 9V.

Marking pencil with metal base

After we have determined the absence of wiring and metal, we mark the place of drilling. This can be done with a simple carnation, but a marking pencil looks much cooler. For example, such a great option. The graphite rod passes through a metal tube with a diameter of 5 mm with sufficiently thick walls, which protects it from breakage when dropped and other troubles. Lead diameter 2.8mm, length 120mm. There is a small sharpener in the button of the pencil to keep it sharp. The kit can be ordered with black, yellow or red rods for clear marking.

Long tip permanent marker

It happens that it is required to mark the center of drilling through the corresponding hole in the part to be installed. For these purposes, a useful marking marker with a narrow metal tip is suitable. Tip thickness is only 2mm, three colors to choose from. The marker ink is waterproof and dries quickly.

Electronic level with display

If you need to drill several holes, for example, to hang a shelf or cornice on the wall, it is necessary that they are located strictly horizontally (or vertically) at the same level. To do this quickly and accurately, you need a level. For example, I use this electronic, more advanced version of the usual building level with bubble chambers. The model is equipped with a digital display, which shows the digital value of the angle and the deviation in mm from the horizontal (or vertical). The device provides very high accuracy and shows how many millimeters it is required to raise or lower the leveled surface. The level is equipped with a magnet and a backlight. Works in a vertical and horizontal position, it is also possible to estimate the deviation from a given axis. The numbers on the display are reversed automatically, depending on the position of the level. There is a calibration mode. Powered by two 2xAAA batteries.

3D level 12/16 lines

If the work is serious and you need to drill a lot of holes, then in this case an advanced level equipped with a laser level, which builds strictly horizontal and vertical lines, is suitable. On the product page, you can choose a version with the construction of 12 or 16 lines (3 or 4 independent prisms). The model is self-leveling (up to three degrees), equipped with a green laser with an excellent range of line visibility, an audible signal, a built-in battery and a remote control. You can choose a set with suspension, lifting platform, case and tripod 1.5m

Semi-automatic center punch

When everything is marked and ready to be drilled, it’s a good idea to go through all the centers of the holes with a semi-automatic center punch. It is an extremely useful marking tool for marking the centers of holes in concrete, brick or metal. When the center of the future hole is set in the center of the future hole and the tool body is pressed, the spring mechanism with the striker is activated, striking the metal core, as a result of which, even in a hard surface, a small depression is formed, sufficient to center the drill or drill. Accordingly, when drilling, the probability of the drill moving away from the knocked-out recess is minimal.

Drilling depth gauges

We are almost there 🙂 When drilling, in order not to get to the neighbors (just kidding … though), it is advisable to limit the drilling depth. This can be done either by wrapping a piece of electrical tape around the drill to see how much it went deep into the wall, or by fixing a similar limiter on it. The kit comes with 8 rings, with a diameter of 3 to 16mm. In principle, suitable for use with any drills. However, modern rotary hammers are equipped with a drilling limiter mounted on the body, although it is not always convenient to use it.

Drills SDS+

How to drill a hole? Of course with an SDS + drill and a perforator. If you use an impact drill and a conventional concrete drill with a victorious tip, you will soon meet your neighbors who will come running with a rhetorical question: “How long?!!”. A puncher with a good drill makes this work an order of magnitude faster. I recommend purchasing drills from well-known brands, there will at least be some confidence in their quality.

Network puncher

Another thing that you should not save on is a perforator. A good device will serve faithfully for many years and more than one hundred holes. When choosing, focus on functions and power, read reviews. Different brands have successful models, the link is one of the options. It is useful if the hammer can work not only as a drilling machine, but also as a small jackhammer (impact without rotation). The new models have a full reverse function. Of course, do not forget to use safety glasses when working.

Dust collector for perforator

Anyone who has worked with a hammer drill knows that when drilling, a lot of dust is generated, which strives to cover the entire surrounding space, and breathing it in is as easy as shelling pears. This can be avoided by using a dust collector. Almost all the dust from drilling concrete will collect inside it and then it can simply be poured into the trash. The device is equipped with a small vacuum pump, powered by two batteries, which allows the device to «stick» to a flat wall surface.

I hope that the tools and fixtures for drilling holes in concrete collected in the selection were interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular product selections and reviews on interesting things a little lower in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention. Happy and profitable shopping!


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